Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia PE Readers Meetup on 5 October, Friday [Closed]

Kuala Lumpur

Hey to all the readers in Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur! 😀 I’ll be heading to KL next week (Tuesday to Sunday) for business activities and social purposes, and would LOVE to meetup with you guys while I’m there!

Past Reader Meetups

Just a quick recap for those who haven’t been following the site. Last year, I traveled around Europe and U.S. for business, social, and recreational purposes and arranged for several PE reader meetups along the way.


London Meet-Up, Group Shot # 1

First London PE readers meetup, Aug 2011

London Meet-Up, Group Shot #1

Second London PE readers meetup, Oct 2011 (Pictures here)

NYC Meet-Up, Group Shot

New York PE readers meetup, Dec 2011 (Pictures here)

LA Meet-Up, Group Shot

Los Angeles PE readers meetup, Jan 2012 (Pictures here)

This year, after I got back from the States, I decided to organize a Singapore PE readers meetup, after being asked by local readers why there hadn’t been one. So during my birthday month, I held a meetup as a way to meet the Singapore PE readers and to celebrate my birthday with them at the same time!

Singapore PE Readers Meet-Up, Group Shot #1

Singapore PE Readers Meet-Up (Oct 27, 2012), Group Shot #2

Singapore PE readers meetup, Jun 2012


(Oh, for Singapore readers, I plan to organize a Halloween party in October for all of us. Stay tuned at the blog for updates on it!)

Since I’m going to KL next week, I thought it would be adept to have a KL/MY readers meetup, since I have never had one in Malaysia before. So yes, for those of you in Malaysia or Kuala Lumpur, now is the perfect chance to meet fellow PE readers and to meet me in person! 😀

Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia Meetup Details!

For my KL readers meetup, I’m very fortunate to have a business acquaintance and friend, Elton Kuah, help me with the arrangements. He has painstakingly staked out several restaurants for me in KL, and we have eventually decided to go along with Botanical Bangsar Village, which can be found in Bangsar Village 2. (Thank you so much for your help, Elton!)

Details of the meetup as follows:

  • Venue: Botanical Bangsar Village
  • Address: 1F28 First Floor, Bangsar Village 2, Jalan Telawi 1 Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur. (Their number is +603 2287 6566 just in case you can’t find the place.)
  • Date: 5 October, Friday
  • Time: 7pm* (Reservation made under my name, Celes, so just let them know you’re there for me when you reach)

(*I know that KL traffic can be bad on Friday evenings, but try to come on time or as early as possible as it would allow us more time to interact with each other!)

Attendance List To Date

  1. Celes
  2. Yongjue Tan
  3. JiaMun
  4. Elton
  5. Ben Nabu
  6. Jag
  7. June
  8. Al
  9. Al’s friend
  10. SH Tan
  11. Elton’s friend
  12. Alwin

To attend, RSVP by responding in the comments section. Let me know if you will be going plus any additional person(s) you will be bringing along. RSVP is compulsory to attend. 

Please confirm your attendance ASAP so that we can make the reservations without issue.

If you live in Malaysia or KL, do try to make it for the meetup. I won’t be having any KL meetups after this as I have no future plans to visit KL after this trip, so this is the one chance to meet up in person. I really want to meet all of you in person and get to know you better.


Feel free to bring your friend(s), family, and/or partner along! Simply specify in your comment whether you are bringing any guests and include their first names. If not, it doesn’t matter. Most people will probably be turning up alone anyway (like the past meetups). It really doesn’t matter since you’ll quickly get to know people once you’re there.

That’s it, and look forward to your RSVPs! See you Malaysian readers soon next Friday! 😀

Update Oct 5 2012: Thanks to everyone for coming and making the event such a great success!! 😀 Check out the group shot below:

Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia PE Readers Meet-Up

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