Singapore PE Readers Meetup (Jul 2014) [Sign Ups CLOSED]

Singapore PE Readers Meetup in June 2013, Group Shot

Singapore PE Readers Meetup in June 2013 last year

(Posted on Jul 23, 2014)

Hi everyone! :) While we’re in the middle of the Affirmation Challenge, I’d like to announce our upcoming Singapore PE readers meetup!

Every year I have at least one PE readers meetup in Singapore (since that’s where I reside), usually in the month of June, in conjunction with my birthday that’s on June 25. To date, we’ve had three meetups! Since I was busy getting married in May and then subsequently with honeymoon and house-moving in June and July (even today), I haven’t been able to arrange a PE readers meetup for this year!

Well, I’m excited to announce our FOURTH Singapore PE readers meetup! :D This meetup will be a belated celebration of my birthday, as well as a farewell for one of our long-time PE reader, Wanxuan (she is the lovely lady in a grey long dress in the picture above!), who is moving to China next month to be a language teacher!

ALL of you (in Singapore) are invited, whether you’re a long-time reader or a new reader at PE!

Meetup Details (CONFIRMED)

  • Venue:
    • 7 Sensations. I’ve visited the place twice this week to size up the place for our meetup, and I think it’ll be a perfect cosy spot for us. I look forward to checking it out with all of you during this meetup! :D
    • Check out their website and menu at 7 Sensations.
  • Address:
    • 279 Jalan Besar Singapore 208943. (Check out the location on Google Maps.) It’s about 10 minutes walk from Farrer Park MRT; after getting off the MRT, you have to cut through City Square Mall first, after which it’s about seven minutes by foot.
    • Contact for restaurant (if you can’t find the place on that day): 6298 8198
    • If you’ve been to 7 Sensations before, they are no longer at Millenia Walk, but have shifted to Jalan Besar (the address indicated above). So don’t go to the wrong place!
  • Date:
    • 27 July / Sunday, 6:30pm (dinner). Come between 6:15 to 6:30pm to settle down and place your dinner order!
    • Please don’t be late as I tend to wait for everyone to arrive first before doing introduction/ice breaking, so that we can know each other together. The problem is that those who arrive on time end up waiting, but if we start the introductions on time you’ll wind up missing others’ self-introductions… so it’s really a lose-lose scenario when someone is late! I should be there at 6:15pm (if not earlier)! Seats are reserved for us from 6pm onwards.
  • Duration: Based on past meetups, it’ll likely span from two-and-a-half to three hours long. Think about it as a meetup with good friends, even though many of us have never met before! ;)

What are we going to do during the meetup? Well, get to know each other, chit chat, and discuss conscious growth topics! :D There’ll be no motivational ra-ra — don’t worry, whatever you don’t see it at PE, it doesn’t happen in real life — no pitches, no selling of anything, and no forcing of anyone to do anything they don’t like/want. Just a group of like-minded, growth oriented individuals (YOU!!!!) getting together to know each other. Based on past meetups, many new friendships have been forged, and it tingles me each time I see how so many awesome people have gotten to know each other thanks to PE. :)

If you’re curious, here are photos of one of the past meetups in Singapore (there have been three so far!). Check out everyone (originally strangers, now friends!) chatting and having fun! ;)


Please RSVP now by posting a comment with:

  1. Your name
  2. Name of any friends/family to bring along — You are welcome to bring your friends/family along, even if they don’t read PE (yet)! After all, it’s all about meeting like-minded people and making new friends. You’re welcome to the more, the merrier!

Agenda for the meetup will be getting to know each other (and giving me the opportunity to know you better!), making new friends, and having conscious discussions about life and personal growth. :) It doesn’t get any better than this!

As seats are limited, please only RSVP if you’re serious about coming. I’ve had past meetups where the people RSVP but don’t turn up (without any explanation), and frankly speaking, it is not cool! :( Do RSVP only if you are sincere about coming, because to do so otherwise will only make event planning difficult (for me) and also potentially rob someone else (who truly wants to come) of a spot.

Confirmed attendees so far:

  1. Celes
  2. Sharon
  3. Sam Chong
  4. Corrine
  5. Roxanne
  6. Drew Huang
  7. Ngee Key
  8. Samuel Lin
  9. Kay
  10. Yaleryn
  11. Lulu Ong
  12. Joanne Teo
  13. Wanxuan
  14. Ruth
  15. Dexin
  16. Danny
  17. Ken
  18. Chloe
  19. Alvin
  20. Shin
  21. Vernetta
  22. Tony
  23. Melia
  24. Vanessa Huang
  25. John Cheang
  26. Sunny Lai
  27. Jenny
  28. Julia
  29. Lyon
  30. Kevin
  31. HuiWen
  32. Jeffrey
  33. Vivek
  34. Thoufic
  35. Josephine Lin
  36. Reeta
  37. Sharon Cheng
  38. Wen
  39. Wen’s friend
  40. Hui Min (Chua)

Update, July 26, 2014: Due to overwhelming response, we now have 40 confirmed attendees and RSVPs are now closed as we have (way) maxed out the restaurant’s seating. If you’re a confirmed attendee, your name will be listed in the attendees list below. Thanks and look forward to meeting you guys soon!!! :)

Update Aug 4, 2014: The pictures of the event are now up!! :D Check them out here: Pictures of Singapore PE Readers Meetup (July 27, 2014)