Going to Glasgow, Scotland! (Anyone Here From Scotland?)

Welcome to Glasgow

(Posted on Jul 28, 2013)

Hey guys!! :) I’m going to Glasgow, Scotland, this weekend, Aug 3, and will be there for two weeks. My fiance Ken is going there for work and I’ll be joining him in the trip.

Any of you from Scotland here, been to Scotland, or know anyone in Scotland? Friends have been suggesting that Ken and I get our engagement shots while we are there, so I was wondering if any of you know photographers (wedding photographers or otherwise) whom we can rope in for our shoot. Recommendations of any sort will be greatly appreciated; we are new to Scotland and would appreciate some pointing in the right direction.

Also we will be extending our stay for about four days after he’s done for work and would love to take the chance to immerse in the Scottish culture and meet up with you! If you live in Glasgow and you are able to host us in those last few days, please let me know!!

Last but not least, feel free to give recommendations on places to visit! We are probably going to stay in Glasgow/Scotland the whole time as our return flight is from Glasgow (and I’ve been to other spots in UK anyway), so we wouldn’t be able to check out any recommendations on spots outside of Glasgow.

Let me know via the comments section below!!

Thanks everyone and look forward to seeing the Scottish readers soon, if there’s any!! (I’m not even sure if there’s anyone from Scotland reading PE??)

Update Aug 3, 2013: Thanks everyone for your warm welcome and great suggestions!! I didn’t realize that there would be so many Scottish readers at PE. You guys are absolute sweethearts, thank you. *HUGE hug* Ken himself was really warmed by all the helpful responses from you guys. :)

We are flying off tonight and have already nailed two excellent photography companies to do our engagement shoots in Glasgow and Edinburgh. I’m really psyched and can’t wait to do the shoots and share the photos with all of you. That would have to wait though since the shoots are only in mid-Aug and photos will only be available a couple of weeks after that.

Given the positive responses for a Scottish meetup, I might arrange a meetup in the first weekend (I’ll be at Glasgow) or second weekend (I’ll be Edinburgh). Second weekend will be a logistical challenge because I’ll have two shoots plus an online course to conduct then. I’ll keep you guys posted @ PE if I’m having any meetup. Stay tuned!

(Image: Inverary Castle)