Celebrating One Million Pageviews / Month!!


I’m excited to announce that as of today, we have crossed the traffic milestone of one million pageviews/month! 🙂

What this means is we now serve over 1 million pageviews every month at the blog – be it the articles, archives, or main blog page. We currently have over 570k unique visitors a month, so it averages out to about 1.7 page views/visitor – which is higher than many other sites in the personal development niche, in the same traffic bracket.


So that means not only do we have a high number of visitors  now, these are quality readers who stay around and read article after article! *cheers* :clap:

Increased Traffic / Loading Issues

Some of you may have noticed the slower load times and sporadic internal server 500 errors in the last week. That’s because we have been hitting the server processing limit on my host’s end – which led to my account being temporarily suspended at one point. I’ve spoken to my host’s customer support and have implemented a series of solutions to dramatically cut down server load (namely caching plugins in WordPress). So you shouldn’t have any problems surfing Personal Excellence or the forums.

While things are okay for now, I foresee it’s a matter of time before I have to upgrade to VPS (virtual private server).

Special Thank You To You

The increasing traffic at Personal Excellence and hitting of 1 million pageviews/month is definitely not a chance occurrence. It’s been something which I’ve been consciously working toward from the start. In the recent weeks, I’ve been fully immersed in work – with the latest 21DMC, restructuring of Personal Excellence (some of you may have noticed changes in site mapping – personalexcellence.co/blog/ now points to the root folder; also there’s the new videos section featuring my Youtube videos) and upcoming projects which I’m very excited to unfold soon.

Hitting 1 million pageviews/month is undoubtedly a significant milestone for me/us, so I’d like to take this chance to thank all of you for being with me/us all this while.

To the loyal readers who’ve been following me since the early years, thank you. I appreciate all of you sticking with me through thick and thin all this while, be it via silently support my work, purchasing my ebooks, sharing Personal Excellence with others, advocating what I do or speaking up for me in times of need.

Speaking of which, a few days ago, I posted the announcement about my article being featured in Sun-Herald/The Sunday Age. After which I received an email from a long-time reader, Ted, telling me how he drove to the local petrol station after seeing the update (even though it was already late at night) to check if he could get a copy of the papers – which he did, and promptly scanned the article for me! Seeing that email made me feel so incredibly warmed, and it reminded me why I do what I do today – for all of you guys. So, thank you to you Ted, and to all of you reading this!


To all the new readers who just found PE, thank you too! Thank you for doing whatever it was you were doing that landed you here at the blog (whether it was following your friend’s recommendation to check out the site, or doing a random search on Google, or doing your assigned readings for your class, etc). You may not have read many of my articles yet to know much about me, but I trust that we’re going to have an amazing time growing together in the near future and ahead!

To everyone out there in this world who do not know of the existence of Personal Excellence or any of us here at the blog yet, thank you too. Our paths may not have crossed yet, but I know it’s a matter of time before that happens. And when that does, I know it’s going to be the most amazing thing ever.

Removal of 1-1 Coaching Service

I’d also like to take this chance to announce I’m no longer doing 1-1 coaching/consultation, effective immediately. I announced this on my Facebook / Twitter a few days ago, so I thought I should mention it here.

It’s because I want to dedicate my full time to the blog development aspect of my business. 1-1 coaching has been marvelous in the 2.5 years I did it and I’ve gained a lot of insights along the way, but it’s now time for me to move on to more high leverage methods of helping others, such as blogging and online group coaching. These mediums enable me to help a lot more people at the same time, over and beyond 1-1 coaching.

Also, I want to concentrate on passive income sources moving forward (advertising, books) vs. active income source where I have to actively trade my time for money (coaching, training). The latter formed the bulk of my business income in the first 2 years (which enabled me to build my skills too in the process), but now that I’m in my third year (and going into my fourth year), it’s definitely time to scale up my business model.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever be bringing back 1-1 coaching in the future, but it’s definitely not in my plans at the moment.

Thank you to all my 1-1 coaching clients in the past 2-3 years – it’s been a wonderful time working with you on your goals! You guys have been absolutely terrific and it has truly been my honor to cross paths with you. Just because I’ve removed 1-1 coaching doesn’t mean things end here though – it’s just that I want to focus on other mediums of helping others *and* enabling you to live your best life.

I look forward to growing together with you via the blog (and other mediums/projects which I’ll unfold in due time)!


Thank You Again!

Thank you to everyone for being with me all this while! I’ve many amazing things planned for Personal Excellence in the next months/years which I’m sure many of you are going to love, so stay tuned! Next up – 10 million pageviews/month!! 😉

PS: We have 14 attendees registered for the London meet-up on 29 Oct, so we’ll be proceeding with it! Will post more details closer to the date (sometime next week), as I want to make the reservation first. Meanwhile for the UK readers, please sign up your attendance if you haven’t! Look forward to meeting everyone! 🙂

Image: Celebration

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