We Are Featured in Today’s Sun-Herald and The Sunday Age! (Oct 9, 2011)

Featured in Sun Herald's Sunday Age

I’m happy to announce that we’re featured in Australia’s The Sun-Herald (newspaper in Sydney, published every Sunday) and The Age (Melbourne’s daily newspaper) today! 😀

Just last month, I was invited to write an article for The Sunday Life (a supplement that’s distributed as part of The Sun-Herald and The Age) on how to live a more productive life. The article below is the result!

Article on productivity in Sun Herald and The Sunday Age

*Click image for larger version. Special thanks to reader Charles for buying a copy and helping to scan it! Also special thanks to other readers in Australia for buying a copy and offering to help scan too! You guys are all my angels! ♥

For readers in Australia, you can find the article can be found in the “Life” supplement in The Sun-Herald (for those in Sydney) and The Sunday Age (for those in Melbourne), page 27 (out of 40 pages).

The Sun-Herald has a readership of 1,159,000 (as of December 2009), while The Sunday Age has a readership of 695,000, so that’s nearly 2 million people in total! Its target audience is generally more educated and affluent readers, so it’s definitely in line with the readers we want to reach out with PE. So a special thank you to The Sunday Life for this opportunity!

For the new readers who are visiting the blog after reading the article, welcome! This is Personal Excellence, dedicated for individuals who are passionate about achieving excellence in life. Please visit Start section to get started on using the blog. Feel free to add me on Facebook and Twitter if you’d like to connect with me personally. Look forward to knowing you guys better in the upcoming period. 😀

Be sure to check 8 Habits of Highly Productive People – a timeless Personal Excellence classic I wrote in 2010, which is a site hit as well.

Check out the media section for a list of our past media coverage. Thanks to all media outlets for the publicity!


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