Scotland Meetup, Anyone?

At London Heathrow Airport

Ken and I at London Heathrow Airport while waiting for transit

Hi everyone!! Ken and I just arrived safely in Scotland yesterday, Aug 4. We are at Glasgow right now while Ken works here for the next two weeks, before we move on to Edinburgh for personal travel. Hi to all the Scottish readers!! ^^

I’m thinking of doing a meetup while I’m here. Originally I wasn’t thinking of that because I didn’t know if there were any Scottish readers, but your overwhelming responses to my previous post announcing my Scotland visit proved me wrong! Thanks for your help everyone!


If we were to do a meetup, here are the dates Ken and I can make it:

  1. This Saturday, Aug 10 (evening) at Glasgow
  2. This Sunday, Aug 11 (evening), at Glasgow
  3. Next Saturday, Aug 17 (evening) at Edinburgh
  4. Aug 19 (evening) at Edinburgh

Please post a comment to the post indicating (a) your name and interest to attend, (b) the options you can make it (as many as  possible so it’s easier for me to organize a date/option that applies for everyone), (c) names of as well as any friends/family you can bring to the meetup! Please RSVP by Aug 7. We’ll move ahead with the meetup if we have enough participants! (I’ll update on this post by Aug 8 if we are moving through or not.)

If you have any venue to recommend for the meetup, feel free to throw it out!

Oh, thanks for all your engagement photographer recommendations in my previous post! *huge hugs* We have located two awesome engagement photographers — Neil Douglas and Orange Lemur — who have kindly offered to partially sponsoring our shoots and will be shooting us at Glasgow and Edinburgh respectively. We are covering locations ranging from cafes, streets, castle/ruins, garden/park, greens/plains, beach, and perhaps more. I can’t wait to get started. I hope the pictures turn out great!!!

Look forward to seeing you guys soon! 🙂

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