Catch me on 938LIVE this Monday, 2-3pm! (Aug 27, 2012)

938 Live

Hey everyone! 🙂 Just a quick announcement that I’ll be on 938LIVE (a news radio station in Singapore) this Monday, 27 Aug 2012, 2-3pm (Singapore time)! I’ll be on the segment “Slice of Life”, a self-improvement and motivational show hosted by Eugene Loh.

The topic I’ll be covering will be bucket listsWhat do you want to do, see and experience before you die? During the show, you’ll get to create your bucket list live with me and Eugene. I’ll also be sharing the things that I have on my bucket list and some top things which I’ve accomplished since creating my bucket list in 2009. It’ll be a fun chat! 😉


For those in Singapore, tune in through radio 93.8FM. For those not in Singapore, you can still listen to the show! Simply login to the 938LIVE radio page during the day/time itself, and you’re set!

Oh, you can also ask me questions live on air too! Call in at +65 66911938 (those not in Singapore, you can use Skype to call the number, which will be a cheap way to make international calls) during the segment itself or post your comments on the Slice of Life Facebook page (their wall) before the show—make sure to let them know that the question(s) is/are addressed to Celes. Eugene will then relay the questions to me to address during the segment!

Last but not least, while the segment is supposed to be 2pm, the actual interview starts at 2:10-2:15pm due to traffic updates and what not. There’ll also be other updates in between. So it’s actually an interview broken up into several parts over the one-hour period. So don’t fret if you listen in and don’t hear me; it just means it’s the break time. 🙂

Update: The interview is now over! 🙂 Listen to the recording in the media section.


Love, Celes

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