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My Paper

I’ve been featured in My Paper today! 🙂 For the non-Singaporean readers, My Paper is a free Singapore bilingual paper. It is distributed in local train stations every morning, with a circulation of approx 300,000. It also has an electronic version available at its website.

The article features how I made the decision to pursue my passion over money, the personal development work I do at Embrace Living and my views on personal development in Singapore. Overall I’m really happy with the article and the journalist did a really great job (If you’re reading this, thanks Jingting! And thanks Jamie for being such an excellent photographer to work with!) Just some nuance pointouts on the information in the article – A) My pay – It’s not precisely $70k B) My current coachee profile – They span from 20s to late 30s and include people from other countries.

* Note on Oct ’11: Embrace Living was the old name of the site when it first started, for the first 6 months. I’ve since renamed it to Personal Excellence.

Unfortunately they didn’t feature the site url, probably due to internal policies regarding advertising other services. It seems like quite a number of the readers have found the site regardless through Google/Facebook search, so all’s good. 😀 So far I’ve been getting a spike in mail including general queries, coaching requests, speaking opportunities etc on top of the regular inflow. If you have sent me a msg/mail, I’ll get to you very soon!

Here’s the article for those who aren’t living in Singapore or didn’t manage to catch the paper today. To everyone new here, welcome! 😀 You can read more about me in my About page. Please check out the good archive of over 60+ 300+ free personal development articles in Reader Favorites page. Meanwhile, do feel free to share this site with your friends as well!

Oh and the room in which this picture was taken in is my room 🙂

* Update Aug ’10 – Due to SPH copyright clauses, I’ve removed the article.

The article has also been featured in AsiaOne Business Section and Showbiz OMY News!

PS: I’m really psyched cause I just secured 4 upcoming talks with National Library Board. Thanks Nurul! 😀


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