Ask Celes: Are You Seeing Anyone at the Moment? (Yes I Am Now :) )

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“Hi Celes! I enjoy reading your blog! Considering you are so successful in your career, are you seeing anyone romantic?” – Jennifer

Hi guys, just an update to my response to the very same question that I answered last year (and which I’ve also requested you guys to stop asking during my 2012 year-end review ^_^** ).

Yes, I’m attached now. :) ♥ I’ve been officially seeing someone as of May 5, 2013. And I’m incredibly happy.


Since I’ve never been in a long-term, romantic relationship (largely by choice) and knowing what I’m like through my blog writings, you probably have an idea of how thorough I was before I decided to proceed with this one. My boyfriend and I joke about how he had to go through repeated rounds of interrogation by me before we got together. 🤣 We are both very serious about each other and it’s quickly accelerating into a very serious relationship. This is the most intense connection I’ve ever had with anyone.

I just wanted to share this news on the blog as all of you are an important part of my life and I want to let you in on this important part of my life. I’ve already shared the news on my Facebook Page and many of you have been showering me with well wishes. Many of your messages actually come across as congratulatory wedding wishes, LOL!

I don’t know what else to say, so I’ll just leave the post as is since it’s just meant as to be an update. If you guys want to ask me any questions (including about the guy I’m with, though I’ll be protecting his privacy of course), feel free to let me know. I’ll be happy to address them. :)

Update: We subsequently got engaged and married on May 2014! Please find the articles documenting our love journey below, from dating to proposal to our wedding day. Enjoy! :)

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