56 Most Inspirational Songs Of All Time

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51. Heal The World

The greatest pop legend of all time, Michael Jackson died unexpectedly on June 25, 2009. “Heal The World,” released in 1991 and from his album Dangerous, is a deeply touching song reminding us of our responsibility to care for our world. The music video below is a must watch. Every day, there are people suffering and dying. War, famine, natural disaster, and poverty. Just because we don’t see them in our face daily doesn’t mean that these things aren’t happening. It’s up to us to care for this world that we live in. What can you do today to heal the world? It all starts with us. Read: One Man’s Impact On The World and How To Find Your Life Purpose (series)

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52. Black or White

This is another song by Michael Jackson and also from his album Dangerous. Beneath the very catchy beat and amazing dance moves (as seen in the MTV below), “Black or White” has a very important message about racism and equality. Michael Jackson shared in the song how he was tired of the boundaries caused by racism. He believed that no matter who a person is or that person’s skin color (black or white), we should see each other as equals. Love and friendship know no boundaries and we should not seek love or friendship based on color, but based on who that person is and their values. Both this song and “Heal The World” are my personal favorites in this list.

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53. This Is My Wish

I actually heard this by chance from one of those auto-play video commercials when surfing online. While I usually get annoyed and close them right away, I was captivated by the vocals of the singer in the short 15-20 second video and quickly looked up the video. Turns out, this singer is called Kevin Ross, an amazingly talented up-and-coming Motown singer. This song is called “This Is My Wish” which he wrote for a Glade commercial. It’s about wishing for peace on earth and recognizing that peace starts with you and me.

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54. Circle of Life

From the movie The Lion King (which is incidentally on my top inspiring movies list), “Circle of Life” speaks of the grandness of life and our place in this world. We’re all part of the circle of life — birth, growth, death, and rebirth. Death does not signify the end — it’s the start of something new, something greater than what we’ve ever seen before. So, don’t fear death or what’s about to come. Realize that we’re all part of this circle of life. Read: Do You Dread Growing Older?

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55. Imagine

One of the 100 most-performed songs of the 20th century, “Imagine” is a beautiful song that tells us to imagine a world without borders, religion, greed, hunger, or need for material possessions — basically, embodying the concept of oneness. Even though our world has become very globalized today and boundaries are slowly melting, there are still very clear divides between nations, certain races, and religions, not to mention a clear emphasis on material wants in very developed nations. Here’s hoping that we as a world can stop living in fear or pride and focus more on living in joy and uniting as one.

John Lennon sadly passed away before his time in 1980, at the age of 40, killed by an angry ex-fan.

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56. When You Believe

This is an amazing song about the power of hope and faith. If there is ever a time when you lose hope, hang in there. Miracles come from first believing in yourself and others. They couldn’t have chosen better singers too — Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey are two of the greatest singers of all time.

[ by Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey | Lyrics | Get the album ]

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