56 Most Inspirational Songs Of All Time

Songs on Expressing Your Authentic Self

7. Let It Go

Have you watched Disney’s Frozen? If so, you have most definitely heard “Let It Go,” which is played when Queen Elsa retreats to the snowy mountains. The song has achieved huge international recognition and has won both the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 2014 and the Grammy Award for Best Song Written for Visual Media in 2015!

“Let it go, let it go. Can’t hold it back anymore…” This song is about not concealing your abilities and your true self, even if others may not understand them. People may react with fear and this is normal, and it is not your job to hide who you are because it will only kill you on the inside. Are you holding back your true self due to fear of others? Don’t. Let it go. It’s time to be who you truly are and see what you can do! :) Read: Finding Your Inner Self

[ by Idina Menzel | Lyrics | Get the album ]

And here’s a cover by Demi Lovato

[ by Demi Lovato | Lyrics | Get the album ]

8. Born This Way

The late 2000s saw Lady Gaga burst into the mainstream music scene as a talented, up-and-coming artist, to now a highly accomplished musician who is one of the best-selling artists of all time. “Born This Way” is Gaga’s song to empower the ethnic minorities and the LGBT community, but the song really applies to every single one of us. It tells us that no matter how people may perceive us or how society tries to beat us into a socially accepted mold, we need to remember that we are perfect as we are.

The intro to the music video is quite strange as it literally (and graphically) shows Gaga giving birth to a new race, which later populates the entire city in the video. If you jump straight to the song, scroll to the 2:30 minute mark.

[ by Lady Gaga | Lyrics | Get the album ]

9. Born Free

Winner of the 1966 Academy Award for Best Original Song, “Born Free” is a gentle song reminding us that we are born free and to stay free. Even though we may be living in a society with many restrictions and expectations, remember that these restrictions are societally imposed, not reflective of our true self. As long as you remember that, you can then live free, first in the mind, then in your physical life. :)

[ by Matt Monro | Lyrics | Get the album ]

10. I Am What I Am

This song was composed in 1983 by Jerry Herman, an openly gay man. Gloria Gaynor later released it that year and it became a club hit in America. “I Am What I Am” is about being true to who you are and to let others know your true self. After all, you have only one life: if you are constantly hiding and trying to please others, wouldn’t that be living a sham?

[ by Gloria Gaynor | Lyrics | Get the album ]

11. It’s My Life

“It’s My Life” was a huge hit when it came out in 2000 and remains a huge hit today. It’s about taking control of your life and being who you are, because you only get to live once. As the lyrics go, “It’s my life… It’s now or never. I ain’t gonna live forever!”

Whose life are you living right now? When are you ready to start living your life? You only have one life — you’re not going to live forever. It’s either you start living it now or never. Stop waiting for a “tomorrow” or “next time.” It all starts today. Read: To Get What You Want, First Admit You Want It

[ by Bon Jovi | Lyrics | Get the album ]

12. Return To Innocence

An extremely powerful song. This song reminds you to return to who you truly are vs. trying to pretend to be someone you are not. Don’t afraid to show your emotions — even if it may be perceived as being weak. Showing your emotions isn’t weak; it’s actually an act of strength. When you deny your emotions, you are just denying who you are. So acknowledge your deepest feelings. Embrace them. And return to innocence. :)

[ by Enigma | Lyrics | Get the album ]

13. You Get What You Give

One of my favorite songs, “You Get What You Give” is the ending theme of Click, which happens to be one of my favorite movies. Since it was released, the song became an international hit and has been played over 1 million times on US radio.

At its core, this song is about being true to yourself in a world where everyone tries to be someone they aren’t. Don’t you ever, ever give up on yourself or your dreams, because you have what it takes to achieve what you want. Read: I’m Depressed about My Lack of Progress. What Should I Do?

[ by New Radicals | Lyrics | Get the album ]

14. Girl on Fire

An extremely powerful song of female empowerment. Honestly, whether you are a girl or not, the message in this song applies to us all. Don’t ever let others dim your light and let yourself be on fire. :)

[ by Alicia Keys | Lyrics | Get the album ]

15. Perfect

Much of our frustration and pain in the modern society comes from trying to be accepted, to be loved, and to be seen as perfect. But you are already perfect. Do you see that? Pink’s song conveys just that. Read: How I Found My Place as a Female in Today’s World (series)

The music video for this song is beautiful and conveys a message against depression, self-harm and suicide.

[ by Pink | Lyrics | Get the song ]

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