56 Most Inspirational Songs Of All Time

Songs about Recovery and Heartbreak

45. Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)

While “Stronger” is about overcoming a heartbreak, the overall message is about becoming stronger with each painful experience. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and makes you a fighter. This song is by Kelly Clarkson, the first ever winner of American Idol.

[ by Kelly Clarkson | Lyrics | Get the album ]

46. Skyscraper

“Skyscraper” is about standing strong in the face of life’s difficulties, be it a heartbreak, naysayers, or haters. The song is performed by Demi Lovato, who suffered from depression, eating disorder, and self-harm issues before going into rehab in 2010. She recorded the song during 2010–2011 while working through these issues, and broke down multiple times during its recording (as well as of the music video) as the song spoke personally to her. All of us have been through difficulties and perhaps are still going through them. If so, you’ll find this song a symbolic representation of your battle against life’s struggles.

[ by Demi Lovato | Lyrics | Get the album ]

47. Let It Be

“Let It Be” was written by the Beatles member Paul McCartney after he had a dream with his late mother (Mary) telling him, “Let it be.” This was during a very difficult period of his time when he felt that the Beatles might be breaking up. He says of the dream, “It was lovely. I woke up with a great feeling. It was really like she had visited me at this very difficult point in my life and gave me this message: Be gentle, don’t fight things, just try and go with the flow and it will all work out.”

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48. I Will Survive

First performed by American singer Gloria Gaynor, “I Will Survive” is about becoming stronger after a painful breakup. Today, it’s used as an anthem for female empowerment and gay empowerment.[9] The song has since been covered by many singers, including Diana Ross and Demi Lovato.

[ by Gloria Gaynor | Lyrics | Get the album ]

49. The Voice Within

This very inspirational song reminds you that in times when you are down and out, just look within and you’ll see you right by your side. This is your voice within, your higher self who has always been with you through thick and thin, guiding and supporting you. :)

[ by Christina Aguilera | Lyrics | Get the album ]

50. That’s The Way It Is

This upbeat song by Celine Dion tells you to stay positive in the path of love, not rushing it and not giving up on it at the same time. “Don’t give up on your faith. Love comes to those who believe it. And that’s the way it is.”

[ by Celine Dion | Lyrics | Get the album ]

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