21DJC Day 19 – What Words Best Describe You?

This is Day 19 of the 21-Day Journaling Challenge (21DJC). The challenge is over but you can still do the tasks in your own time! Visit the overview page for all Journaling Challenge tasks and posts.

Empty book for journaling

Hi everyone – Welcome to Day 19 of 21DJC! 🙂 We now have 2 days left till the end of the challenge!


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Day 18 Review

Yesterday’s question was: “What Matters Most To You?“. (Read the responses.)

What matters most to me? For sure, growing and helping others to grow is the most important thing to me. It’s after all my life purpose. 🙂

My parents matter a lot to me too. They are the ones who brought me to this world and cared for me, even till this day. There wouldn’t be a me today if it wasn’t for them. And even though we don’t communicate much, that doesn’t mean we aren’t important to each other. We express our love to each other differently than most do.

My goals and dreams matter a lot to me. Pursuing them is part of living my life to the fullest. I defend them fiercely from anyone or anything that gets in the way. To hold me back from pursuing my goals is akin to locking me in a cafe and taking my life away from me.


People matter a lot to me. While this is probably obvious given my life purpose, it became apparent during my travels. I found that no matter what country I was in, it wasn’t the sites or sights that excited me. It was meeting new people, getting to know them, and making meaningful connections. To me, knowing someone new is an adventure. I would much rather do that than check out some building or rock which plays no role in my life and which I will probably never see again.

When I’m hanging out with someone, I like to know about their background, understand their motivations in life, and absorb everything they have to share. I feel there’s always something to learn from everybody – it’s like we’re each a walking encyclopedia, except that we’re more powerful than an encyclopedia because we have the ability to think and synthesize thoughts.

Love matters to me. I think to live a life with no love is akin to not having lived at all. Love is what sets apart living beings from non-living things. Love is the most powerful force in all of universe. History has shown, time and again, of how people are able to accomplish things greater than themselves, driven by love – be it love for a certain cause, love for other beings, love for the world, love for anything. (By love, I mean all kinds of love, and not just romantic love.)

With that said, let’s now move to today’s question!

21DJC Day 19

Today is the 3rd last day of 21DJC, and the 3rd last question of the challenge. Today’s question is:

What Words Best Describe You?

Collage of positive words: Positive thinking, Dream, Unity, Empower

If you are to describe yourself, what words would you use? And why? (Feel free to cover anything from physical appearance, to your character traits, to your values and life beliefs.)

(Today’s question can be found in #6 of 101 Important Questions To Ask Yourself In Life. )


Your Task Today:

  1. Reflect and answer today’s question. There’s no word limit – whether minimum or maximum. Write as few or as many words as you want. It’s all up to what you want to express!
  2. Share your answer. After you are done writing, copy and paste your answer in the comments area and post it there.
  3. Check out other participants’ answers. Other participants will be sharing their answers too, so feel free to read and reply to their answers. This is a group course, so let’s support each other in these 21 days.
Look forward to reading your answers! 😀
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