21DFC Day 14 – How Would You Rate Your Progress So Far? (And How Can You Make Week 3 Your Best Week Ever?)

This is Day 14 of the 21-Day Fitness Challenge (21DFC) for Feb 2012. View all posts made during the challenge: 21DFC Overview.

Gym review

Hello and welcome to Day 14 (Feb 16) of the 21-Day Fitness Challenge! 😀 We’re now at the end of Week 2!


Day 14 – How Would You Rate Your Progress So Far?  (And How Can You Make Week 3 Your Best Week Ever?)

Now that it’s Week 2, we are now two-thirds across 21DFC. With that, today’s question is: How would you rate your progress so far in 21DFC? And how can you make Week 3 your best week ever?

By progress, I’m referring to your progress in terms of how you’re faring against the objectives you set for Day 0’s prework. What got you to join 21DFC to begin with.

One of my main reasons in joining 21DFC is to lose weight, lose fat, and build muscle. I just did a weigh in today, and seems that my weight is roughly the same as when when I started the challenge. Am I frantic about it though? no, not at all.

Because I know I have definitely lost fat in the past 2 weeks. I know I have definitely built muscles too – my legs are the most toned I’ve ever seen them in my life, thanks to all the running, cycling, and leg curler reps I’ve been doing! My legs are now also slimmer too, as a result. I know that as I continue with my daily fitness sessions, I’ll see even more positive results.

Another goal I had was to cultivate fitness as a life-long habit. I think I have done exceptionally well in this regard. In the past two weeks, I have successfully identified ways to integrate fitness into my life, vs making time out for fitness – of which the latter I had been trying to do for many years prior, with lackluster results. It’s only been two weeks, but exercising has become a staple in my morning routine.

For me, what worked was bundling fitness with my other daily routines – in this case, checking email, writing articles, updating the site, connecting with friends, and miscellaneous web activities. Now that it has become integrated, I actually feel strange if I’m not exercising in the morning! I’m also very happy to report that I’ve successfully completed my fitness sessions almost every day since the start of the challenge, on some days even doing dual sessions.

In consideration of the above, I’ll rate my progress as a 9/10. 9, because I know I can do even more; I know I can push myself even further (we all can).


My plan now moving forward is to continue with my daily fitness sessions, while progressing to work out my other body parts. My legs exercises are going very well – they are now quite toned, as I mentioned above. I’d like to tone up my shoulders, hips and tummy areas too – the great thing is I can work on them with the variety of machines in my gym.

How about you? How would you rate your 21DFC progress so far? And what can you do to make Week 3 your best week ever?

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