Your Fasting Questions for Upcoming Interview with Loren Lockman

With the start of my fasting trial, many of you have become curious about fasting, with several readers joining in the fasting discussions in the forums and some even joining in the fasting too! As with everything I do at PE, I want all of you to get the most informed opinion, and that means coming with someone who has extensive fasting experience as well as plenty of experience supervising fasts.

Loren LockmanThis is why I’ve decided to reach out to Loren Lockman, Director of Tanglewood Fasting Center, for an interview here at PE! Loren is an experienced faster who has supervised fasts in the past 10 years and has spoken in lectures and seminars on topics of health and wellness. I sent out an email to Loren earlier today and was very excited when he replied a few hours later to accept the request. Loren is very informed on the subject of fasting and I believe this interview will be incredibly helpful to any of you who are fasting currently or thinking about fasting in the future.

Hence, I’d like to open the floor to all of you:


What questions do you have about fasting? What would you like to ask Loren on the topic of fasting?

The interview will be a 1-time opportunity, and I’ll not be taking follow-up questions after that. Loren is a busy person and it’s already a great pleasure to have him here to address our queries. So take this chance to dish out all your questions! Post them in the forums (head to the sub-forum for Personal Excellence articles and post your questions in the thread for this post). I personally have a few questions which I’m planning to ask already. 😀

I recommend for you to read the fasting articles I’ve written so far first, as quite a few fasting concerns have been addressed there. This way we can go more in-depth in our questioning and get deeper answers that’ll help us in our fasting.

Fasting Experiment | Day 0 | Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5

I’ll close off for questions after 2 days (Feb 11, 11:59 pm GMT +8), after which I’ll select the questions which I feel are most useful to the readers and send them to Loren. The answers to the interview will be posted exclusively at Personal Excellence after a few days.

So ask away!

Update Feb 12 ’11: The Q&A is now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated! Here are your Fasting Questions, answered


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