21DFC Day 10 – How Committed Are You To Achieving a Healthier, Fitter Body?

This is Day 10 of the 21-Day Fitness Challenge (21DFC) for Feb 2012. View all posts made during the challenge: 21DFC Overview.


Hello and welcome to Day 10 (Feb 12) of the 21-Day Fitness Challenge! 😀


Day 10 – How Committed Are You To Achieving a Healthier, Fitter Body?

Today my question is your level of commitment. On a scale of 1-10, where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest, how committed are you to achieving a healthier, fitter body?

Your level of commitment will indicate whether you succeed or fail in your quest to make fitness a part of your life. 8-10 is considered high, and strong indication that you *will* get your daily fitness done majority of the time. 9-10 is supreme and sure guarantee that nothing will stop you in your way.

Anything below 8 is in the danger zone. While some may want to argue 6-7 is reasonably high, 6-7 is *exactly* what’s considered as an average score – meaning, while you have intentions to be fit, it is only at a “meh” level. Because of that, you *will* always have one reason or another *not* to get your fitness done. Be it “oh my feet hurts” to “I’m tired” to “I’m busy” to “It looks like it’s going to rain / It’s raining”, there will always be something to seemingly justify not exercising. Don’t take my word for it – simply look at your own history for fitness and make the verdict yourself.

When you are truly committed to your fitness, it doesn’t matter the situation. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling, if the weather is too cold, if it’s too warm, if you’re too tired, if you’re too busy, if your friends are in town for a visit, etc. You will find a way to exercise, even in spite of those circumstances.

See, in the past, I wasn’t very committed to my fitness. I had some interest in the area, but not a *burning* desire like the passion I have for my work. I’d rate my commitment to fitness to be about 6 or 6.5 then. Because of that, I would not exercise more than half the time. I always seem to have a reason not to do it. They were not excuses to avoid fitness even – they were just reasons that kept coming in to fill the void because my level of commitment to fitness was merely 6-6.5. Fitness became an area which I would put on hold in my life. This led me to experience downsides that came with not exercising regularly. (e.g. flab, weight gain, less vitality, less strength, potentially increased risk of diseases in the future, etc) (Read: How Are You Faring In Your Life Now? and Are You Putting Any Parts of Your Life On Hold?)

Today, my level of commitment for fitness is now 9-10. Because of that, it doesn’t matter what the situation – I will find a way to work fitness in my life. Not enough time? Integrate productivity with my fitness sessions. Raining? Go to the gym then. Missed my morning work out? Work out at night. Going out with friends at night? Switch my fitness to the morning/afternoon. Muscles feeling worn out? Switch to a different exercise that uses different muscles group. Traveling? Turn to strength training exercises and/or home aerobic workout videos.

How committed are you to achieving a healthier, fitter body? Is it in the range of 8-10? If not, how can you increase it to a full 10?


Share Your Plans/Progress for Today!

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Update your progress as you go along. At the end of the day, review your progress and share your learnings.

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