Kindness Challenge Day 9: Write a Letter to Someone Who Has Made a Difference in Your Life

This is Day 9 of the 14-Day Kindness Challenge for Nov 2012 where hundreds of participants from around the world get together in spirit to do 14 acts of kindness over 14 days. The challenge is now over, but you can do the tasks in your own time. Visit the overview page for all Kindness Challenge tasks and posts.

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Hello everyone! :D Welcome to Day 9 of the 14-Day Kindness Challenge! ;)

5 Days Left Before Kindness Challenge Ends

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My Day 8 Review: Pick Up Litter

Day 8′s task was to Pick Up Litter.

And boy, was I quite the garbage collector yesterday!

Walking along the pavement

Was out for an event yesterday night. Began to scour the pavement for improperly disposed garbage as I walked to the bus stop. Have to say that I get bonus points as I was wearing a dress and four-inch heels while doing the whole task!

Litter: Cigarette box

Litter detected! Improperly disposed cigarette box.

Litter: Cotton bud

I thought, “Well, if I’m picking litter, might as well go all the way, right?” I was picking up little items like cotton buds and plastic wraps too.

Needless to say, people who walked past me were looking at me as if I was crazy as I was very well-dressed with a classy bag in my right hand and bits and pieces of trash in my left hand.

Litter bin

Finally discarded the loose trash in the bin. I also took some time to pick up the badly discarded garbage around the bin and dump them into the bin itself.

It didn’t end there though. After I took my bus and reached my destination, I continued to pick up litter I came across while walking home.

Litter: Flyer in void deck

The usual casually discarded flyer at the void decks of Singapore HDB flats. (HDB = Housing Development Board, the statutory board in Singapore responsible for public housing. Probably a good 50% of Singaporeans live in HDBs.) I promptly picked it up after seeing it.

Litter: Flyers

More improperly discarded flyers around the mailbox area. I went forward to pick them up, even though this wasn’t even my block!

I eventually came across so much trash that I gave up trying to take pictures of them and focused on picking up the trash instead. I was walking around in sparkly dress, sparkly clutch and my four-inch heels, picking up trash everywhere in the void deck, including trash that was improperly discarded around the trash bin. People walking by were looking at me as if I was crazy. I don’t blame them!!

In case you are curious about my attire, this was what I was wearing yesterday:

Dermalogica Product Launch

Was at a Dermalogica launch party. Yes, this was the attire I was wearing while picking litter the whole night. Sorry for the spottiness of the picture; not sure why the quality is so bad! The picture was taken with my friend’s iPhone 4S too. I would have imagined the quality to be better!

I finally made my way back to my block, where I continued to clear the trash that I saw, from trash on the pavement, to trash on the grass, to trash at the void deck.

Litter: Flyers

All ready to throw the trash into the bin

So that was my exciting evening of trash collection for yesterday! :D

Doing the activity really made me feel responsible for the cleanliness in the society. Previously, I would always defer the trash collection to cleaners.

However, I can literally feel that I, all of us, have a role to play in making the society clean. Like I said in Day 8′s post write-up, our country is our home too. If we take such care in keeping our homes clean and tidy, then shouldn’t we extend this attitude to the country, the city, we live in?

Let’s do our part in keeping our environments clean. The next time you see any improperly discarded trash, pick it up! If everyone does just that, we will truly live in a speck and span country.

(And if you feel that there is no trash where you live, look harder. Singapore is world famous for being the cleanest city in the world, yet I was able to pick up so much trash yesterday. It’s a matter of looking out for it!)

Day 9: Someone Who Has Made a Difference

Making a difference in someone's life

Have you ever been positively impacted by someone in your life before?

I’m sure you have. All of us have. Perhaps it was a mentor in our previous company. Perhaps it was an ex-colleague. Perhaps it was a particular teacher or professor from our alma mater. Perhaps it was our mom, our dad, our sibling, or our grandparent. Perhaps it was a dear friend. Or it could well be a distant acquaintance who said something that shook up our world and made us see life with a different lens ever since.

Our life is a culmination of different experiences and interactions with other people. Our ethos is essentially a result of the interactions we have with other people and the world (as I’ve shared in my childhood stories article). As such, it’s not surprising that people in our lives can have such a big impact in the way we think, the things we do, and the words we say.

As part of the 14-Day Kindness Challenge, I think it is important to celebrate the people who have ushered in positive messages in our lives.

Sometimes, these people may well not be aware of the impact they are making to others, and letting them know about the difference they have made in your life as well as your appreciation for it is a great way to pay it forward to them. It tells them that they are doing something right and they should continue to do what they have been doing. It tells them that the things they did to you and/or said to you really did make a difference. It tells them that they matter to someone and they have a more important part to play in this world than they might have thought.

So let’s get moving now, shall we? :D

Your Task: Write a Letter to Someone Who Has Made a Difference in Your Life

Step 1: Identify the person you want to write the letter to

Who is someone who has made a difference in your life before?

Step 2: Write the letter

Write a letter to him/her. This can be a physical or an electronic letter. In the letter, include:

  1. Why you are writing this letter to him/her.
  2. Specific things which he/she did that really made a difference in your life.
  3. Your appreciation for him/her.
  4. If you guys haven’t been in touch for a while, perhaps give an update on how you are doing at the moment. I’m sure the person would want to know how you are doing!

If you want, you can start off the letter by telling him/her that you are participating in this 14-Day Kindness Challenge initiative (share the link too he/she can learn more about it—it’s at, and Day 9 is about writing a letter to someone who made a difference in your life. This may make it easier to set the tone of the letter and “break the ice”, so to speak.

Step 3: Send the letter!

After you are done, send the letter to him/her, be it electronically or by snail mail!

For some of you, the person who made a difference in your life might be someone who has fallen out of your social circle. I say, write the letter anyway, and find a way to get the letter to him/her.

For example, the person I’m planning to write the letter to is my ex-mentor in my previous company, and we are not in touch anymore. (He is literally in China now for a work assignment.) However, I recall being connected with him on Linkedin, so I’ll probably send the letter to him via Linkedin.

If it’s a teacher from your alma mater, you can always get in touch with your school to ask them about the teacher, and check how you can contact him/her. Even if he/she is retired, you can ask the staff how you can get in touch—there will always be breadcrumbs to follow.

Share Your Results!

Who did you choose to write a letter to? What did you include in your letter? How did you send the letter to him/her?

Check out the responses of other participants in the comments section!

After you are done, proceed to Day 10: Send Flowers to Someone. :)

Image: mikecogh

  • Ken

    Woohoo, I did it again. Looks like I’m the first one. I got a jump start on this task, but it’s usually because I’m on Pacific time and when ever Celes posts the daily tasks, with the time difference I’m doing these before my day is even over. And the other thing is that the first person who came up in my mind when I read the task was my best friend, and I could not wait to start it. And third, I may have a social event for Friday night so I wanted to get the task done.

    Anyway I just sent a letter to my very best friend, Robin. She has made one of the most positive differences in my life. I still feel the words in the letter can’t come close to describe how positive those changes have been.

    By the way Celes, you make that outfit look amazing!

    • Celes

      Thanks Ken! That’s so sweet of you. :D

      That’s awesome that you wrote a letter to Robin! Do let us know her response when she receives your letter and reverts (assuming she does, which I’m sure she will). :D

      Speaking of which, where is she and how is she doing in the challenge? Is she still hanging on with us? Would love to see her here in the sharing again!

      • Ken

        You are very welcome.

        She said it was a sweet letter. We talked a little on the phone this morning. She’s been doing the challenges, I’m being her accountability partner. I’m sure she will share when she is able. She has a lot going on right now, and preparing for another mini-vacation. I knew it was going to be a tight fit into her schedule to do the 14 day kindness challenge with all the projects and things she has going right now. But she is doing the tasks.

        • Celes

          Hi Ken, sure! The most important thing is that she is here with us in spirit and applying the tasks as best as she can in her life. I’m really so proud and happy to have both you and Robin in this challenge (as well as the previous challenge(s). Thank you, thank you, and thank you. :hug:

  • Celes

    Today I’ll be writing a letter to my ex-mentor from my ex-company (P&G). He made a difference to my life in the short two months I interned there (before I graduated) and I would say was one of the early triggers for my growth thereafter, as he saw potential in me which I never really thought was there before. Will update later tonight after I write the letter and send it. :D

    • Celes

      Okay, just finished writing the letter and sent it. About 700 words long. :D I’m not expecting him to revert as he is an EXTREMELY busy person and checks Linkedin probably once every few weeks or month, but I know for sure that the message will definitely get to him and he will definitely read it.

      It feels great to formally express my gratitude and appreciation to him for what he had done for me in a letter. :D Hope all of you will take this chance to write a letter to someone who has made a difference in YOUR life. Doesn’t take long and may well change his/her life forever. (Sort of like you returning the favor if that really happens!)

  • wanxuan

    I emailed my ex-university professor. She helped me a lot during my hectic days at university. She is also the most bubbly professor I have ever met- I always looked forward to her lessons delivered in utmost enthusiasm :) She really made a difference in my life- she inspired me to be enthusiastic and passionate about life :dance: I haven’t gotten any replies yet tho

    • Celes

      Hi Wanxuan! Give her some time. :D It’s only been a day after all, plus today is already Friday. Perhaps some time next week, when she returns to work? Keep us posted if/when she responds. :D

      • wanxuan

        Haha you’re right, Celes..I totally forgot today’s a Friday. :sweat: I do hope she replies hehe. I’ll keep u guys posted. :)

        • wanxuan

          YEA!! I’m happy to let you guys know that my ex-prof replied this morning! She said the letter totally made her day and weeks! ;) She also said she “waited a while to think of what to say in a reply cuz my email was so sweet like this”. When I read this line, I went “awwww… ” :lol: She was very proud of me cuz I was taking many classes and yet I didn’t neglect any of the coursework. (Me: Awww I didn’t know that she remembered these hehe) She also said she will always miss us guys (folks in my former class). :love:

          • Celes

            Aww I’m so happy for you Wanxuan!! :hug: Thanks so much for sharing her response to us. It is a very positive feedback and encouragement to the others who are doing, plan to do, or have done this task already. It tells us that when we show appreciation to others, it really touches others’ hearts! :D

  • Michael

    I wrote a letter to my ex boss in Canada who gave me my big chance when I was still a nobody contract employee. He grew me and instilled so much confidence in me by throwing me into all sorts of work challenges and giving me a chance to run with them.

    I think he knows that I appreciate him, but I have yet to properly thank him. As he’s an 8am-11pm kind of person and gets tons of email each day, I’ve chosen to write him a mailed letter. I hope it will stand out to him and reflect my level of appreciation.

    Thanks for today’s task Celes! :D

  • Michael

    And I’ve got one too for you Celes. I considered writing you in another way, but I think you would’ve preferred it this way. ;)

    Dear Celes,

    I want to thank you for the PE articles and resources (manifests, quotes, etc.) that helped guide the way when I was most lost back in June/July. The articles woke me up from my sleepwalking and guided me towards my purpose.

    Right now, I am working towards living my purpose. What I’m really happy about is that by being able to identify my purpose, I am no longer wasting time on paths that are not aligned. Also, your article on procrastination inspired me to realize that I’ve been living in fear of things that aren’t worth being afraid about.

    I have taken many steps and have now significantly reduced my “living in fear” qualities. For example, I took on skydiving and in doing so exorcised one of biggest my childhood-scars / confidence-anchors (unknown to me until afterwards.) :dance: I had no idea that my 11 year old experience of being afraid to jump from 3 floors high to my teammates’ rope slow-down near a tree in Outward Bound had hampered my confidence for so long! I felt soooo liberated afterwards!! Today, I feel certain that I will find a way to living my purpose, and I have to thank you much for showing me (and many others) the way! :clap:

    Yours truly,

    • Celes

      Aw Michael, seriously!!! Thank you so much for your beautiful letter!!! :~) I posted it on my Facebook page which I hope you’re okay with? (Here’s the link.) If not, let me know and I’ll remove it. I just wanted to share the love with everyone and inspire everyone to write a letter to someone who has made a difference in HIS/HER life.

      I think it’s so beautiful that you have chosen to write not one, but TWO letters today. Huge kudos to you Michael for stepping out of your comfort zone. It’s what makes you such a special person too. :D Thank you so much for your constant support on PE (via your occasional comments to the articles) and my Facebook Page. They constantly inspire me to keep going and keep creating new stuff for all of you. Thank you. :hug:

      • Michael

        Hey Celes, thanks for your response! :D

        I became a fan of PE soon after reading the articles. Have been trying to spread the word to my friends in HK and Vancouver one by one since. Hope there’s been readership increase from these places! :p

        I feel that your passion is authentic and your work touch aspects in life that we care or want to care. Please keep doing this and keep trying out new ideas. The Q&A’s, programs, etc really keep things interesting and hopefully also keeps you energized too!

        No worries about the posting on FB. In fact I wrote to a third person too. There are yet more people I will also thank later in different ways. :heart:

        • Celes

          Aw, thank you Michael. :hug: I think it’s serendipitous how you (or any other reader for that matter) came to discover PE and I’m so thankful for every single one of you here at the site. It is an impetuous to me to keep striving higher and working hard to reach out more people with my work (without doing so, other people wouldn’t be able to find the site).

          Thanks again for your constant encouragement and positive words of support on my Facebook and via the PE articles. I’ll continue to work hard for you guys. :D

  • Dolly Yeo

    This is one letter sent and more letters that I am going to write to compliment people who had positively impacted and had made a difference in my life especially in the last few years.

    Dearest Pauline Sim and Freddie

    I want to personally write a special Thank You note to both of you for your kindness, support and encouragements in times of my challenging circumstances :cry: for the past few years.

    Your going out of the way to drive me to join you all for the line dance. Picking me up right from my doorstep to all the many events that followed. This act of human kindness has helped me a lot, you showed so much care and love :heart: and as a result I can laugh despite going through tough times during the separation and subsequently a divorce at this age. :(

    It may not seem a big deal to you, and I want you to know, it means a lot to me!
    It does have a great positive impact to someone who was lost in transition. :cry: The time that I was in need for light and you and Freddie have been a beacon of light :angel: for me to find a way out of the dark tunnel. :cry:

    That had a ripple effect for I was able to go home after each outing, with smiles :) and some positivities to my children who went through thick and thin with me. I often sang songs of praise :clap: to my children about you and the ‘silk road’ ladies, who are like sisters to me, to whom I treasure :hug: as well.

    I am still very touched by your compassion, love :heart: and concern each time we meet.

    I truly appreciate :bow: and thank you and Freddie very very much:)

    With Love :heart: and Gratitude always
    Dolly Yeo

  • ASLO

    Fellow PErs how are you….already day 9 of this amazing challenge and am already feeling so upbeat and positive….

    So for today’s task, I decided to write a letter to my prince charming, my son :)…At 17, he is the pillar of my life….I am grateful for his sage advice, his sound-words, his amazing listening ability, his helping hand, his cooking skills ;), his manly hugs, his caring anger and his magical support……my meager command of English cannot come up with the adjectives he colors my life with…..

    He came in my life after loads of prayers, I still remember him not allowing me to pick up dinner dishes when I got pregnant again when he was just 3 years old :heart: ….Ever since I decided to walk on this path of Personal Excellence, Self Help and Spirituality he has been that glowing light who has stood right along side me, chosen the right books for me, downloaded the right resources for me, selected the right apps for me, tugged me forward when I lost hope and chided me on when I couldn’t get more wrong……

    I’ve tried to put all this in my letter and I know my lil critic wouldn’t fail to notice an odd grammatical error or a misspelled word….but oh how I glow in that moment of criticism, as his input would always be for my benefit….

    Few are lucky enough to have such a towering (oh he is much taller than me), handsome and loving son…..

    • Bette

      Beautiful entry, this comment ASLO…thank you for your wise and loving words… :heart: very inspiring!
      I have been catching up on the past days’ tasks…I was away for a long weekend on a spiritual retreat. SO happy to see your comment here. I think I have just completed all the days at this point, YAY! What a great challenge. I feel grateful.

  • Hetal_S

    I didn’t write letter however told my best friend face to face for all the differences he has made in my life.

    He jokingly said he is sorry to hear that he only made differences and no addition :)

    And I replied, yes subtraction of sorrows :rolleyes:

    • Celes

      Haha your friend’s reaction was funny! Thanks so much for sharing Hetal! :D

      • Hetal_S

        Good-humor makes all things tolerable. :D

  • Fufu

    I decided to write my letter to my best friend J. I sent her the letter via e-mail. In my letter I expressed my appreciation on how she made a difference in my life like for example:

    -Being a listening ear
    -Accepting me for who I am
    -I thanked her for being her and for being the little sister I never had

    and many more personal things. :) When I send the letter I honestly thought she wouldn’t like it or would feel bothered but when she replied she said she had no idea she had influenced my life in such a way and that I made her smile with the letter and made her day.


    Once again my theory is proved! :D It’s the little things that matters and you never know how somebody may react. I thought she wouldn’t like it but she was totally touched by the letter. It just goes to show how little things like this can make a big difference in somebodies life. :)

  • hendro

    Another meaningful kindness movement challenge task. I wrote an electronic letter to one of the trainer who guided me for one course. I will start working at a company which the job is related with that course. This course is part of diploma in marketing modules. I will continue taking the 2 other modules while working next year. Appreciate for the trainer effort and I hope I will be to achieve to get a diploma in marketing by next year. Thanks.

    • Celes

      That is so beautiful that you make the effort to write a letter to your trainer. Most participants will just take their help as a given because they have been paid to do their work anyway. As a trainer myself, I think it’s so sweet that you are doing that. Thanks so much Hendro for your thoughtfulness. :D

  • Netta

    I really enjoy this challenge and I much prefer to write handwritten letters opposed to email and things of that nature. To me, handwriting gives it a personal feel to the words. I may post a photo of part of my letter in the comments sections.

    • Netta

      I chose a close friend that has made a huge difference in my life and I don’t think he is even aware he has. We have been out of touch lately and things get so hectic in life so I can’t reach him by phone.
      I described to him in the letter how important he was to me and how he’s made positive changes in my life. I also used the time to apologize for losing touch with him. I noted all the qualities in him that I value as a friend. I also shared some positive things that have been happening in my life due to talks with him.
      I guess I am old fashion because my letter to him was handwritten. To me taking the time to hand write it may mean a little more. I think with all the technology that sometimes people forget that even something as simple as handwriting a letter out instead of typing it, can mean a lot to someone.
      I am not sure how he will react to receiving this letter or hearing from me but it made me feel better inside. Hopefully it will him also. I have it stamped and ready to mail first thing in the morning. :heart:

    • Fufu

      I agree with handwritten letters being more special than e-mail ones! :) If it were for me I’d make each card I’d send people made by myself but all of my closest friends are people I see once or twice a year and wouldn’t be open for me to send them mail.

  • Elton

    I have send a handwritten letter to ex president of Singapore, sir s.r nathan, as i heard his points of How he is continuing the caring Society in Singapore during his speech the other day and today. I am not Sure Whats his final response is, but sending the letter to him personally affirms the value of kindness challenge.

  • Robin

    I haven’t written my letter yet. I’m hoping to get caught up tomorrow. Lots of unexpected plans tonight, but all of them good. The challenge definitely has me thinking more about the little RAOK we can all do. I left money at the car wash on Tuesday so the person after me could have a free wash.

    • Celes

      Hi Robin! :hug: Aw that’s really great that the challenge has got you thinking about little RAOK. :hug: To be honest, it has for me as well. I realize these RAOK (be it picking up litter or giving up a seat) are all things we can do every day, if we really want to. It’s all about making kindness one of our priorities in our lives, then acting on it.

      • Michael

        I can’t agree more! I continued picking up litter here and have always been giving up seats to elderly. I really like your ‘leaving money at the car wash” one. Reminds me of a PostSecret note where the person paid for an unhappy elderly couple’s dinner to brighten up their day! There’s so much opportunities within us to make the world around us happier & better!

  • Waheeba

    Hi Celes,

    This is me here, Waheeba! Hope you are well.

    Since we are the 14-days of kindness challenging, I would like to thank you for your great blog and sharing your life story with all. You cannot imagine how much your blog makes big change and difference in my life. That time; I was depressed and many questions in my mind about the purpose and the meaning of my life. I was confused and doubt about everything around me until I found your beautiful blog and your stories inside even pictures for your room. It inspired me and I enjoyed reading all that. Really, thank you, Celes.

    Best regards,

    • Celes

      Thank you so much for your kind words Waheeba! :D (I assume you are writing this as part of the letter task for Day 9?) I’m so glad that my sharing on PE has made a difference in your life and I hope you will continue to read the site and perhaps share it with a friend or two, to spread the love forward. I also hope that you will (continue to) take to action the various things you read on PE and continue to be the best person you are meant to be. :D

  • Qin Tang

    The one person who has made the biggest difference in my life was my high school teacher Mr. Sheng. He was my English teacher for only one year when I was a senior, yet his influence and impact on my life are profound and more than I can describe in words.

    Mr. Sheng is in Heaven now with the Lord. While he was still alive, I told him several time in letters how thankful I was for him. I appreciated what he did for me. He is the most humble and selfless person I have met in my life. By living a Christ-like life, he showed me what love is and what real Christianity is.

    I often think of Mr. Sheng, even though he is gone for many years. He is still my #1 hero and my inspiration. One of my goals in life is to honor and carry on the legacy he left behind.

    Here is an article I wrote about him a few years ago – Remembering my favorite teacher

    I wrote a letter to him, I can’t email it or send it to him in Heaven, but I will keep it in my heart and share it with him when I meet him again in Heaven someday.

    I also plan to write one or two more letters to people still alive who have made a difference in my life.

    • Celes

      Hey Qin Tang. I think it’s so beautiful that you proceeded to write the letter to him despite the fact that he has passed on. It shows that he truly has a very special place in your heart and how seriously you are taking the kindness challenge (which is exemplary behavior to all of us here doing KC!). Thank you so much for sharing. :hug:

  • Miss Elf


    Celes, this is for you. Since a friend of mine send me a link about bucket list: , my life is not the same. There are a lot more things going on since I wrote my own bucket list. Writing my bucket list made me realize what are the things I want to achieve/have/experience in life – from the smallest (like dancing in the rain) to the biggest (my purpose). After reading article about bucket list I couldn’t stop reading all other articles on PE. I was overwhelmed by the simplicity and wisdom they carry. I was and still am so excited. They are a combination of theory and practice – they gave me practical tools how to use the theory in everyday life. A milestone in my perception of other people was an article about social anxiety: I got a great AHA moment :) Today I feel so much closer to people than just a few months ago. An absolutely amazing experience was 30 days to live a better life: I became more focused on things that really matter to me and I went in ACTION. I realized where I am, where can I go and most importantly how can I go. I can see a big picture – I can see where small and persistent steps can take me.

    Celes thank you so so so so much for the difference you made (and you are still making) in my life. You are helping me to discover my true self, to be true and genuine – that is what I have been searching for :love: Imagine how I am hugging you right now :) :hug: :hug: :hug:

    • Celes

      Miss Elf!!! Thank you so, so much for your kind words. :hug: :hug: You guys are such darlings with your appreciation. I do not do any of my work for your appreciation so the fact that you guys bother to share such words with me means the world to me. Thank you for reading the site and thank you for taking action on what you read. Because ultimately I can write and “preach” but if you never take action, nothing will ever happen. You are the reason for who you are today! I’m really so proud of (all of) you.

      Thanks Miss Elf, and please keep reading PE. I’ll keep sharing my mind, heart, and soul with all of you. :heart:

      Much Love,

  • JadePenguin

    Sharing from Facebook :)

    Hi Celes,

    I initially thought of skipping the task for Day 9, as many people who have made a difference are in Estonia and not reachable at the moment. And in some cases, it would be repeating what they have already heard many times before. However, I realised I haven’t really told you how much of a difference *you* have made for me.

    I found your blog while dealing with a very bad breakup, so a great time to rethink my life and change things. I got so many new ideas for the future, I got inspired to become a better person. It still took a long time to fully commit to living my best life and many bad times were still ahead. I lost contact with PE for a while. But then I found it again and have never looked back.

    I’ve taken part in many of the challenges. I love making little tweaks in life and always finding some way to improve. I particularly enjoyed 21DHL in January – it was so great to work alongside other people doing the same tasks, facing their own challenges. I love knowing that there are other kind souls in the world who are passionate about life and making the best of it. I’ve sometimes felt quite alone in that and seeing most people simply drift wherever the wind takes them…Hearing excuses like “that’s just the way I am” as if there were things one would have to live with whether they like it or not.

    I love how you have shown that this is not the case, that we can even overcome something like anger, which many people think is completely natural. How you believe that there is always a reason, a root cause for everything, even if it is something from childhood and well hidden. I have had similar thoughts about some aspects of myself but now I see that if there’s something I don’t like about myself, I CAN change :) I don’t have to be a shy and insecure person, I can be sociable, assertive, confident. I don’t have to hide myself away from people – I can trust them, I can share my inner self with them and not fear their judgment or apathy. Even if I don’t click well with someone, it’s okay! It doesn’t say anything about me and there will always be other people on the land. And most importantly of all, I don’t need anyone’s approval but my own. I’m wonderful no matter what anyone else says :)

    I also admire how you can always find the kindest words for everyone. You read many comments from people who are still dealing with their own issues and you’re always so encouraging! I’ve had my own doubts and sometimes fears but you never judge me and try to see the best side of things. I think you’re a great guide for everyone on PE and probably the most inspirational person for me.

    Thank you for being there and always reminding me that everything is possible! :)

    • Celes

      And here was my response to Jade from my Facebook page! :D Thanks Jade for this wonderful letter again!


      Awww Mel/Jade, seriously? You almost brought a tear to my eye reading your letter. :( *hugs* Thank YOU so much for your wonderful, wonderful, letter. I’m totally going to save this as one of the memorable letters I’ve ever received.

      I did notice that you “disappeared” from PE for a while, but I thought perhaps you were busy with life or you were reading but not commenting. It’s fine if you got away from the site (Fufu, another reader, also mentioned to me that she stopped checking PE for a while); the most important thing is that you guys continue to focus on your growth on your own. I know that the material on PE may not always be relevant for everyone though I do try to make it so; my objective isn’t to make everyone read it 24/7 but to inspire or help others in their growth in life, even in the tiniest of ways, and to get them moving to live their best lives. If they do just that from reading the site just once, then I can’t be more grateful.

  • Angela Brent-Harris

    I actually wrote a letter to my old principal who made such an impact on my life. He gave me the opportunity to teach and I thanked him for helping me to become a star polisher everyday for my students and to be a difference maker. I thanked him for all the knowlede that he gave me to be an incredible teacher. I told him that his shoes were hard to fill and that he left footprints on my heart by who he was and by his exemplary manner. :mrgreen:

  • Dolly Yeo

    This is the reply from a letter i wrote to two of the many angels in my life, after they knew I was separated from my spouse and subsequently divorced at the age of 58 :cry: . Without them, I am quite sure I would have gone into depression and become a liability to our nation. Dolly Yeo :heart: Because of these people and Celes, your PE platform which provides loads of your own ups and downs and how to get out of problems to solutions. Thank you very much :heart:

    Hi Dolly

    When I read your email I was very touched and almost in tears.Thank you for thinking so great about us. I was thinking what made you write so emotionally, sometimes we just want to tell someone what’s in us especially when we are in low spirit. I always tell Freddie that you are a very strong, tolerant and courageous woman, you are able to move on your own path all on your own at this age, no looking back.

    During the Bandung trip our pastor gave a talk on friendship… what is friendship .. one who is willing to go an extra mile to make another feel he or she is not isolated, to walk out of isolation. We always bear in mind the second greatest commandment of the Ten Commandment law is” to love your neighbor as yourself”. Our human nature is always weak but we can also lift others up if that is within our means, hi we will see each other tomorrow and have fun. I will take MRT to Orchard.

    By the way when are you shifting, we can help you to transport your barang barang …. just let me know, we have cars available.


    • Dolly Yeo

      Today I celebrated Pauline’s birthday and told her that I am in the ‘Kindness Challenge’ initiated by you Celes and told her that I am learning from a 28 years old young lady who is very successful and knows her values.

      It is in Pauline’s nature to help people :hug: I told her that not everyone is like her, she is rich, humble, sensible, kind, compassionate, caring. She said her belief is to be able to give than receive.

      I managed to meet three more angels :angel: in my life on Nov 10 Saturday and instead of writing, I verbally complimented them and acknowledged specifically what they did for me, including me into their events, making sure I have transport, going home with a full meal and even buy extra food for my children.

      I told them that these act of kindness, love, care and concern has lifted me up in many ways especially during the times that I have to move house 5 times. Living in uncertainty and insecurity :( Their kindness has a great impact and made a difference in my life as well as my childrens’.

  • Bette

    Celes, you and your PE site has led me into the most interesting and revealing territories that I would not have experienced had you not been here in this wonderful space creating all kinds of wonderment for me to discover! :heart: :D

    Thank you for your dedication to Personal Excellence, both your own and to those of us out here in the heart of cyberspace. :heart: :bow:

    Everything is connected…everyone is connected…and we all learn so much from eachother, and you are making that more possible in beautiful and sublime and practical ways every single day in so many many ways..

    May the world continue to grow ever more expansive in its ability and desire to express more love and more excellence in the best and highest ways! :D :heart:

    Much Love All Ways Always
    :heart: :hug: :heart: