What If You Can Live a Better Life in Just 30 Days?

Introducing my life-coaching program to transform your life in just 30 days

30DLBL Guidebook (Large)

Life changing’ would be the short version. As far as personal development goes, this was explosive.

It’s one month of self-learning, self-discovery, and self-realization. In these 30 days, I have discovered and rediscovered myself on a new level.  

I have achieved so much that I never dreamed of doing. I got a promotion and moved to a new city. I even made a few new friends by finding the courage to reach out to them myself, something I would never have been able to do before

This experience was the most rewarding thing I ever done and its results overcame all my expectations. THANK YOU.

Profile Picture: Celestine ChuaHi! I'm Celestine Chua, founder of Personal Excellence and creator of 30DLBL. 30DLBL is my 30-day program with my best tools to transform your life in just one month. Read on!

“ Don’t put off living to next week, next month, next year or next decade. The only time you’re ever living is now. ” – Celestine Chua

30DLBL Guidebook (Small)Live a Better Life in 30 Days™ (30DLBL) is an intensive program to live a better life in just 30 days. Known as "personal growth on steroids," 30DLBL is a structured life-coaching program with 30 high-impact tasks to be done one per day and will change your life by the end of the month!

By the end of the program, you will emerge with renewed clarity and a powerful foundation to soar in life. Many users see results in the first few days! Past participants have dubbed it as an instant life changer!

What's more, 30DLBL has unlimited re-do value — I have designed the tasks to be timeless. This means you can do 30DLBL again and again and achieve new breakthroughs each time!

Participant Kimberly Vogel

 Hi Celes! Since taking 30DLBL, I have achieved so much that I never dreamed of doing. I got a promotion and moved to a new city. I even made a few new friends by finding the courage to reach out to them myself, something I would never have been able to do before

– Kimberly, Canada

Here's What You Will Get

30DLBL Guidebook and Workbook

  • A structured life-coaching program, done at your own pace. 30 daily tasks to reflect, plan, set goals, and create your best life.
  • 340-page guidebook to guide you every step of the way
  • 94-page, printable workbook, with templates for all the daily tasks and reflection logs to write down your findings for each day
  • Timeless tasks you can do again and again with new results each time
  • Powerful 30-day program to jump-start your growth and change your life forever!
Participant Kate Britt

 30DLBL was a personal success. 30 days of intense self-work made me look back over my 61 years and reflect upon how I’ve been doing with my mission, goals, plans, and dreams. The assignments helped me review and re-address some things I haven’t thought about for a long while. Everyone is very lucky to have this condensed life information in one place! Celes is wise beyond her years. Everything she offers are absolutely success-oriented methods of growth and self-enhancement. 

– Kate B, Canada


  • You wish to jump start your life, or you are doing well but wish to move your life to the next level
  • You see the value of approaching your growth in a structured manner vs. haphazardly working on random topics in random articles, books and videos
  • You believe in investing in the best, a program designed by an experienced life coach who has coached tens of thousands of people around the world
  • You want to work on tried-and-proven concepts that have impacted people of all ages and walks of life
Participant Steve

Hi Celes, thank you for this amazing 30-day journey to a better life. I did the program to nearly 90% and the results are fantastic. I started the qualification I wanted to do for many years, made a plan for my fitness, and helped a young person find his way in life. For June I plan to do this with my wife.

– Steve, Munich

Participant Charles Cave

 The captain of a ship needs a good map and navigation equipment to reach his destination. In a similar way, 30DLBL is a program for understanding ourselves, discovering our strengths and weaknesses, and constructing an action plan to achieve our optimum, ideal life.

Since 30DLBL, I am pleased to share that I have been exercising my writing habit. The tasks on relationships were most enlightening as I learned about myself through my relationship with others. My vision board is on my computer reminding me of my ideal life. Celes, thank you for your time, energy and passion. 🙂

– Charles C, Sydney

A Sneak Peek...

Here's a preview of what you'll get when you get the program:

30DLBL Guidebook

Comprehensive 30DLBL Guidebook to guide you through your 30DLBL journey. You'll get access to this PDF guidebook right after making payment.

30DLBL Guidebook: Introduction to 30DLBL

A sneak peek at what you'll find inside

30DLBL Guidebook: What to Expect

In the introduction, you'll get the briefing on 30DLBL, what to expect, and tips to get the best out of your journey.

30DLBL Workbook: My 30DLBL Overview Sheet

30DLBL isn't just about reading but doing. With your purchase, you will get a 30DLBL Workbook with worksheets and daily reflection logs to jot down your findings and thoughts. This is the Workbook overview sheet for you to keep track of your 30DLBL tasks.

30DLBL Guidebook: The Life Wheel

The life wheel brings instant awareness to how you are doing in your life right now. I do this with my coaching clients and it never fails to create ahas. Are you living the life that you want? You will know in just 10 minutes.

30DLBL Workbook: Life Wheel

Activity sheets. The daily task questions will get you to reflect deeply on your life, after which you will journal your answers in the Workbook.

30DLBL Guidebook: My Ideal Life

What is your ideal life? What would you do if nothing is impossible? You will visualize your ideal life on Day 2, and subsequently break it down into yearly goals and a plan to achieve it.

30DLBL Guidebook: Empowering and Disempowering Routines

What kind of routines do you live by every day? Do they empower or drain you? On Day 9, you will evaluate your routines and create your routine to get the best energy every day.

30DLBL Guidebook: Get Advice from Your Future Self

In one of the tasks, you will be talking to a very special person and getting advice from him/her. This person is your future self and he/she will have lots of invaluable advice for you in your growth journey ahead!

30DLBL Workbook: Values Assessment

On Day 15, you will identify your 5 core values and assess how well you have been living true to them, before identifying next steps to embody them to the fullest.

30DLBL Guidebook: Life Purpose

What is your life purpose? Our life purpose is the very point where conscious living begins. On Day 16, you will work on uncovering your life purpose. Discovering your life purpose isn't meant to be a one-day affair — rather, this task is meant to get you started on this process.

30DLBL Guidebook: Create Life Handbook

Do you have a life handbook? A life handbook is a concept I created which refers to your manual to live your best life. It should comprise of your life purpose, values, life goals, action plans, and many more. In 30DLBL, you will work on creating your life handbook!

30DLBL Guidebook: Network

30DLBL Workbook: My Success Network of 5

Do you know who you are the average of who you are with? This is why it's important to have your success network. On Day 19, you will create your success network comprising the 5 best people to inspire you to greatness. This is one of the 30 timeless tasks that you'll get in the 30DLBL program.

30DLBL Guidebook: Cultivating Habits

Do you have any habits you want to fix? Any good habits that you want to cultivate? Aristotle said it best: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." To achieve excellence, cultivate excellent habits. On Day 23, that's what you'll be doing.

30DLBL Guidebook: Comfort Zone

What's your comfort zone like? The size of your comfort zone is a good indication of your pending success in life. Stay within your comfort zone and you will never grow. Expand it and you will grow successful quickly. On Day 24, you will expand your comfort zone.

30DLBL logo

Live a better life in just 30 days!

Participant Lottie

 In these 30 days, my Life Wheel came out so much better than I had expected. I now score my self-image a 10 instead of a 7. This is because I deserve the maximum amount of praise and love available.

Looking back at all the tasks covered, I'm amazed at how much work I have done. Celes, you have given me a set of incredibly powerful tools to use over and over again and I am very grateful. What I want to do now is to integrate, consolidate, and put into practice all I have learned. 

– Lottie, UK

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is 30DLBL a physical or digital product?

Digital. The program is administered via a 340-page guidebook and a 94-page printable workbook. You will download the materials right after payment.

Q. Is there any coaching support?

30DLBL is a self-guided program to be done in your own space and time. I created this as a "starter kit" so everyone can benefit from a structured life coaching experience, even if they may not afford a life coach. There is no coaching support, which is why the program can be priced at only $39.95.

I have designed the program to be very easy to follow, where it's me directly "speaking" to you through the daily tasks. Each day's task has a designated chapter. The workbook has detailed templates to write down your answers and reflection. Simply show up and let the program take you forward!

Q. I am [X] years old, [working/studying], etc. Will 30DLBL be suitable for me?

30DLBL is a system for all individuals in their growth, of all ages, walks of life. You will find a system of tasks to take you to your next level in life, and these tasks apply whether you're 20, 30, 40, 50, or older. This is why 30DLBL is a timeless program, and your investment will pay back in spades every time you do the program.

Q. I see that you have another 30-day program. What's the difference?

30BBM is Be a Better Me in 30 Days Program. The programs are entirely different, covering different things. 30DLBL tasks are focused on your life and goals, whereas with 30BBM tasks are your inner self and character. More about 30BBM here.

Q. Does it matter if I haven't done 30BBM yet?

Not at all! The programs are completely standalone. You can do 30DLBL without doing 30BBM first.

Q. Is it enough for me to do just one program?

Both 30DLBL and 30BBM are completely different in themes and tasks. Doing both will yield synergy and create greater impact than just doing one.

Q. Which program should I do first?

If you have no preference, I recommend 30DLBL first. It tackles the core foundations of living a better life, so that when you dive into other areas of self-development later on, you have a solid base to build your results.

On the other hand, if you are more interested to work on your character traits and inner self, then 30BBM is for you. You can do 30DLBL after finishing 30BBM.

Q. Is there a money-back guarantee?

As this is a digital product that you download right after purchase, there is no money-back policy. Being in the online space for 20 years, I'm here to deliver great quality products that will change your life. I recommend to read the testimonials which are based on real user experiences, and check out the screenshots and information above. Additionally, here is a short preview PDF of the guidebook, featuring 20 random pages of the 30DLBL guidebook.

Q. What if I have another question?

Check out my Support FAQs page where you can see answers to other questions, and contact us there!

Participant Ken K

 Thank you so much Celes for this program. Looking at my life before and where I want it to be, there are things that have moved up already.

Health/Fitness: I was a 6 and now a 7/10. I have lost more weight; I started at 195lbs and I'm now 189.2lbs. I have three pairs of shorts I can no longer wear. Self-Image: I know what I need to do, and I will not give up. To have a photo taken was one of the tasks I picked on Day 24. I have scheduled the appointment for a professional portrait. There is no backing out now.

I feel better about myself every day. I'm inching closer to my weight goal. I have already purged my closet of items that are too big to wear. My best friend was right. I can't let the month just slip away. Everything happens for a reason. And working on 30DLBL, all of these, has helped me get through this final chapter of my book. 

– Ken K, United States

Participant Andy Saputra

30DLBL gave me the chance to organize my life and re-recognize myself. From 30DLBL, I learned that to live life to the fullest, you need to know your life purpose and values, before making so many plans and goals. It’s quite the same as in a company: you need to set your vision, mission, values and set goals to achieve the vision. In other words, through 30DLBL, you become the CEO of your life, one who controls everything in your life. 😀 

— Andy S, Indonesia

Participant Olasha

What a ride. I can say that in just 30 days I can now live a better life. I am coming out of my shell and getting in touch with my brilliance. It was a place I knew I wanted to go, but this month has given me all the gifts to practice it.

In the past month, there have been improvements in my Career, Contribution, Family, Self-Image. I found excellent mentors and got an internship with a great company. I have set myself up with an organization to volunteer once a week. I am appreciating my family more and weeding out exhausting habits. I am addressing the old stories that have held me back. I am growing so much this month — more than I have felt in my life.

Thank you Celes, for this 30-day program. It is really incredible, and I am extremely grateful. 

– Olasha, Canada

Live a Better Life in 30 Days!

30DLBL Guidebook and Workbook

  • 340-page guidebook with 30 tasks on life transformation
  • 94-page workbook with daily templates and reflection logs
  • 30 Days, 30 Tasks — tackling different aspects of your personal growth and to elevate your life to the next level
  • Timeless system that you can do over and over again every year, with new breakthroughs each time
  • Live a better life in just 30 days with this in-depth, self-coaching program

Through 30DLBL, you'll get access to some of my best tools I use in my 1-1 coaching. Experience structured life coaching in this in-depth 30-day program. Transform your life in the next 30 days!

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