Gratitude Challenge Day 5: Identify 3 Things to Appreciate about Your Adversary

This is Day 5 of the 14-Day Gratitude Challenge where hundreds of participants around the world gathered to practice gratitude for 14 days. This challenge was conducted in Aug 2013 and is now over–however, you can still do the tasks in your own time! Visit the overview page for all Gratitude Challenge tasks and posts.

Gratitude Challenge

 Hey everyone, welcome to Day 5 of our 14-day gratitude challenge! :D Let’s get started, shall we?

Day 5: Adversary


Adversary, n. – a person, group, or force that opposes or attacks; opponent; enemy; foe.

Adversaries. Do you have one?

An adversary is anyone who is an opposing force to you in life.

In the area of friendship, perhaps it’s that “friend” who seems to have the nastiest things to say to you.

In your family, perhaps it’s a parent, sibling, or relative who naysays everything you want to do.

In romantic relationships, it may be that ex whom you had such a terrible, on-again, off-again relationship for the longest time and was only able to get out of after much struggle. It might be your husband/wife/partner who did you wrong and caused your failed marriage/relationship.

In the area of work, it may be a colleague or your manager who is making things hard for you in your job.

In business, it might be your arch-competitor who seems to be ahead of you in every way and making it difficult for you to succeed.

And in terms of transient encounters, perhaps it’s the rude woman whom you met at the metro last week, who pushed you and didn’t even say sorry. It may even be the waiter who was unbelievably rude even though you were expecting good service.

Adversaries exist in all areas of our lives, be it in relationships, work, business, or just day-to-day living. I can think of many people who were opposing to me in different phases in life.

When I was in primary school, I had this good friend who turned out to have badmouthed me in the later years of our friendship–a common friend told me and I distanced myself from her thereafter. In secondary school and junior colleges, I had schoolmates who were highly competitive with me in the area of academics. In my corporate career, I had a colleague who was very competitive and would take my ideas for her campaigns every here and there. In relationships, I had this fairly recent toxic pseudo-friendship which burned me for a while before I finally cut the person off. Then in my business, there are more blogs today than ever in the online landscape which makes it harder to gain the web surfer’s attention and expand your web presence.

While most of us celebrate our positive relationships, adversaries serve a role in our life too, even though this role may not be apparent on first sight. Just as natural dualities like light and dark, hot and cold, fire and water, life and death, female and male, and north and south (poles) exist as complementary rather than opposing forces, adversaries exist in our life as a complementary force to personal growth and success too. (Think Charles Xavier and Magneto in X-men, or Bruce Willis’ and Samuel L. Jackson’s characters in the movie Unbreakable.)

Whoever your adversaries are, they is/are there for a purpose–be it to help us to learn, grow, and/or succeed in life. The ability to appreciate your adversaries is crucial to a life of flow, oneness, and success.

Today, your task is to appreciate your adversary!

Your Task: Identify 3 Things to Appreciate about Your Adversary

  1. Think of at least one person who used to be/is an opposing force in your life today. This person can be a childhood-friend-turned-enemy, a friend/social contact you secretly dislike, a family member, an ex-lover, a workplace colleague, business competitor, an acquaintance you dislike, etc. If you can think of more, even better!
  2. Identify 3 things to appreciate about this person. For example, if I think about a business acquaintance whom I’m not a fan of due to his unauthenticity, I realized 3 things to appreciate are: (a) He is highly successful in his domain, which is by no means due to luck, (b) He is highly opportunistic, and (c) He is diligent and family-centered, which are good values. These three things are all things I can learn from.
  3. Share your reflections in the comments section!

Daily Journaling: Write 3 Things You Are Grateful for Today

On top of today’s task, identify 3 things you are grateful for today. These 3 things can be events that occurred today, mishaps which could have happened but didn’t happen, or simply things which have always been in your life but which you suddenly came to feel grateful for today.

3 things I’m grateful for today:

  1. Was miraculously able to flag down a cab this evening which helped me and Ken to make it in time for our second engagement shoot! If we didn’t get the cab, our photographers would probably have left having waited for us in vain, especially since this was our first meetup.
  2. Encountered a really rude Italian waiter at this restaurant, Bar Napoli, which made me appreciate the great and polite servers I’ve encounter before!
  3. The huge sink and mirror in the kitchen (not sure why there is a mirror there) of the rented apartment I’m staying in Edinburgh right now. Makes for easy face washing! (The smallness of the bathroom makes it near-impossible to wash up there.)

Plus one more!

  1. The awesomeness of my Edinburgh engagement photographers. Joanna is an absolute sweetheart and such a people person–she really does her best to understand your needs and executes them wherever possible. Look forward to writing about her in more detail when the engagement shots are out!

Share Your Results!

Who is the “adversary” you have identified?

What are 3 things to appreciate about him/her?

What are 3 things you are grateful for today?

Please share in the comments section! :)

Once you’re done, proceed to Gratitude Challenge Day 6: Give Thanks for Your Life.

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  • Sowmyatta Bhardwaj

    I’m not going to mention what the adversary is, but I can say that if I hadn’t encountered it I’d have never learnt all the lessons it brought along. It’s been my greatest teacher and I look at it as grace! It made me a better person

    • Ffion

      Sounds like my last relationship ;) I had the same feelings about it later along the way when I’d finally manage to end it.

      Glad you turned adversary into such a positive thing.

      • Sowmyatta Bhardwaj

        Oh relatioships.. when they’re good they are so good, but when they’re bad, they are hard!
        I am glad you’re over it. Now you know what you don’t want and that takes you closer to what you really want :)

        • Ffion

          Definitely :) I’m in a really great relationship right now and can really appreciate it as I know how bad it can be :)

          • Sowmyatta Bhardwaj

            Wonderful! Be grateful for love and you will get more <3

  • Shiroh

    Of adversaries, i have had so many that i could just sit here and write all day. But, i remember a particular lady in college who hurt me so badly and probably affected my friendships forever. She was my best friend (or so i assumed) and we would talk about everything in the sun and shared so much. It was when she turned against me and led to my alienation with our mutual friends, a lesson that haunts me till today. I learnt not to trust people easily and i am still very cautious when forming friendships. Also, i learnt not to bad mouth people just because i am doing it with a close friend of mine.

  • Ffion

    To be honest, I don’t really consider myself to currently have any adversary as such (except my own thoughts on occasion…).

    I’ve settled for describing the most recent really difficult person in my life, and the person I’m most jealous of.

    Person 1 (my old boss)
    1) Appreciation for the fact that I have a better life and am a better person than her. How someone can be so smallminded and bitter is beyond me, and I’m glad of it.

    2) Appreciation for the good employers/bosses/clients in my life.

    3) Gratitude that that job is over, it served me well when I had it, but I never have to see that place or person again if I so choose.

    4) Major props to my ability to not give a fuck.

    5) Improving my ability to deal with difficult people.

    6) The flexibility she generally allowed me at work.

    7) She did buy me ice-cream once.

    8) I have some funny stories to tell about bat-shit bosses and work-places.

    Person 2 (An artist/designer I’m occasionally very jealous about)

    1) Is doing what he loves and wants to do, something I deeply admire

    2) Is constantly improving his skills through practice of his craft

    3) Has a distinct style

    4) Is putting himself out there, going for what he loves

    5) Is doing the work

    6) Is true to himself

    I consider this person something of a rival, though he isn’t really and I never actually see him in person.

    I realise and accept the fact that I am jealous of him because he appears to be doing precisely what I wish I could be doing, whereas I’m holding back/struggling. I say appears, because I’m aware it may not be the whole story. As far as I know he has another job, so he’s not even doing it full time.
    There may be hardships I do not know about, so I try to keep that in perspective.

    However I am still beset by bouts of jealousy when I see some of his recent work, a new exhibition, and it stings. I know the problem lies within myself and the fact that I’m not yet where I would like to be, and I try to remember that. However, I also deeply deeply admire this person, though I remember him as a jerk and a twit, for doing what he loves, and doing well at it. Hats off to that. He’s doing something right in life. (Although I’m told he’s still a twit ;) )

    Three things I’m grateful for today:

    1) Some money coming in
    2) Meeting with a potential new client
    3) Found some new online tutorials to help me with a current project
    4) Full freedom on a new project

    • Susan

      Kudos to you for facing down your jealousy. I had issues with jealousy as well, in my younger years. Today I turn jealousy to admiration, and then take the next step, which is to identify what it is about that person that I want for myself. Then I proceed to make that a goal and work toward it. This is a gift. Many people do not know what they want. If you can use jealousy to identify what you want, you are one step closer to getting it. Thanks for the gentle reminder!

      • Ffion

        Thank you very much!

        Yes, my thoughts exactly! Jealousy for me marks something that they have that I desperately want. I’m trying to not direct the jealousy at a person anymore, but like you, try and figure out what it is they have that I want and then consider how I can get it.

        Thank you for your kind comment! It means a lot to me!

        • Celestine Chua

          “I’m trying to not direct the jealousy at a person anymore, but like you, try and figure out what it is they have that I want and then consider how I can get it.”

          Very well said, Ffion!! :) Couldn’t agree more with that! More for those who experience jealousy and/or comparison behavior regularly:

          • Ffion

            Thanks Celes!

  • Annette Hatley

    There were men in my life who were not adversaries, but they caused irreparable damage. In my younger years, I had been in two abusive relationships: one physical, the other mental. Three things I learned from these experiences:

    1. If a person does not show me the respect I believe I deserve, then I will walk away from the relationship.
    2. The adage is correct: “Actions speak louder than words.” Don’t disallow the actions only because the words are pretty.
    3. I must respect myself before someone else can respect me. No more “doormat” syndrome.

    Also, I believe you posted this quote, Celes. I now have it prominently displayed at work and at home. “Never Make Someone a Priority When All You are to Them is an Option.” ~ Maya Angelou.

    Three things I am grateful for today:
    1. My walk to work. Granted, I have to drive 15 minutes to the metro and then take two trains that take an hour, but the last leg is a 15-minute walk in a beautiful part of the city with trees and foliage.
    2. My daily crossword puzzles. Try to complete two a day.
    3. Watching people walk their dogs. I see the same people every day and it’s wonderful to watch the dedication the owners have to their pets. Some let the dog walk without a leash, others ride a bike, some jog. The dog always looks happy.

    • Madalina Sraier

      Love that quote by Maya. Actually, Maya Angelou is a woman full of wisdom, I absolutely love a lot of the things she has said.

    • sunshinegirl

      love the quote! :) thanks for sharing.

    • Farnam

      A really nice quote.

    • Anusooya Gosai

      I think with time, that saying becomes an eye opener. I can totally relate to that.

  • Madalina Sraier

    I think adversary is a bit too much, I mean it’s a strong word. But there have been people against who I felt I had to fight in order to “rise”, to be what it was expected of me to be. I’ll refer to one girl in particular, I won’t give names or descriptions though. What I admire about her: she is a thoughtful person; she is beautiful; she has good fashion taste.

    What I am grateful for today:
    1. I received the visit of a dear friend. It’s the first time that she comes to my place and we had a great time.
    2. I met a college mate whom I haven’t seen since June because she lives in a different city. It was nice seeing her and chatting for a brief moment.
    3. Today at the local library, I found a book that I’ve meant to read for a long while, now I can finally do it.
    4. Again, it was a very productive day at the NGO. I think we may finish our project way before its due date, which would be great.

  • 家梅 李

    Well, talking about the things I appreciate about my adversary…

    Who is that? He is my ex-boss. Because of him, I decided to change my job after 4 years working so nicely with my ex-colleagues. However…

    1. Because of him, I got to change to education field — my dream job. :)

    2. Because of him, I knew that I was not suitable to stay in the environment with full of politics issues. I tried hard to face the issues, but I couldn’t handle it.

    3. Because of him, I knew which level of tension I could take. I was nearly commit suicide without showing any sign to anyone. And, that was the point that I decided to change job.

    4. Because of him, I knew how good my ex-colleagues were to me. They supported me a lot. They knew that I would like to be a teacher, so one of them helped me to introduce my dream job to me.

    Yes, I should thank him. And now, he is still in my friend list in Facebook, and we are still connecting to each other. :)

    Today, the 3 things that I’m grateful for:

    1. I managed to invigilate for 2 examination sessions, which one of them was 3-hour session, and another one was 2-hour session. I was so tired with the invigilation sessions of 5 hours in total. >.< But, finally, I have gone through~ Here I left only 4 sessions of invigilation in different days, only one session each day!! Again, thank to the invigilator in charge, he helped me a lot, and he taught me some new knowledge~

    2. I have finished marking my final examination papers. Today, I passed the papers to my colleague for internal moderation of the marking. Thank her for spending her time to moderate my marking. :) She is a caring colleague and she informed me for the mistake I made in my marking before finalize the marks.

    3. In my blog, I wrote about my students, who I talked about since 2 days ago. They are really good students, and they replied to my blog~! Although I didn't receive any reply from them about my gratitude email sent to them, but their replies in my blog made my day! ^^

  • Farnam

    I chose 2 persons as my adversary, first one. my ex and the second one, my sister.

    About My ex :

    ¨1.He appreciated me for whatever I did, and always
    encouraged me for improvement.

    ¨2.He was really generous.

    ¨3.He was energetic while I was around him.

    ¨4.He was brave to take difficult responsibilities at first

    About my sis :

    ¨1.While she is having a really bad husband she is with him
    because of her commitment.

    ¨2.She talks a lot with my mum, so I am not worried that my
    mum would be left alone.

    ¨3.She is a good cook.

    4.She is really beautiful, the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen without exaggeration.

    And 3 things I am grateful for today,

    ¨My newborn Idea of a new method(the 1st ever in my country) in Olympiad field was accepted by an Institute, hura.

    ¨Maryam, my best friend,I met her, and appreciated her strength, and her honesty.

    And she is ALWAYS there for me.

    ¨Aerobics:I went to the gym twice today, I am exhausted, but I feel really fine .

    ¨My energy, I fulfilled lots of tasks today. I am proud of myself J.

  • sunshinegirl

    hmmm… this is difficult to answer, since it means admitting that we do have adversaries, and that there are people who we despise (even if it be a legitimate reason)! as you can see, from the screenshot, i wrote her name in the journal to remind me of my jealousy, but i cant bear to slander her in public!

    the question brought to mind, a female classmate at college, who really overdid the “delicate darling” act. It’s hard (if not impossible) for female engineers to be taken seriously, and her behavior back then certainly did not endear her to the 5-6 other girls in the class (of 80) who were striving to prove that we were not just brilliant academically, but also good with the hands-on labs and practical parts of the curriculum. [its easy to see that gender differences put you at a disadvantage during carpentry class, when the average female is 50 pounds and 2 inches shorter than the weakest male colleague! :( ]

    Even though I’d love to say that she did not have any endearing qualities, she actually was pretty talented. Here are the stuff that made her so successful:
    1. She never complained- seriously! I don’t think I’ve ever heard her complain or gossip about anything- no matter what.

    2. She thanked lavishly- so people were always ready to bend over backwards to help her out. This is something that I do follow now, although I have to credit that she did it in such a polished way that it never felt insincere or mere flattery.
    3. She knew she was bad at lab work, so she was always ready to ask for help. Her ego never stood in the way! This is something that I struggled with in college- as a high achiever, I felt asking for help proved me incompetent. Now, of course I know that its impossible to be good at everything- you always start from scratch before becoming an expert.
    4. Excellent networking skills- she was present at every college event, party or get-together, even if it was a week before the finals. the more ppl you know, the more people you can reach out to help.
    5. She had excellent fashion sense- she was very pretty, so with her clothes and makeup sense she looked gorgeous, always! [Still does! ] One of the main reasons I despised her then- the fact that she used her looks and charming talks to get favors, even though she was smart.

    I must also admit that I was pretty popular as well, so I took looks for granted. With hindsight, however I realize I should have paid more attention to grooming and looks. Sadly, people do judge by first appearances, so even if you are brilliant, bad grooming can cause a lot of damage! Now I am not so lax, and people from high school think I look stunning- the proverbial plain-duck-to-swan metamorphosis!

    overall, i can see that my anger stemmed from the fact, that she was successful using inappropriate methods. in fact, even as i write this i realized that i still resented the things she did, in some remote corner of my mind. thanks celes, for helping me let go! that’s the first thing i am grateful about.

    the other two would be the excellent weather (sunny yet cool) and a phone call from an old school friend. (thanks NN for reaching out!)

  • Nadine

    My adversaries over the years have taught me several things that I am grateful for:
    1. I have learned to try to understand where they are coming from by trying to “walk a mile in their moccasins”. Once I can see the reasons for their behaviour I have come to realise that it is less about me and all about them and I can let their bad behaviour, indiscretions and poor treatment go.
    2. Every time I encounter negative or poor treatment, I have tried to show empathy and compassion instead of anger and frustration. I am grateful for being shown this, it has taken time, but adversaries become less so with compassion.
    3. I have learned to get over it. The less fixated I have become on the person by letting go, the happier I am.

    • Susan

      Thank you Nadine. Your comments helped me today. I have been trying to do exactly this “show empathy and compassion and let go”, but I really struggle with it. Your words reminded me of the benefits of staying on that path.

  • Annamarika

    This was a hard one! I chose my dad. He has been dead for three years and still our bad relationship effects me. It took time but finally I came up with three things I appreciate about him. I’ll try to focus on these whenever he comes to my mind.
    1) He was never afraid or shy to talk about his achievements.
    2) He was a entrepreneur and was always on his employees side, no mattre what.
    3) If need be, he was able to manage with very little money and wasn’t too attached with material posessions.

    The three things I’m grateful today.

    1. We are having some family time just for us as my mum is out of town for couple of nights. I love having the whole house just for us :)
    2. The sun that suddenly came out after a morning of heavy rain. …just when I was feeling sorry for myself.
    3. An e-mail from my schools principal lecturer which said she tought my idea of writing my thesis (it’s about meditation in artists’ point of view) as a blog was a good idea. She also liked that the results will be told in a form of a performance. I’m happy and excited to get started!

  • Hanna

    This was an interesting task – thanks Celes.
    My ex-husband Chris…
    1. He is intelligent and funny.
    2. He has always managed on his own, despite his family being in Hastings and despite his illness.
    3. He has left me alone mostly.

    Three things I am grateful for today…
    1. I ate very healthily today – no carbs, fat or artificial sugar.
    2. I made very good progress with my article at work ;)
    3.I had a lovely chat with my friend Ruth on the phone at lunch time as I walked around the park.

  • Anusooya Gosai

    Part 1 of today’s task was a bit of a challenging one for me. I had to think carefully who I was going to write about..Hmm I decided to write about a so-called friend Bianca. We studied together at the university and only recently I have realised that may be we are not so good friends as I feel used when she asks for information etc. Anyways, the following are three things that I appreciate about her:
    1. She has a big heart and does charity work consequently.
    2. She knows how to talk to people/
    3. She is dedicated to her religion.

    3 things that I am grateful for today:
    1. The chief medical officer called me this morning to join the doctors on their ward rounds, It was educative for me as I am a young pharmacist who has just joined the workplace!
    2. My Rakesh (my husband) called me this evening and we spoke for over 30 minutes on the phone!
    3. I had hot running water this morning to shower! It was -3 degrees-the pipes could have been frozen!

  • The Maths Magpie

    I am my own worst adversary in many ways – does that count?

    • Spešl Pavrs

      I dont know :) Try to share with us why are you your worst adversary and try to share with us 3 thing you appreciate about yourself. And then we will see if that counts :)

      If that will not count, then you could reflect on your second worst adversary.

      • The Maths Magpie

        1) I don’t do moderation.
        2) I am disorganised
        3) I procrastinate

        • Spešl Pavrs

          And what are the best 3 things you appreciate about yourself?

          • The Maths Magpie

            1) I’m very loyal
            2) I like to make people laugh
            3) I have lots of energy and never do things by half!

            • The Maths Magpie

              3 things I am grateful for today:

              1) That my parents are having the boys for a few nights – it’s a win-win-win situation for everyone!

              2) That I have found a new car I like.

              3) That my son’s spots aren’t anything itchy or contagious!

            • Spešl Pavrs

              Thanks for sharing… If you feel todays task is completed, then it counts.
              Reflecting on adversary I realized I could be more friendly with opposing forces in my life (instead of opposing those opposing forces :) ) because they are not a bad thing. They, in the end, always lead to our growth. Its up to us to follow.
              Hope you boy gets well soon!

              • Celestine Chua

                Spešl Pavrs, thanks so much for being a shining light in this community! :)

                • Spešl Pavrs

                  Awh, thanks Celes :)

              • The Maths Magpie

                Thank you – hopefully the spots will disappear soon. I agree with your thoughts – Most of my opposing forces would be good if I could just moderate them :D

        • Celestine Chua

          Hi Maths Magpie! It sounds like self-sabotage at work. You may find this piece on self-sabotage behavior and how to break it helpful:

          • The Maths Magpie

            You’re so right – I nearly wrote self-sabotage as number 3 – I’ll have a look at the article, thanks for the link :)

            • Celestine Chua

              You’re very welcome Magpie!! :) Hope the article will be of some help!

  • Karin Heimel-Heck

    I had someone clearly in mind when I saw this assignment and then my took a day for the worst. At that moment I realized something I can be my own adversary. What I am grateful today and what I have learned about myself over the years is;
    1) My adversary would say the whole day is wasted – Instead my adversary has taught me it is not all or nothing. The day is not wasted. I chose to get up and do some much needed work.
    2) My adversary would take out my frustration on everyone – Instead I tried to catch how I was responding to the situation and change how I was treating other people around me
    3) My adversary would drag on about how much I missed out on by not making the appointment – Instead I realized this was a good time to make use of “quiet time” around the house to get much needed treatment work done. I was able to do some solid journaling that I have not been able to access lately.

    So even though my adversary is myself I learned much about her today.

    • Celestine Chua

      That sounds like a fantastic revelation, Karin. I believe many of us have much to learn from what you have shared, because so many of us self-sabotage again and again. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Spešl Pavrs

    I have never thought about adversaries like it is described in this article for day 5 of our challenge. Firstly, I have understood adversaries as lessons, my teachers. But when talking about adversaries like they “exist in our life as a complementary force to personal growth and success (as natural dualities, like light and dark, exist as complementary rather than opposing forces)”, that brings them to a whole different level for me. And secondly, I thought adversary is just someone who is opposing me on purpose.

    I do have one adversary in my life today. This person brings me down sometimes. Because of the way this person reacts in specific situations I am not feeling good about myself, I am nervous, anxious, not relaxed (at ease), it makes me tired. This person is not being like this on purpose, this person is not beeing aware of the effect/influence she has on me. When I will change myself in order not to be so affected with her reactions (with her way of communication), she will not be my adversary any more.

    5 things I appreciate about a person, who is an opposing force in my life today:
    - is hard-working,
    - is successful in her business,
    - is resourceful,
    - is reliable,
    - is responsible.
    (It was hard to come up with 3 things! But when I came up with 3 things, I immediately found 2 more. When I think of this person in such positive way, it makes me like her more :) )

    Today, I am grateful for:
    - getting up early and singing,
    - finding a qoute that goes like this: Dear Monday, thanks for having the word “mon” in you. That’s french for “mine”. In case you weren’t aware, Monday, but it makes me think of you more as “my day”, & frankly that sounds like a much more promising way to start the week.

    - being productive and focused at work,
    - my doggy coming back from her “vacaiton” on countryside,
    - not being lazy,
    - calling my hairdresser and making an appointment,
    - new perception and uderstanding the meaning of adversary.

  • Muna

    There were many adversaries in my life most of which I erased from my memories but there was this one person whom i despised so much during my collage days.

    But the the things that I appreciate about her

    1. She was a very good friend of my boy friend.

    2. Her fondness for my bf, who was also her school best friend, brought out the best in him as a person. Her exceptional friendship/devotion/reverence for him was so tempting that I often wished i had friends like her.

    3. She was a self-confident person and always encourage others also.

    Three things I am grateful for today
    1. My parents. Thanks for accepting what I said earlier and for being always so understanding.
    2. The happy day that i spent today watching movies that I always intended to watch.
    3. The awesome videos I saw this morning on YouTube which definitely made my day.

    And also
    4. Celes: thanks for the challenge. I started my day writing a note of appreciation which filled me with so much happiness. Also this challenge lifted some burden off my shoulder as i acknowledge the good things in the person I loathed for years.

    • Celestine Chua

      That’s so awesome to hear, Muna, regarding the challenge lifting some burden off your shoulder. I’m really glad to hear that and I’m excited to see even more great things which gratitude is going to break to your life!

  • Cary

    Ugh, this one’s going to be another story, but not a detailed one.

    I have just been having the most inconvenient past few days… I got into a traffic mishap on Friday, then today when we were out shopping our TV was stolen from our new apartment.

    It’s still being dealt with (therefore I won’t give details), and we’re not likely to get it back, so we will be TV-less for a while. But there are lots of things to be grateful for in this incident too. My mother was surprisingly calm with this incident too, even though I felt really bad about having to trouble her again (just like the car, the TV is really hers).

    Also, I’m fortunate to even have such a first-world problem. There are people who don’t even have televisions to be stolen, and people who are too concerned with where to get food on a daily basis to even think about things like electronics. There are people without homes to be broken into.

    And I’m insanely grateful for the people in my life, because they’re just the sort of people I want to be around. Everyone was really calm, no one freaked out or cried, or got really pissed off or shouted about their frustrations. Granted, this doesn’t really affect my siblings, so maybe that’s why they were so collected, but my roommate was really cool about it too, and we both contacted the necessary people. My mother is really organised and she’s a lawyer, so it made me feel better that she had a good grasp of the legal situation.

    Yeah, it sucks, but my adversaries (the people who took our TV), have shown me that:
    1) I should be grateful to have had a TV in the first place
    2) I should be grateful to be in a position where I don’t feel the need to steal from others to make money or provide for myself.
    3) I should be grateful for my stern personal morals and integrity that make me the sort of person who wouldn’t even consider stealing as a viable option.

    I really can’t say that I’m grateful that this has happened (both this and the car thing still seem almost surreal), but I am hopeful that I will grow from these experiences.

  • Melody K

    When I was in high school, there was a guy in my class who gave off the air of a rebel. I was intimidated by that kind of attitude and because of the stupid antics teenagers take part in, we were not exactly on good terms. As time and the biology teacher would have it, he was my biology lab partner. It was very quiet at our table. Let’s see…three things I admired about him: 1) he was always true to himself; 2) he wasn’t afraid to speak his mind when he felt it was necessary, even in the face of opposition; 3) and he overrode his own annoyances with the human race in general when it came to teamwork. With the first two, I think he was probably one of the first people to make me think it was OK to be who I really was and that it was OK to speak up. With the third, I’m pretty good about overriding my own annoyances for the sake of others but I’m sure I could do better in that area.

    The three things I’m thankful for today: 1) a great workplace with a great boss and workmates, 2) quietness in my house, 3) my senses…I like being able to observe the things around me.

  • blessedart

    There is a family member who although I don’t associate with often for obvious reason yet I find that when I do she is an opposing force in my life and seems to bring a spirit of negativity or naysaying with her whenever possible. However there are things that I can appreciate about this person and have also informed the family member of them.

    1. I appreciate this family members knowledge and intelligence regarding specific things.

    2. I appreciate this family members talent and showmanship.

    3. I appreciate this family members passion.

    The 3 things I am grateful for on today are:

    1. Celes and the Personal Excellence blog because of how it inspires and motivates me.

    2. Increasing my water intake for the overall health benefits.

    3. Being a sounding board for my different friends and family members who need to vent without being judged or given any type of feedback…just heard.

    • Celestine Chua

      Thank you so much for your appreciation, blessedart! I appreciate you for supporting my work, reading my articles, and being a part of this blog and community! :)

  • Fufu

    Adversary: My mom

    Why? I wanted to study in August but she didn’t want me to study, I struggled but she did everything in her power so I didn’t study in August. I’ve felt sad about it till this challenge started…today happens to be the day all my classmates start college. Even the people who less looked like the studious type went to university. I feel like a total failure because of her and I’m still struggling on whether to forgive my mom or not.

    To be honest, one of the reasons I moved out is because I wanted to get the heck out of that house already and away from mom so I can do things on my own and go study. People take studying for granted because mommy and daddy tend to be super supportive but apparently I have a mom who could care less if I do nothing my entire life and I hate it and I forgive her sometimes but I then hate her again. It’s a cycle…but even with all of this events, still am grateful for my mom and I still love her and I know she loves me.

    What I appreciate about my mom is…

    1- She buys us our needs because of her motherly selfless love.

    2- Even if it hurts me how she denies my studies for this semester and possibly the next semester as well… I know that in her mentality she’s doing it because she things that it’s what best for me while I know that it’s not what is best for me. She overprotects too much but it’s because of love.

    3- She raised us and cared for us when we were sick, she was there for us as a baby and as we grew. Even if I feel like crap because of the university issue she’s still my mom and I love her…

    • Fufu

      Oh! and I am grateful for:

      - This challenge. it’s really helped me move forward with the university issue. I’m finding reasons even the smallest to be grateful an it’s made my life so much better.

      - The meal I cooked today. It’s a blessing to have lights, water, time and food to eat. It’s only a dream for some people in the world and have it. I am grateful. My life is blessed. I have no right to complain

      - The life I’m living is the one I always dreamed of. University or not I have what I wanted and still complain. What’s wrong with me?? University doesn’t mean failure and I am taking free local classes at an office once a week on sewing so no right to complain there either

    • Jeanne Floresca


      I was wondering why your mom doesn’t want you to study? I always thought most parents make their kids study even if they didn’t want to… Thanks for answering.

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