Edinburgh PE Readers Meetup, this Sat, Aug 17 [Sign Ups Closed!]


Hi to all the Scottish and Edinburgh readers (*waves to Alice and Scott Torrance*)! Ken and I will be traveling from Glasgow to Edinburgh this Saturday and would love to meet all of you! 😀

(*No reservation — we will meet directly outside the restaurant at 6:30pm then get a seat inside, so please arrive on time!)

Please RSVP *NOW* by posting a comment to this blog post with (a) your name, (b) names of any friends/family you can bring along to the meetup. The more, the better! Doesn’t matter if they don’t read PE; the point is to meet like-minded people!

Look forward to meeting you guys soon! 😀

Update Aug 18, ’13: The meetup is now over and I thank all of you–Scott, Milo, Alice, Ken (my fiance), Dora, and Stephen for coming! 😀 Check out pictures and afterthought here: Edinburgh PE Readers Meetup (Aug 17, 2013) – Pictures and Afterthought!

Image: Edinburgh


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