Affirmation Challenge Day 5 [Gratitude]: “I’m grateful for everything in my life.”

This is Day 5 of the 15-Day Affirmation Challenge where hundreds of participants around the world gather to practice positive affirmations for 15 days in July 2014. The challenge is now over, but you can do the tasks in your own time. Visit the overview page for all Affirmation Challenge tasks and posts.

Affirmation Challenge

Dear everyone, welcome to Day 5 of our 15-Day Affirmation Challenge! :D

Here is the overview of all the posts for the challenge so far:

For those of you already in the challenge, remember to share your results via the comments section for each day! We are having some amazing sharing and exchanges by participants Vivian, Jun Xiang, Samuel, ASLO, Alia, Lina, Calae, Chloe, VickiB, Jaleen, and many other participants, and I look forward to read more in the next two weeks. :D

Now, let’s move to today’s task, which is on…

Day 5: [Gratitude]

Affirmation Challenge, Day 5 [Gratitude]: "I'm grateful for everything in my life."

 Today’s affirmation: “I’m grateful for everything in my life.”

Consider these statements we hear when things don’t go our way:

The weather sucks. I planned to go cycling but I can’t now because of the rain.

The bus/train is taking so long to arrive… why is the public transport here so bad??

I wish my partner is more organized/sensitive/understanding/caring/responsive/capable/<insert adjective here>.

My co-workers are such a pain in the behind. I’m so sick and tired of their bad attitudes.

So much work. Sigh. I wish I can have less work.

My housemate is so inconsiderate. She’s always leaving her dishes in the sink, without cleaning them. Why can’t I have a better housemate??

Recognize them? Have you said any of the above before, perhaps in your own way?

Well, I have. I sometimes crib about the weather, especially when it gets too hot in Singapore or when there are sudden downpours that make going out a hassle. I often grumble (to myself) about the public transport being late, even though I’ve traveled widely and I know that the public transport system in Singapore is easily one of the best in the world. I have grumbled before to Ken about him not being X or Y even though he is being the perfect man for me and I’m simply reacting from my issues (well, sometimes!).

Known as “complaints”, these statements are the expressions of our frustrations when things don’t go our way. Say we have an expectation of A, but the situation/thing/person we’re dealing with falls short in real life and gives us B instead. Depending on how big the gap is, we then respond with a level of angst that matches the size of that gap. The bigger the shortfall, the more frustrated and annoyed we become, and the more frequent and intense our complaint becomes.

Complaining is the opposite of gratitude, which is a feeling of appreciation of something. When you’re grateful, you see the goodness of everything — be it good or bad– and give thanks for them. If something is good, you recognize its goodness, relish in it, and celebrate it. If something is bad, you see the silver lining behind the dark cloud, recognize its goodness (where others can’t), relish in it, and celebrate it still. You recognize that life isn’t about having everything your way or only being happy when things are 100% in line with your vision, because these aren’t what life is about. You recognize that life is a journey where you celebrate all that you have now, feel perfectly happy about what you have and don’t have, all while working hard to achieve your grandest goals and dreams.

Last year August, I conducted a 14-day gratitude challenge which was a terrific success with over 200 people participating from all around the world. (In fact, many participants in our current affirmation challenge are alumni of the gratitude challenge!) During the gratitude challenge, we performed 14 tasks of gratitude over 14 days, just like how we are practising 15 affirmation tasks over 15 days right now.

Whether you did the gratitude challenge or not, gratitude isn’t something that you just practise for one day, 14 days, two months, or even two years and call it quits. Gratitude is something that you practise EVERY DAY, in every moment of your life. Because to forget about gratitude is to take your life and everything that you have today for granted, when all these things are GIFTS that you have been bestowed upon. Yes, your life today is a gift, whether you recognize it or not. (Many people have the belief that their life is an entitlement when so many have had their lives prematurely ended before their time.) Everything (and everyone) that’s in your life today is a gift. (Yes, including your current problems, because you could have far worse problems but you aren’t — or not now at least.)

Today your task is to embrace gratitude. Now, let’s get started!

Your Task Today

  1. Identify three things that you tend to take for granted. These can be anything, from planet Earth, to your parents, to your healthy body, to your home, to your life. (For ideas, read Gratitude Challenge Day 11: List 3 Things You Tend to Take For Granted (and What You Plan to Do About Them).)
  2. Identify 10 things that you are grateful for in your life. Anything goes here — from people, to objects, to events, to life itself! If you think 10 is a lot, you’ll probably think otherwise by the time you identify your 10th item! (For ideas, read Gratitude Challenge Day 1: Write 10 Things You are Grateful For in Your Life.)
  3. Identify ONE thing you can do TODAY to express gratitude to any one item on your list. For example:
  4. Say today’s affirmation. Pause for a second. Think about everything you have in your life now, and don’t have yet. Appreciate them. Know that they are gifts in your life and there are people who want to have these things (yes, including your “problems,” simply because their problems are far worse), but can’t/don’t. With a heart full of gratitude, say today’s affirmation:

    “I’m grateful for everything in my life.”

    (If you think it’s silly to say this out loud, you can say it silently in your heart.)

I encourage you to write down today’s affirmation so that you can always see it and commit it to heart. Repeat them every day to yourself, for as many times and as long as needed, until they become part of your default thinking.

Affirmation Wallpaper: [Gratitude]

Today’s affirmation wallpaper, for download:

Affirmation Challenge, Day 5 [Gratitude]: "I'm grateful for everything in my life."

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Further Reading

  1. For more on gratitude, check out the gratitude challenge and all its 14 tasks of gratitude: Gratitude Challenge Overview
  2. Complaining often comes hand in hand with impatience. Here’s my one-and-only guide on how to be patient: How To Be Patient: The Only Guide I’ll Ever Write on Becoming Patient
  3. Last but not least, for those of you with Be a Better Me in 30 Days Program, be sure to review Day 28: A Complaint Free Day, where you practise a day of no complaints.

Share Your Results!

Share your results, check out other participants’ responses, and interact with each other in the comments section! Remember, this challenge is a community effort: by openly engaging in the discussion, not only will you help others, you’ll also help yourself.

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Once you’re done, proceed to Day 6 here: Affirmation Challenge, Day 6 [Self-Worth]

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  • Madalina S

    I really, really like this task!

    3 things I tend to take for granted: my health, my parents, and my laptop.

    I’m grateful for: having a job, a family, a roof above my head, house utilities and appliances, food in my fridge, money in my bank account, clothes, furniture, the possibility to follow superior studies; knowing how to read and to write; having access to the Internet; being healthy; living in a safe free country; having a best friend who is always there for me; for the existence of public means of transport, fruits, public libraries, music, bookshops, and tea houses; for speaking two foreign languages. Those are more than 10, but there’s even more that I’m grateful for.

    Going to tell my parents how important they are for me and how much I appreciate everything they do for me. We might not be on the same page all the time, but I know I can be a pretty difficult person as well (like they say, there are 3 sides to any stories: yours, theirs, and he truth).

    I am grateful for everything in my life!

    • Vivian

      Lina, the 3 sides stories is fantastic! I can relate this to lots of stories in my life.

    • Calae

      I love your list and how it includes things a lot of people take for granted — like living in a free country and having access to things like public libraries and transportation. And music, yes! I wonder if I have tea houses in my city (state? country?) — plenty of coffee places, but not sure about tea!

  • Renu Seth

    Great to be connected !

    Three things I take for granted my house support person, my friends and the day that breaks with the same brightness and cheer

    I am grateful for my children, my home, my house person without whose support, my work would be really difficult for me, that i am able to walk around and work well, i am grateful tor the opportunities i have, that i am able to learn and understand, i am grateful to my husband and children, my brother, for the beautiful flowers in the park, the green grass and for the beautiful music that is composed.. and i can go on…

    I am going to write to my brother and share my gratitude and let him know that – how much being in contact means to me.
    “I am grateful for everything in my life !!”

    Thank you Cele !

  • Vivian

    I love this topic. I am so grateful for having chance to learn together with this learning community.

    Here are few practice works for me, for your thoughts:
    A. Take grateful journal, write the 3 things feel grateful everyday. For example, I am grateful that I am still live. I am grateful that the sky in Beijing is blue today. xxxx the beauty of grateful journal is have a realization that nothing is granted. Nothing is granted, the sunshine, the air, the water.
    B. I would like to recommend the book of a complaint free world, I read the book 4 years ago and with the purple wristband. When you realized that you are in complain, change the wristband from left to right, then change again when you next complain. It’s quite interesting in the first month, especially the first week. Then getting better and better.
    C. Carrying the weather. When the weather is nice, I am so happy, when is raining, I am bad. I used to behave this way. I used to have Victim mind-set. I am so lonely, I am so hopeless. I am a victim, why me? why others treat me this way? I want to do activity, why the weather is bad? I am so unlucky. I used to think this way. When I changed my mindset that I am not a victim, I am the product of my choices, and I am responsible for my life. I got control of my life. If it is to be, it’s up to me. I am responsible for what happened in my life. If people treat me not well, may be I didn’t something they feel not good. What I can do to get this solved?
    I learned from one of our executive about the definition of complain. Complain is without intention to get the issue solved. If you want to change something, go to do that.

    Your Task Today
    A. Identify three things that you tend to take for granted.
    1) My father, I had friend whose father passed away after high school, I always fight with my father, and take this granted. In fact, I feel so grateful that he still with me.
    2) My job. I used to hate my job, feel my job is the worst in the world. In fact, I have chance to work in the my current company, when the day I got offer, I feel my dream come true. Just because I took this job for granted, I didn’t realize lots of good benefits company offered.
    3) My son. My boy is too mature, he did lots of things by himself, even he just 3 years and 4 months. I am so grateful to have him in my life.

    B. Identify 10 things that you are grateful for in your life.
    1) PE. I believe when the student is ready, the teacher will show up. I met PE in the moment I do need help. Grateful to have chance learn from PE and learn from this community, from Celes!
    2) My husband. He is my soul mate, he is very supportive, when I am waiting the post of today’s post and he is taking care own son, and shared lots of housework, which is not usual in Asia context. He is my best friend, mentor, brother, lover, father, and my second son.
    3) My friend. I am so lucky that I have lots of girlfriends. They all quite nice and very supportive in past few years. For some, we met in middle school, and we now knew each other over 2 decades.
    4) My company. As shared, when the day I got the offer from my current company, the feeling is my dream come true. I learned a lot in past few years, without the supportive culture of my company, I won’t be able to become who I am today.
    5) My ex-manager. She just left company recently, but the difference she has made in my life is unchangeable. She hired me in the company, and coach/support me in past few years.
    6) My job, although I complained a lot about my role as administrator when I in that position, but being an executive assistant is very important experience for me. I won’t be able to grow/interact with senior managers and learn a lot through those interaction. I have chance to experience the talent management, organization development, training program, which helped me to find my passion and made decision to pursue this as a career. As the leader for the administrators, I have chance to offer training/small group coaching to people, which made me insist that I love training/coach and continue want to pursue my passion.
    7) My mother. Although I shared that my whole family want to have a boy, but my mom insist that she only want me when I was young. And she provided unconditionally love for me in certain area. Without her support, I won’t be able to go through the journey.
    8) Landmark forum. I did landmark forum in 2008, without the landmark forum, there is no chance for me to become who I am today. That is the life changing course for me, also because that, I made decision to engage in training.
    9) People who made me cry/angry/… just because those people, I had chance to practice what I learned, and continue grow. They all come for different reason to help me in different way.
    10) One of my girlfriend. She means a lot to me. As I shared, I am not confidence. She is the one who believe me when I don’t believe myself. She is the transition person for me, I can’t imagine what will happen if I won’t meet her in my life.
    I can continue the list for couple of days. The list is the hope for me, whenever I met challenge in life, those grateful made me become courage again.

    Identify ONE thing you can do today to express gratitude to any one item on your list. For example:
    1) I went to bed room to give a warm hug to my husband, and told him I am thanks for his support to enable me continue the affirmation challenge;
    2) I will write email to my friends, thanks for their support for years.
    3) I am organizing the family gather this Sunday to celebrate the 59 years anniversary of my grandparents. I will share my gratitude to my family.
    4) I will follow the gratitude challenge
    5) I will continue my grateful journal.
    Say today’s affirmation.
    I am grateful for everything in my life, including those things I don’t have, and those problems on my way. Even myself, my self-limitation thoughts, my negative thoughts. I am grateful for everything.
    “I’m grateful for everything in my life.”
    One big realization here is I am so grateful for myself standing in my way to achieve my dream. I see I am struggle, and frustrated, and I am so happy to see myself really working on it. It sounds terrible on one hand that I am stand in my own way, but in fact, it’s hardest and easiest part I can conquered.

    My link for day 5:

    • Celestine Chua

      1) PE. I believe when the student is ready, the teacher will show up. I met PE in the moment I do need help. Grateful to have chance learn from PE and learn from this community, from Celes!

      Thank you so much Vivian. You’re too kind, really; I’ve done nothing and you are the one who’s creating all these positive changes in your life. I’d like to thank you again for your wonderful sharing and participation so far; you’re being a great support in this challenge, and I’m sure other participants (whom you’ve been posting encouragement and advice to) really appreciate your comments too!

      2) My husband. He is my soul mate, he is very supportive, when I am waiting the post of today’s post and he is taking care own son, and shared lots of housework, which is not usual in Asia context. He is my best friend, mentor, brother, lover, father, and my second son.

      Oh he sounds like such a wonderful man! I’m so happy for you that you’ve found the one for you. I didn’t realize that you have a son — that must be triply busy for you, being a mom, working in your job, and participating in the challenge. How old is your son, if I may ask?

      • Vivian

        He is 3 years now. I had a great time with him this morning. This challenge help.

    • ASLO

      It is wonderful Vivian how we both had those who have hurt or angered us in our grateful list and i wrote your line in my cupboard this morning “They come for different reasons to help us in a different way….” It reminds me to be grateful for the chance of growth….not disappointed and repeating “why always with me?”

      Wonderful to hear about your son :) these young princes in our lives are the best!

    • Calae

      This is beautiful! I especially love that you’re thankful for the people who make you cry or angry because they give you the opportunity to grow — what a powerful statement! I hope one day I can think the same way.

      I also have someone in my life who helps me with my confidence, my boyfriend. I never knew what it was like to have someone believe in you until I met him. And while it’s been slow, I’ve also begun to believe in myself. It really is a beautiful thing and I’m glad that you have your girlfriend that helps you feel that way, too!

      With all this gratitude, I’m sure you can achieve anything you want to! =)

  • VickiB

    This was particularly challenging because all of the things that I thought of that people take for granted, like health and good weather and family and being able to sleep are things that I have reason to be particularly aware of and grateful for. For instance, my husband’s poor health constantly reminds me of how lucky I am that I can walk, that I can eat pretty much what I want, that I can write by hand (he has severe tremors), and that I can carry things. Because last winter was so severe and created problems for us in getting him out of the house, I am very appreciative of the freedom that we have when there isn’t snow or ice on the ground! Because my husband and I couldn’t have children and adopted a seven-year-old boy (31 years ago), I don’t take for granted having children, and because we were foster parents too, I am aware of how much children need families and how many don’t have good loving families like I do. My lifelong struggle with insomnia, which I wrote about earlier, means that I don’t take sleep for granted.

    When I made the list of things that I am grateful for, I didn’t stop with ten. I could easily make a really long list.

    So I asked myself: What if I think of the things that I complain about and then find a way to be grateful for them?

    Instead of complaining about having to park far away from the store, I can be grateful that I have a car and that I am able to walk that distance.

    Instead of complaining about the noise from the television (which my husband watches and I don’t), I can be grateful that I can hear and also that he is home to watch it!

    Instead of resenting that I have to go shopping, I can be grateful that there is an abundance of food available and that I can afford to buy some.

    I can find a reason to be grateful for all the things I complain about. (Except maybe mosquitos and poison ivy.) (That was a joke.) I am grateful for everything in my life.

    • Vivian

      Vicki, it’s not a easy journey, you said painlessand very peaceful. I am grateful to know you in PE, your attitude to life is amazing. In chinese we have a term, the salt you took is much more than the rice I eat. Your sipiritual in lifelongLearning and love to the world is amazing. I never met one in my real life. Thanks for being there.

      • VickiB

        Thank you for your kind words and your support.

  • Christer

    It is so easy to forget to be gratitude of life and as long one is healthy, one
    can master amost any difficulties.

    I feel that emotions run through your blood and heart and change your thinking, and one has
    difficulties to see the problem/difficulties as what is is without colour it.

    I feel blessed of my life when I see other who must live with circumstances that they can
    not control over. I saw a child born without arms and legs. Suddenly
    I feel ashamed that I complain to myself of my situation. I must be to weak not se the reality of life. Am I still a child or just human.

    To master gratitude of life gives strength and purpose in order to wake up every morning
    to face the days opportunity and to make the change that will gradually come .

    I feel that it is important for me to change the dialog speech within me, as there are not
    so many I can model upon. If I can not find someone to be my model of life it is my responsibility to create that model I admire, because no one will do it for you.

    Visdom and gratitude help me to come back to right “track”

  • Moonsparkle

    1. Identify three things that you tend to take for granted.

    1. Having a home
    2. My mum
    3. Having access to lots of food with supermarkets and shops (even though I don’t have a lot of money and can’t always buy what I want, there’s a wide choice of food available)

    2. Identify 10 things that you are grateful for in your life.

    1. My family
    2. My cats
    3. My house
    4. My dancing group
    5. Summer
    6. Music
    7. Books
    8. Chocolate
    9. The internet
    10. Living near the countryside

    3. Identify ONE thing you can do today to express gratitude to any one item on your list.

    Let my mum know that I’m grateful for all she does for me. :)

    P.S. Since doing the Gratitude Challenge I try to write down 5 things I’m grateful for every day and I find that it does help me to feel better. :)

  • ASLO

    I was one of the graduates of the Gratitude challenge last year and I still hold it’s teachings and learning close to my heart….

    1. Identify three things that you tend to take for granted:
    - My uncle and aunt: They brought me up right from when I was a baby to my marriage. Though they are both no more now, I sometimes feel I under appreciated them though that in a way is human conscience and after you lose something dear to you you feel like you could have done more for it…

    - My son and daughter: These two pillars of my strength give me reason to persevere, I may sometimes falter due to the situations and I may take them for granted, but that is only for the moment. I’d say it here, “I love you my darlings”

    -Myself: I have lived till now trying to please others, seldom seeking anything for myself, my goals, my wishes, my ambitions have always taken the back seat. So I’d thirdly list myself

    2. Identify 10 things that you are grateful for in your life.
    -My son: He has been my supportive and understanding support system over all this years, I thank god for the wonderful man he has turned out to be. Sometimes I may not be willing to directly see as they are but he always says things to me as they are, it may be bitter at that time but it is always wanting the best for me.

    -My daughter: A reflection of me, she has her kindness and love uninhibitedly abundant for me and I am grateful for her.

    -My upbringing: Having being brought up with the values and virtues that were instilled into me by the various mentors and teachers in my life including my uncles and aunts and my teachers. I can say I am grateful for my upbringing and the principles I have in my life.

    -My closest friend: Sometimes having a person who’d listen to you and you can say anything in your heart to and she’d understand is a gift and I appreciate that I have such a friend. She came into my life unasked for and I am forever grateful

    -My library: The little library of books I have resourcefully gathered, I wouldn’t shy of saying my books are my life and I am grateful for them.

    -PE: This wonderful wonderful website, i cant remember the time when I joined this movement by Celes but with every challenge and article i have participated/read its brought out the best in me and I shall forever be grateful

    -My circumstances: If I didn’t have the falterings and setbacks which I do have in my life, I would never have found reason or motivation to seek betterment.

    -Nature: Seeing birds pick on grains of rice strewn in the garden for them or the flowers in the garden, nature always brings me to peace and at one with myself.

    -Meditation: From the meditation challenge we had in PE all the way back in 2011 to date, a constant partner to every morning of mine is meditation. I thank this practice for the peace and decluttering of mind, body and soul. I am grateful to Celes for invigorating the practice into me.

    -Celes: Over the years for giving us so many opportunities to grow. Selflessly you have run this website growing with us, motivating us and leading us on! I am grateful to you too.

    3. Identify ONE thing you can do today to express gratitude to any one item on your list: I do not prize any one item on my list more than the other. I am equally grateful to all my 10 choices. I may not be able to individually reach out to each of my choices but with time I shall do so and today I shall end my day with a prayer for the good life, health and prosperity of all I have mentioned in #2 and express my gratitude in prayer to each of my choices…In a way it would be a sort of gratitude meditation.

    “I’m grateful for everything in my life”

    • Vivian

      ASLO, it’s so great to know that you engaged from 2011. It’s a great inspiration.
      Your grateful list is very thoughtful. I appreciate that you feel grateful to nature and circumstances. I now fall in love with the Tao, nature is Everything.

  • Educate Yourself

    1. Identify three things that you tend to take for granted (and What You Plan to Do About Them)

    -My health, I feel like an old lady if I don’t exercise because my back hurts. A lot.

    -My parents’ relationship, they are divorced now from lack of communication. I don’t communicate either.

    -My accomplishments. They are different from other people somehow I assume they don’t count because my parents didn’t support me and my crazy dreams. I forgot about them. Thanks for reminding me!

    2. Identify 10 things that you are grateful for in your life.

    1. My life

    2. My family

    3. My friends

    4. My dreams

    5. My experiences

    6. My accomplishments

    7. My resources, I have everything I need right now.

    8. My goals

    9. The internet

    10. PE

    3. Identify ONE thing you can do today to express gratitude to any one item on your list.

    I already did, I thanked the one person I call my best friend. I have been waiting for one person that understands me and finally had one. I was chickening to say “thank you” I wanted to do it but thought it was silly. I am glad I did. Thanks Celestine for the challenges!

    4. Say today’s affirmation. Pause for a second. Think about everything you have in your life now, and don’t have yet. Appreciate them. Know that they are gifts in your life and there are people who want to have these things (yes, including your “problems,” simply because their problems are far worse), but can’t/don’t. With a heart full of gratitude, say today’s affirmation:

    - I have to communicate with people to strengthen our relationships.

    - I have t0 to exercise to be healthy.

    - I need to give myself credit for my accomplishments. I don’t need others to approve of me before loving myself.

    “I’m grateful for everything in my life.”

  • Karen

    The three things I take for granted are 1. the warm weather (it gets pretty hot here!) 2.A good night’s sleep, and 3. Exercise – especially exercise! I want to start thinking of it less as a chore and more of a privilege! Among the things I am grateful for today are being with someone who loves me, air conditioning, my new knitting skills, and public transportation. Today I expressed gratitude by actually using my new knitting skills and finishing up a knitted square I was working on in order to start an afghan. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I’m gaining new skills that I didn’t think I could learn because I had tried in the past and failed. So I’m very happy today, even though my square came out a little wonky. Practice makes perfect, though!

  • Aatiya

    I usually take some of my family members, one of my close friend and the fact that I am breathing, I am alive for granted.

    The things I should’ve been grateful for are

    1. My family- a constant support throughout my life

    2. The fact that I am breathing, I am still alive

    3. The fact that I can afford to buy so many things I fantasize, when people are out there who don’t even have enough to buy a morsel

    4. My brains- I have got a really great ability to introspect and correct things when I make mistakes

    5. Sleep- I can practically fall asleep whenever I want (so many of them are on medication for insomnia!!)

    Gratitude meditation! That’s what I am going to do today.

    • Celestine Chua

      That’s nice that you can fall asleep whenever you want to!! I have no issues falling asleep too, but during the extremely few times when I want to sleep but can’t (usually because I’m forcing myself to sleep early for an early appointment the next day), it can feel pretty frustrating!

  • Kae White

    Hi everyone. Three things that I take for granted are having a job, having my health (although with some minor issues) and my pet cat’s affection. I am going to be more appreciative of those things and try not to grumble about them.

    Ten things that I am grateful for 1) my long time relationship with my partner 2) education 3) how good my life is 4) having food to eat 5) sleep, I love sleep 6) that I am reasonably fit and can exercise 7) having a warm house, it is pretty cold at the moment 8) for my friends and family 9) for the opportunity to grow 10) for being able to share this challenge with all of you.

    Today while at yoga I took time to appreciate how lucky I was to be alive and had my health to be able to do a yoga class.

    Happy challenge everyone!

    • Celestine Chua

      That’s awesome that you combined the gratitude task with your yoga! I’m grateful for being able to run this challenge with you and everyone else here. :)

      I also want to thank you for being a beacon of encouragement and support on my Facebook page too; I often see you “liking” my posts and posting positive comments, which really light up my day.

      Thank you so much for being here Kae! :)

  • Vivian

    Alia, it’s so nice that you mentioned the ability to read. Reading do open windows for us to know the world better. I realized that all our passion to learning,to personal growth, also something should not be takengranted.

    • Alia

      You’re so right, Vivian! I hadn’t thought of it before, but we really shoul be grateful for the drive to be better and the motivation to make positive changes in our lives :)

  • Vivian

    Samuel, Iam grateful to see you mentioned the wind and peace. I will pause to think these 2things when i am in bad mood.

    • Samuel Lim

      Vivan, we tend to take these simple things for granted, especially in our materialistic Chinese society. Even if you are a billionaire, you will never be happy unless you learn to be grateful for the things you do have. So why not be happy now?

  • 家梅 李

    3 Things that I tend to take granted:
    1. The love from my parents, my boyfriend and friends. They always think to give their children the best they can, and so my brothers and me always take for granted. We know that our parents can settle everything for us in our lives. It’s the same that, my boyfriend and friends always take good care of me. I’m still learning on taking care of people’s feelings. :)
    2. My income. Recently, I faced a problem which my overtime claim was cut for more than 50% due the change of policy. I was so mad about that at that point of time, and I scolded, complained about the change of policy. Of course, nothing has been changed. But, when I think again, I really take it for granted. I used to have my overtime claim since I joined this job, and I have planned on the usage of the claims. Therefore, I shouldn’t expect too much on the overtime claim as it is not in our contracts. I should think that, at least I still have an amount of claim. Why not I just utilize the amount of claim left?
    3. The natural elements surrounding me, including the air, water, plants, etc. They are important in our lives, but I didn’t really appreciate that how they make me alive every moment. :(

    For the 10 grateful things that I have for now.
    1. Of course is the love from my parents.
    2. The care and understanding from my boyfriend and friends.
    3. My dream job.
    4. My dream house.
    5. My job’s flexibilities in working hours.
    6. I remember my birthday because of the reminder from my boyfriend. XD
    7. I have 2 reminders to tell me the time to sleep: My dad and my boyfriend.
    8. I have met good people to teach me how to make up ^^
    9. I have friends going shopping and give me opinions on buying clothes.
    10. I have completed 6 courses in my Master Degree program.

    Today, I received a souvenir from my boyfriend who just back from his trip. It is a feather nib pen by LA Kaligrapfica. It was the pen that I wanted to buy when I traveled to Taiwan with my friend earlier!! I didn’t tell my boyfriend about that, and now I got it!! I was soooooooo happy!! Of course, I expressed my feeling to him, and I told him, I will appreciate and take good care of this feather nib pen!! ^^

    • Celestine Chua

      Hi Jaleen, I love how you turned the overtime claim situation to a positive one! And that’s cute that your dad and your boyfriend will remind you on the time to sleep! :)

  • Celestine Chua

    Aw I’m glad that the task has boosted your mood Alia! :D I love how you expressed gratitude for your limbs; it’s a message I tried to drive with my feature on Barbie Thomas a month ago.

    You sound like a very sweet and kind lady by the way; I can really feel your warmth as I was reading your comment. I feel like you’re very introspective and sensitive to others’ needs — have you taken the Myer Briggs personality before, by any chance? I’m guessing you are likely an IN-personality type!

    • Alia

      Thank you so much for your kind comment, Celes! I have taken the MB personality test and I am indeed an INFP! Good guess :) Also, I hadn’t seen the article on Barbie Thomas before, so thanks as well for that, as I found it very inspiring!

  • Celestine Chua

    Hi Calae, I think a gift for your BF sounds like a wonderful idea! It doesn’t have to be expensive; what it’ll do is serve as a token and symbol of your love. If it’s a functional item, even better! For example, one of the first gifts I got for Ken was a heart-shaped cushion (very reasonably priced), and I’d say it’s a super-highly-utilized item by both of us as we’ve been hugging it to sleep ever since (it’s already over a year since I got it)! I guess you know what I mean since you have Mr. Toasty which is from your BF! XD

    By the way, do show us a pic of Mr. Toasty if it’s possible?? I’d love to see how he looks like! XD

    • Calae

      Well, I hope to get my boyfriend a new gaming system, so it’s expensive but it’ll last him a lot of years! I’m partially getting it because he’s going off to med school, and I think he’s gonna need SOME way to relax! Can’t wait to give it to him; his birthday is on Wednesday!

      And here you go, a picture of Mr. Toasty! I threw in a tissue box to give an idea of size (he’s huge!); I’ve used him as a pillow several times. If you take a normal sleeping pillow and made it into a square, I’d say that’s a good estimate of his size haha. x)

      • Alia

        that has got to be the cutest stuffed toy I’ve ever seen! :D

        • Celestine Chua

          I got to second that!! Mr. Toasty is so cute!!! *runs to the front to squish him*

          Which gaming system are you getting him? Gaming consoles easily cost a few hundred bucks (I used to be an avid gamer myself) so I’m sure he’s going to be super touched when he gets the gift! Do let us know how his reaction is when you give him the system; for the record, next Wednesday will be day 9 of the challenge (Monday is a break day so it doesn’t count as an actual day of the challenge) so I look forward to hearing about it in your task comments for that day!!

          • Calae

            Yes, it’s quite pricey! I bought him a PS4; I know he kind of wanted both that and a Wii U, and his brothers and I all weren’t sure which he’d prefer but slightly leaned toward the PS4, so I got him the more expensive of the two. I’ll let him know when he opens it that he’s more than welcome to get it exchanged for the other system should he rather have that one instead haha. I’ll certainly let you know!

            Gift giving may be off by a day or two depending when he’s free from family obligations, but definitely some time this week he’ll get it and I’ll update you when I do!

        • Calae

          Thanks, Alia! I love him so much, it’s just impossible to be sad when you look at his face! xD

      • Celestine Chua

        By the way, why is there a “flap” in the upper area of Mr. Toasty? Is it just the cushion design to show the “bread” part of Mr. Toasty?

        • Calae

          If you mean the yellow part, it’s supposed to be a square of butter that’s sort of melting on to him (since he’s a piece of toast). xD If you just mean the shape, then yes, it’s just supposed to be the shape of a piece of bread! He’s a bit less flat than when I got him because hugging him squishes him out of shape. ^^; Hope I explained it, I know I didn’t quite have the best lighting for this picture haha.

          • Celestine Chua

            Ahaha, yes I meant the butter part!! Aw that’s so cute now that you’ve completed my visuals! I showed the picture to Ken and asked him to guess what it is; he thought it was a ribbon! I think it’s so cute that the cushion creator even went down to the details and added a slab of butter onto Mr. Toasty!

      • Celestine Chua

        *Sneaks in to give Mr. Toasty a gentle squeeze while looking forward to Calae’s upcoming posts!!*

  • Jun Xiang Tan

    Enjoyed this task and really found out many things to be grateful in life. Always been complaining for what I do not have in life but never grateful for things I do already have in life.

    Identify three things that you tend to take for granted.

    - My Parents and Grandparents. They have taken care of me all my life even right now and I had not done anything to achieve the amount of care they had given me.

    - Singapore. Being in Singapore for 21 years, I never appreciated how much Singapore had done for us. Easily being one of the safest country, easy access to every part of Country, variety of food we have and friends of different race and religion.

    - My Life. In the past, I blamed myself why life is such a miserable and meaningless thing to do.

    Identify 10 things that you are grateful for in your life.

    1. Health – Grateful to have such a healthy life to be able to serve Singapore in NS
    2. Food – Grateful for the affordable cost of food and varieties provided in Singapore.
    3. Family – Grateful for all the care they had provided me.
    4. Friends – Grateful to have them with me through happy and stressful moments
    5. Gadgets – Grateful to have provided me so much for my studies and career.
    6. Income – Grateful to have a stable income and be able to support a minor part of my family
    7. Transport – Grateful to the consistency and buses
    8. Cleaners – Grateful as without them, Singapore could never be as clean as it is.
    9. National Service – Grateful that it allowed me to understand how much I took my family for granted.
    10. Problems – Grateful that problems had given me an opportunity to learn and with my abilities to overcome it.

    Identify ONE thing you can do today to express gratitude to any one item on your list.

    - My Family. They have given me their best years of their life and now it is my responsibility to be spending time with hobbies they like, getting to know their life problems and taking them out for a family trip to express my gratitude for them.

  • Kylie S.

    This came at the right time for me. 3 things I’m grateful: my health, my intelligence, and a job where I help people better their life. Yesterday a coworker was fired and a lot of emotions came up for me. I felt very sad at the loss. I wonder about how the person is feeling and coping and also I will definitely miss them. Second, I feel overwhelmed because now I have to take on her workload along with what I have already and I am already overwhelmed with my workload. Also, I feel dissatisfied with where I am in my life currently as far as relationships, family, and a home. It is easy to get into fear and panic about what the future holds and if everything is going to work out okay. This challenge was in perfect timing because about 1-2 hours before I read this challenge I saw a disabled man leaving the bathroom. In that moment I realized that my disappoints at my lofty and ideal goals mean nothing if I did not have my health. Through all of the ups and downs in my life, my physical health has not failed me nor ever been a cause for concern. In that regard I can feel very fortunate, blessed, and taken care of. Second, I am blessed for my intelligence. Although I have felt abandoned and abused by others, my intelligence has kept me going, striving and achieving for a higher quality of life. Although other set backs have occurred, my intelligence is something that will always stay with me. Even if I have been naive in the past, I have learned and am constantly learning how to make healthier choices. Finally, even though my job has a high workload, I genuinely enjoy being able to impact others’ lives in the way that I do, whether they recognize it or not. My passion is to help others, and my job is to help people find a job after they finished a vocational school. I feel good everyday knowing I can truly make a difference in someone’s life. Finally I am grateful for reading this post right now, because although I haven’t started 1-4 I read this one at the right moment. I was just feeling very negative about my circumstances and this was a helpful way to reframe my thoughts and feelings. Thank you.

    • Kylie S.

      10 things I am grateful for: my health, my intelligence, my job, my cats, my studio apartment, my best friend, my 12 step program, my sponsor, God, nature, the ocean. I am going to send a message to my sponsor regarding my gratitude for her support during this emotional process.

  • Lisanne Wilcox

    “I”m grateful for everything in my life.”

    10 Things I am grateful for:

    1. Amazing Friends
    2. Awesome Sisters
    3. Co-Workers that keep me motivated.
    4. Clients that inspire me to help them even more.
    5. Technology that allows me to communicate across the world with friends.
    6. Empathy for others to keep a good heart and head on my shoulders.
    7. Freedoms that are still left that others do not have.
    8. Books that I access and read to learn and grow my brain so freely.
    9. An open mind that allows me to see so many things others do not.
    10. Heart that forgives, sees the good where others cannot and continues to work despite the pains it has to endure.

    Today I express gratitude for my amazing friends by continuing to keep their hopes and positive outlook on life alive through my words and actions everyday.

    “I pause to think about everything I have and am grateful for in my life and recognize that they are gifts from God, and that not everyone in the world has these things so I am grateful for my blessings and pray that one day all will be as blessed as I am.”
    — feeling inspired.

  • Mikey

    Identify three things that you tend to take for granted:
    - I am grateful that I am alive, healthy and well.
    - I am grateful for all the experiences that make up my life.
    - I am grateful for having freedom of choice.

    Identify 10 things that you are grateful for in your
    1. I am grateful that I was born at a peaceful time in where I was born
    and lived.
    2. I am grateful that I am healthy and well, and am aware of the need to take care of my body.
    3. I am aware that I was well cared for
    growing up. People, education and experiences are more than I could have wished for growing up.
    4. I am grateful that I have access to almost all of the education, activities and resources that I need.
    5. I am grateful to have a few best friends who really have my best
    interest in mind.
    6. I am grateful to have access to kind and inspiring people
    directly and indirectly, in person and through various sharing.
    7. I am grateful for gaining knowledge of my religion after I have gained some experience in life, and that I choosing my religion was a free choice.
    8. I am grateful for all the people who has taken time and effort to help me.
    9. I am grateful for all the experiences that make up to my life so far. I have been a very fortunate person.
    10. I am grateful that I am alive right now, and have the potential to contribute to the world.

    Identify ONE thing you can do today to express gratitude to any one item on your list:
    I will let my mother know that I am grateful for what she’s provided me.

    “I’m grateful for everything in my life.”

    • Calae

      Awesome list! Number seven on your list caught my eye, I think you’re so fortunate to have that choice and that knowledge. So many people I know (including myself) have parents that try to force their religion on their children, and the children struggle with understanding where they stand in term of religion because of it; I think it’s great that you acknowledge how fortunate you are to learn about it and accepting it for yourself!

      • Mikey

        Very grateful indeed. And this exercise is really good b/c we’re often too preoccupied that we don’t acknowledge the plus side of our lives anymore.

        I really like that you feel grateful of the internet (and so do I). I saw an awesome sharing that I wallpaper-ed it for a while. Really puts things into perspective and for reflection. =)

        • Celestine Chua

          Hi Mikey, that image is hilarious!!!

          • Guest

            Yep .. reminds us not to forget pictures of dogs too. :)