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The 30BBM Program
Celestine Chua

Hi! I’m Celestine Chua, the founder of Personal Excellence and creator of Be a Better Me in 30 Days Program. This is my 30-day self-coaching program to be a better you. Read on!

30 Days. 30 Tasks to Be a Better You.

Character is higher than intellect. A great soul will be strong to live as well as think.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Character isn’t something you were born with and can’t change, like your fingerprints. It’s something you weren’t born with and must take responsibility for forming.” — Jim Rohn

The 30BBM ProgramBe a Better Me in 30 Days™ (or 30BBM in short) is an intensive character transformation program to be a better YOU in just 30 days. It is packed with 30 high impact tasks to be done one per day, and will push you to be a better person by the end of the month!

The 30 tasks in 30BBM are designed to trigger self-awareness and character growth:

  • In Week 1, you’ll be doing an honest self-assessment, weeding out negative traits and discovering your ideal self.
  • In Week 2, you’ll be embodying your ideal traits and upholding important virtues like emotional generosity and kindness, and self-love.
  • In Week 3, you’ll be improving yourself in your roles to others, getting feedback to improve yourself, seeking advice from others, reflecting on criticism, and more.
  • In Week 4, you will be doing deep inner work such as forgiveness, mirroring your annoyances, acknowledging personal shames/vulnerabilities, and switching limiting thoughts
  • … among many other tasks designed to transform your character and be a better you!

Past participants have found themselves happier, more positive, patient, confident, empathetic, productive, and disciplined as soon as during Week 1 of the program. The tasks are not about changing you to be someone else, but about being a better YOU — by your definition.

Like 30DLBL, 30BBM has unlimited re-do value — I have designed all the tasks to be timeless. This means you can do 30BBM again and again and learn something new each time. Don’t just hear it from me though — read what past participants have to say below.

Testimonial: Carlene Byron (North Carolina, United States)

 Celes, I just want to say that the simple methods you offer in 30BBM have been transformative for me, and I’m in my 50s. People are seeing more change faster than I can imagine.

– Carlene Byron, Maine, U.S.

What You Get in 30BBM

The 30BBM Program comes with the following to help you in your character transformation journey:

30BBM Guidebook + Workbook
Testimonial: Jerry (Guatemala)

Fantastic, amazing, wonderful. I have gained a lot in less time than I could have imagined.

The biggest things I feel are great are (1) that we explore different aspects of ourselves and ask why this/that is not good for us, and (2) how we let go of things that have been a burden and affecting our lives. I know for a fact that my vulnerabilities were hindering my progress in several things, but once they were released… things have improved dramatically.

– Jerry, Guatemala

30BBM Is For You If...

Testimonial: Sarah Turner (UK)

My boyfriend said to me last night, ‘You seem so much happier recently. Do you think it’s the Personal Excellence work you’ve been doing?’ I told him it almost certainly is. He told me how I seem so much more balanced and calm, and just generally happier. I was so happy to hear that! :D

– Sarah, United Kingdom

A Sneak Peek...

Here’s a preview of what you’ll get when you get the program:

Testimonial: Angelo (Portugal)

The 30BBM experience is amazing. Through 30BBM, I discovered my ideal self. I remembered that when we give happiness, happiness comes to us. To me, every task has its own benefits; every task is useful as it works on us on different levels.

– Angelo, Portugal 

Real Users, Real Testimonials

This has been an amazing experience in many ways. Even though it’s just been 30 days, I feel that a lot has happened. And that is because the tasks really demanded action from us. I’ve definitely gained more confidence in myself, more patience and understanding both for me and others. I feel that many great insights have emerged and will continue to do so as I continue with 30BBM. It’s amazing to see that in just 30 days we CAN make a big difference in our lives if we choose to do so

– Maria O

30BBM brought a lot of positive consequences for me, but I think the most important was the realization that personal growth is unstoppable and continues in every minute. I gained more courage to actively engage in relationships and got the boost for personal growth in general — I had to wipe the dust off myself!

I’d say the most challenging (and the most rewarding) was the task of getting feedback from others. It made me dare to open up, approach, and ask others very important and sincere questions about me (and I’m a person who just dreads receiving criticism!). I decided to ask these questions about myself at the end of every year! A big thank you, Celes!!!

– Vanja

The whole experience was far beyond my expectations, and I was expecting a lot. As a teacher and small time leader, I take my hat off to you.

From this program, (1) I have learned to use a lot of powerful tools and learned how to face my fears and overcome them. (2) Made huge strides in overcoming negative traits. It is truly amazing to see that I have begun to earnestly be organized, disciplined, focused, purposeful, and a better friend and family member. (3) I am truly striving toward my ideal self and embodying ideal traits. (4) The best of all — I have learned to transmit solid questions and needs rather than negative-nervous energy.

AND, I do not see this as done. I am so looking forward to seeing myself step up the ladder and become a better me.

 Claire R, Venezuela

Fantastic, amazing, wonderful. I can say that I have gained a lot in less time than I could have imagined. The whole course revolves around great things for our gain and explores as many aspects as possible within a month.

The biggest things I feel are great are (1) the fact that we explore different aspects of ourselves and ask why this/that is not good for us and (2) how we let go of things that have been a burden and affecting our lives. The tasks I found most beneficial are on appreciating yourself and acknowledging a vulnerability. I think it’s of extreme importance to love ourselves and give ourselves a pat on the back every now and then. Releasing vulnerabilities is an important step to move on and do better. I know for a fact that mine were hindering my progress in several things, but once they were released… things have improved dramatically.

Thank you, you have helped me change for the best, and I am really happy to have been a part of this program.

– Jerry, Guatemala

Celes, I just want to say that the simple methods you offer in 30BBM have been transformative for me, and I’m in my 50sThis program allows people to self-reveal… for those of us who don’t like to let others see our problems, it is effective as long as we’re willing to admit our problems to ourselves. Best to you! You totally deserve all the success you are having and much more! 

– Carlene Byron, United States

 The experience has been extremely eye-opening — it has allowed me to challenge my own personal limits, and to move well beyond those limits. The best part was when two separate family members, who had no idea I was doing 30BBM, commented on how much I have changed over the last little while. The first noticed that I was much more talkative now and “had really come out of my shell”. The second commented on how assertive I have become, and how proud they were of me for it.

Both were traits I was trying to overcome as part of 30BBM, as I have always been extremely shy, quiet and passive. The fact that they noticed a change proves that 30BBM has really worked for me.

– Kimberly, Canada

I was taken by surprise at how hands on 30BBM is. I have gained invaluable insight into how I work as a person. Even better, I’ve experienced first hand how I can turn things around. I’ve basically learned a new way of being and I am going to commit myself to continuing on in a BBM way!

One of the best things about 30BBM is that it gives you even doses of reflection and action. I’m used to self-help stuff being sort of like one big lecture – this is what you’re doing wrong, here’s that moment in your childhood that sealed your fate, etc and so on. 30BBM never lets you sit on your information which is great. It also challenges us to come up with our own action plans given what we have learned, which is genius I think.

The ‘Discover Your Ideal Self’ task was monumental because I chose (my) ideal and I think it’s an absolute winner. So, instead of just seeing an awesome TED talk and thinking, Gosh, how do I do that?!, I got to work on it for myself. The opportunity? Priceless.

– K.S.B, South America

Through 30BBM, I’ve been able to get closer to myself and have been able to get a better perspective towards my life… I’ve reached out more to people who matter a lot to me and have realized how pouring out your heart on paper sets you free.

I had once shared a close bond with a friend back in my home country. After marriage I left for some other country and had lost connection with her… but through one of the 30BBM tasks, seldom a week passes without me talking at least once to her. The days of appreciation hold a close place in my heart too as they both produced results where I’m simply more in love with myself and those around me.

Every one of the tasks wove me into the magic that Celes has intended for us. Thank you. The barren depths of my life have been seeded into a serene colony of beautiful greens that will now color my life with the flowers of successful self-growth.

Arti, India

This has been a life-changing experience. I’ve learned that we can all make a difference if we just act, not tomorrow, not next week, not next month but TODAY. The biggest thing I feel is great about 30BBM is that it teaches us to view the world in unimaginable ways that we would never believe possible before. It shows us how to challenge ourselves, to never give up, to do what we can even if it comes out wrong.

I benefited the most from the task on vulnerabilities because it was a hugely liberating task. Also the task on character board because I can stare at it each morning and remember what I want. There are also the appreciation days that allowed us to speak the feelings we’ve been harboring for some time to a special somebody. Thank you Celes for this wonderful experience.


Testimonial: Ishwari M (Mauritius)

 I can confirm that the 30BBM is definitely a very powerful program. As an alumni of both 30DLBL and 30BBM, the insights I had and the changes brought about by doing 30BBM have made my 30DLBL experience even better the second time round.

– Ish, Mauritius

Frequently Asked Questions

30BBM is a digital product. The course is administered in the form of a digital guidebook and a digital workbook that you can print. The workbook comes in an additional .DOC format if you prefer to type your answers on the computer. You will get access to an online portal where you can download the files. If you prefer, you can also read the task instructions via the portal, where the daily tasks will get unlocked every day from the date you sign up.

30BBM is a self-guided program to be done in your own space and time. Like 30DLBL, I created this as a self-coaching starter kit so that everyone can benefit from a structured life coaching experience without the steep costs of hiring a coach. There is no coaching support which is why the program can be priced at an affordable price. In comparison, my clients pay hundreds of dollars for a coaching session.

That said, just like with 30DLBL, I have designed 30BBM to be very easy to follow, where it’s me directly “speaking” to you through the daily tasks. Each day’s task has a designated chapter with a clear task overview plus clear step-by-step instructions. The workbook has detailed templates to write down your answers and reflection. Simply show up, do the work, and you’ll see results! :)

  • Become a better person. If you are to rate yourself on a scale of 1-10, what score would you give yourself? No matter how good we are, there is always room to be better. Through 30BBM, you will work on becoming the 10/10 version of yourself.
  • Weed out undesired traits. Do you have any traits you don’t like? For example: Procrastination. Laziness. Pessimism. Carelessness. Forgetfulness. Tardiness. Impatience. Low self-confidence. Abrasiveness. During 30BBM, you will explore your negative traits and weed them out one by one.
  • Build new, desired traits. All of us have an ideal self that we want to be. What traits do you want to cultivate? Compassion? Assertiveness? Responsibility? Resilience? Courage? Self-Belief? Wisdom? Wittiness? Diligence? Through 30BBM, you will discover and embody your ideal traits.
  • Discover yourself on a whole new level. Know why you behave the way you do. Understand the motivations behind your actions. Connect with your inner self. This is part of improving as a person.
  • Cultivate timeless virtues. There are universal values that connect us as humans such as Compassion, Gratitude, Love, Kindness, Generosity, Forgiveness, Positivity, Growth. You will reacquaint with these virtues and practice them on others.
  • Be a better person… to OTHERS. You live in a world where you play important roles to others, be it as a child, parent, employee, manager, friend, or partner. In 30BBM, you will work on improving yourself in your roles to others.
  • Be connected with your inner world. 30BBM has many deep, provoking tasks that require you to connect DEEP within, such as working on your annoyances, addressing your shame, righting past wrongs and grievances. Addressing past baggage is part and parcel of personal growth.

All of these are covered in 30BBM — and more.

30DLBL is Live a Better Life in 30 Days Program, a life transformation program. The programs are entirely different, covering different things. 30BBM is about working on your inner self and character, while 30DLBL is about your life and your goals. Like 30DLBL, 30BBM is designed to be action-focused so there are no big chunks of theory but concise information and specific action steps. More about 30BBM here.

30DLBL and 30BBM are completely different programs, not meant to overlap in terms of themes and tasks. As mentioned in the previous answer, 30DLBL is about creating a better life (with tasks tackling your life) while 30BBM is creating a better you (with tasks tackling your character and inner self).

Given that, I personally recommend getting both programs to get the best benefits, or at least doing one first, and then considering the other program down the road. Doing both programs will yield synergy and greater impact than just doing one.

No, not at all! I have designed the programs to be completely standalone. You can do 30DLBL or 30BBM without doing the other first. Both programs complement each other and work well alone, while giving you the best results when you complete both.

If you have no preference and you are looking for something to jump-start your life, I’d recommend 30DLBL first. It is the program that started it all and the very first course I ever launched at Personal Excellence. It tackles the core foundations of living a better life, so that when you dive deep into individual areas of self-development later on, you already have a solid base to build your results.

On the other hand, if you are more interested in working on your character traits, becoming a better person, and just becoming a person you love, then 30BBM is the way to go. You can then do 30DLBL later!

Whichever program you do first, it will be a transformational experience. 🙂 You can always start 30DLBL or 30BBM after finishing the other, so don’t feel that you need to deliberate for five days just to make the decision. I rather you use this time to work on the tasks. The results will follow!

30BBM comes with (1) a PDF guidebook, (2) a PDF workbook, and (3) the same workbook in .doc format. The .doc workbook can be opened with Microsoft Word or any standard word editor that supports .doc, after which you can edit directly inside the document. The .pdf format is provided in case users want to print out the workbook and write on paper, as .doc files can have different alignments depending on the software used. So whether you want to do the program on your PC or on paper, you get to choose. :)

Since each program is meant to be timeless and can be done as many times as you want, you can create a new copy of the .doc workbook and specify the date whenever you’re doing a run — such as 30BBM_Workbook_Jun2017.doc if you’re doing it in June 2017, and subsequently 30BBM_Workbook_Dec2017 when you do it 6 months later. This way you can look back and review your progress through the months/years.

Like 30DLBL, 30BBM is designed to be a timeless program to be done again and again, with unique insights to be taken away each time. I recommend doing it once every 6 months to a year. While January, June, and December are great months to do the program, you can do it anytime you want. You can pick and do selected tasks for a quick boost anytime of the year in between your 30BBM runs, after you complete the program at least once (I mention this in the introduction chapter).

Again, it’s more important to actually get started rather than for that “perfect” moment to do it, because the perfect moment is really now.

As 30BBM is a digital product that you download right after purchase, there is no money-back policy. Being in the self-help space for over 10 years, I’m here to deliver great quality products that will change your life. The testimonials on this page are by real users and give you an idea of what the program can offer. Additionally, here is a short preview which features 20 random pages of the guidebook.

Yes! As 30BBM and 30DLBL are sister programs, I am offering a 15% discount if you get both programs together. This discount may be removed in the future. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to access the link. This offer is only valid if you purchase them together, not if you purchase them at different times. So if you purchase 30BBM now and then purchase 30DLBL later, the discount is not applicable.

Testimonial: Kimberly Vogel (Canada)

 …The best part was when two separate family members, who had no idea I was doing 30BBM, commented on how much I have changed. The first noticed that I am much more talkative now and ‘have really come out of my shell.’ The second commented on how assertive I have become, and how proud they were of me for it.

Both were traits I was trying to overcome as part of 30BBM, as I have always been extremely shy and passive. The fact that they noticed a change proves that 30BBM has really worked for me. 

– Kimberly V, Canada

Get Started in the Next Minute!

30BBM Guidebook + Workbook

The above, yours at only $39.95 USD. That’s only $1.33 per task, for a 30-day coaching system that will help you transform into your best self and change your life and relationships forever.

The value of this program is easily worth hundreds of dollars. I’m offering it at only $39.95 USD because I want this to be the starting point of your growth. I have designed 30BBM to be the must-have, kickstarter program for anyone serious about character growth. This price may be changed and increased anytime in the future.

Through this self-guided program, you’ll get access to some of the same powerful concepts and exercises that I use with my clients in our 1-1 coaching sessions, at only a small fraction of my coaching fee. Transform into the best you in the next 30 days!

(EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Get 30BBM together with Live a Better Life in 30 Days Program for a 15% discount! Read more about 30DLBL or head straight to checkout with both programs here.)

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