#2013Countdown, #5: What lessons have you gained in 2012?

This is the question #5 of the 13-Day #2013Countdown Challenge as we count down to the year of 2013 as one PE community. The challenge is now over, but you can still read more about it and participate in your own time. Visit the overview page for all 13 countdown questions.

2013 Countdown Challenge

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2013 Countdown, Question #5…

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Today’s question, question #5, is:

What lessons have you gained in 2012?

What lessons have you gained in 2012?

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What lessons have you gained in 2012?

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  • http://www.mindset-coaching.com Dolly Yeo

    Lessons I gained in 2012:

    1) Trust that everything is perfect.
    2) Listen to what others’ say then listen to my inner voice when taking the final actions.
    3) Be in the ‘now’ and focus on the actions towards my goals
    4) Fill my own cup so that there is overflowing for others (when your cup is empty you have nothing to give but frustrations)
    5) Stay grateful to others who fill my cup
    6) Observe the observer


    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      “Fill my own cup so that there is overflowing for others” – Dolly, that is such a beautiful piece of wisdom. Thanks so much for sharing!

      • http://www.mindset-coaching.com Dolly Yeo

        Thank you Celes, I have much to learn from you too! :D

  • http://lifemosaique.wordpress.com/ Lina

    1. Nothing should be taken for granted
    2. Life isn’t long enough – act *now*
    3. Learning and keeping your mind sharp will also keep you happy
    4. Honesty is always the way to go
    5. Hard work pays off
    6. Friends and family are what actually makes you fulfilled
    7. One should always express his creativity instead of containing it
    8. Making mistakes is ok, it’s human.

  • Kyoko

    My lessons for 2012 are:

    * Great things can (and sometimes, do) fall apart no matter how much you thought it was going to last – things change and people change, even you

    * When great things fall apart; it’s not the GREATEST. And in fact, GREATER things do come together afterwards

    * Sad ending are often Good beginnings in disguise

    * Love thyself

    * You can only control what you do, how you feel, how you think – others’ actions are their own and none of your business

    * I have a Voice – speak up, use it, rather than bottling in my emotions

    * I pave my own future – and every moment of everyday that I am living it; I am creating who I will be so MAKE IT COUNT

    * Friends and family aren’t too far away – no matter what you think of yourself – they are there for you, to listen, to nurture and to protect you

    * Be grateful. Everyday. For everyone around you, everything you have, even your job!

    * Life works in funny ways, but at the end of the day you’ll see that it DOES come together and everything DOES fall into place. Almost so perfectly sometimes it’s scary. :mrgreen:

    • sunshinegirl

      Awesome advice!

  • Susan

    Lessons? Hmmm….

    - patience
    - making any decision is better than making no decision
    - trust in G*d, and obey His teachings (I ordered and installed a custom wall decal that reads ‘Trust and Obey’, and it’s the first thing I see when I open my eyes in the morning.)
    - that I’m as human as everyone else… it’s like that song ‘Everyday People’: “I am no better, and neither are you; we’re all the same, whatever we do.”
    - that I shouldn’t have let my ex-boyfriend’s jealousy stop me from being close to my sister-in-law. She died this year, and I missed out on being closer with her for almost 5 years while I was living with him. This I regret, and probably the biggest lesson that I’ve learned this year. From now on, it’s important that ALL my relationships are authentic.

  • Bryan

    Some lessons I”ve gained:

    1) I”m stronger than I realize
    2) Persistance and effort really do pay off
    3) knowing what you want and how you are going to get it helps in the long run
    4) having goals s a plus and gives your life depth
    5) reading new books regularly can open my eyes to a lot of what is out there
    6) I have people who care for me
    7) Spending time with my family becomes much more meaningful when you are living seperately
    8) There is always someting to begin after an ending
    9) I can accomplish so uch if i put in the time and effort
    10) piggy backing off what Susan says, making a decision can take you places you didn’t think possible
    11) i have a lot to offer and those who don’t see it aren’t worth my time
    12) Imagination really is greater than knowledge

    and for a bonus for 2013
    13) I learned to take pride in what i’ve accomplished ;)

  • http://www.valeriepriester.com Valerie

    1. I’ve learned to trust in God’s Word, all things work for my good.
    2. I’ve learned to step out on faith and do what God has called me to do
    3. Nothing worth having is free
    4. I have everything I need within me to live the life God has predestined for me
    5. I must operate in love

  • sunshinegirl

    If you have faith and follow up with hard work and persistence, then all your dreams will come true! :dance:

  • http://Personalexcellence Fazal

    I learnt that set your goals and start achieveing one by one .
    Do not wait for perfect time on which you want to do a task but start working on a goal step by step . And if it is very big then make alot of pieces of that goal and work on it. It will very simple for you . Just like we eat a big animal by makeing its pieces

  • Amanda

    I learnt many things this year…here’s 12 lessons, one from each month of this year – i.e. what I learnt from events in the month. I won’t list down the month, but no.1 is for Jan, 2 fo Feb, etc.:

    1) Friendships go a long, long way.
    2) Celebrate small achievements.
    3) Spread joy and happiness!
    4) Cut friendships that just aren’t working out. ‘Unfriend’ those who don’t respect your time, your goals, your ethics, your feelings, and most of all, you.
    5) There are people who, deep down, really care for me.
    6) Focus on your goals and take action steps. That’s the only path to success.
    7) Don’t forget those that care for you.
    8) Together, Everyone Achieves More (TEAM). Teamwork is crucial to achieving success.
    9) Everything have consequences.
    10) Be grateful for what I have.
    11) Most of the times, comparing my marks with others is not good. However, sometimes it is – to encourage and motivate me to do much better.
    12) Scheduling relaxation time for myself to take a break can do loads to my productivity.

    And a bonus for 2013, something that kept reminding me every month…

    13) Things you might never have dreamed of can happen, so long you have faith and are willing to put in time, effort, hard work and patience.

  • http://Www.mydulcevita.tumblr.com dEsPaRcHaDa

    I have learned that Bible deems true on various things, especially in where it says: “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.” There is noone above God. Everything you do comes back at you sooner or later. Gotta make sure that whatever comes your way, be positive things in return of the good that you done previously. In my personal belief, there is no heaven or hell, everyone gets what they deserve right here on Earth.

  • Chestnut

    Flipping through my diary pages I recall the lessons I’ve learned throughout the year:
    - I’ve a privileged life which I should be grateful for. I’ve the safety of a loving, supporting community and freedom to create the life I want. Learning to be thankful towards what I have every day has humbled me, just as it inspires me to help other people
    - Everyone has a complex and unique personality. Based on our upbringing and traits we hold various perspectives, and the key to harmony between us is to see things from different sides. If we can understand the cause, it’s easier finding a sustainable solution
    - I can never be perfect, therefore I should enjoy my imperfect reality more. Trying to live up to someone’s expectations will forever be impossible. If I only accept myself and love what I have I can be happy. That doesn’t mean I’ll never chase my dreams, it means I’ll savour the journey for what it is
    - Over-planning is not happiness, mindfulness is. Scheduling my every action in a calendar is unnecessary. Being aware of that I am happy right now and looking out for unexpected opportunities will lead me to my true dreams faster
    - Honesty is the key to understanding. I can avoid my problems, but they’ll never disappear that way. Listening to myself and other people for the truth will make me accept life as it so, so I can move forward instead of looking back

    • Gail

      Really relate to your third point – my perfectionist streak can get out of control and cause pain otherwise

  • Rebecca Tan

    Went through my blog to find these:

    - To always be considerate of others
    - Never stop loving myself
    - Always stay humble
    - Answer for the things you have done
    - Stay true to yourself
    - Always stick to your principle in life
    - Always be grateful to events, things, people
    - Everything happens for a reason, you just may not know the reason or it will be found out at a later date.
    - Happiness comes from deep within
    - Money can leave relationships going entangled
    - That no matter how mean a teacher seem to be, they always want the best out of the student deep in their hearts.
    - Really spend quality and quantity time with family and loved ones and close friends
    - Don’t regret any choices you choose because you were given that few options and this was the best option.
    - Life, not a destination but a journey where you learn and experience. And, everyone have a different meaning and way to “life”.
    - I have a privileged life where I am doted even though sometimes I don’t feel it. Plus, I have everything I need.
    - Everyone is perfect in their own imperfect way.

  • Vasundhara

    Few lessons which i say i have learned are :

    1. Don’t think too much about any act and don’t more complicate and get problems which never existed before.

    2. Nothing is permanent and everything will pass away. so stay tuned and be ready to face what ever comes in life

    3.When i myself is not listening to my own Heart, how can i expect others to listen to what ever i say and do that. The change should first come within myself

    4. Don’t EXPECT anything from others(who ever it may be including the close one’s like Parents, Hubby) as expectation is the main cause for any grief


    • JadePenguin

      Totally agree with not expecting anything – it only causes disappointment!! Be grateful if things work out well; stay strong if they don’t :)

      Also love your point #5. It seems many people need someone to listen to them. It also ties in with not having expectations – can’t expect everyone to be interested in what you have to say!

  • JadePenguin

    Happiness is a choice :dance:

    I am awesome and don’t need anyone to tell me that :cool:

    Other people are awesome too and have their stories to tell. Sometimes they do, sometimes they keep it to themselves. Either way is fine :hug:

    I should not always assume the worst if people don’t talk to me for a while or even seem to be ignoring me. They may be going through rough times so I should be understanding :love: (and if they were to be truly ignoring me, they wouldn’t be worth worrying about anyway!!)

    • Leny Keo

      good idea. Do not care much.

  • Ivy

    I need to be patient, but also be true to myself. I need to take care of myself. Don’t let someone treat me badly.

  • ugi

    Lessons I gained in 2012

    *Do not react suddenly, the situation can be far more different from what it seems like
    *Do not be afraid of fear, go for it
    *Procastination is more stressfull than just doing waht you procastinate
    *People will value you only if you value yourself
    *You get what you think of regularly
    *If you don’t dream, you don’t achieve

    • JadePenguin

      First four are spot on!

      Hopeless romantics will probably disagree with the 5th ;)

  • http://www.ffufi.net/mindflight Ffion

    1) Procrastination just isn’t worth it. Do it now.
    2) Less is more.
    3) Do the work.
    4) You are stronger than you think.
    5) Don’t wait. Make your own opportunities.
    6) Put yourself out there.
    7) Talk to people.
    8) Have confidence in your abilities.
    9) True love is a beautiful thing.

    • Leny Keo

      I like Number 5.

      • http://www.ffufi.net/mindflight Ffion

        Thanks :)

        Yeah, I really should have moved forward this year in some aspects, instead of waiting around for stuff to happen. I’m on the right track at the moment, but I really could have been so much further along if I hadn’t waited for something that in the end never happened anyway.

        And good things may come to those who wait, but if you put yourself out there and move forward you can make good things come to you as well.

  • Leny Keo

    This year is the year that has been up and down, but from be a PE reader, I have learned to ask what I want and action to get what I what. Special thanks to Celes for the e-book on how to achieve all goals. To achieve success, I have to set a goal and take action. Leny

  • derrick

    I learned a big lesson in trust this year. Who to and not to count on during rough times. It is difficult to know fully who is on your side. I learned how to believe in myself again, and how to have confidence that I can do anything. That was taught as recent as this week at work when I line produced my first newscast totally solo in over a year. I learned that true love and devotion can come from four legs, where fake people no matter what is said walk on two. I learned that respect lives in all of us, and must be given to everyone. But most of all I have learned that starting over is tough but sometimes has to be done.

  • http://YourDrawingLessons.com Matt

    What lessons have I gained in 2012?

    - I only have so much time in the day. I must maximize the available time I do have and focus it on my biggest opportunity.

    - Building supportive habits/rituals is one of the best way to becoming productive in my goals.

    - A rigorous workout and a healthy breakfast in the morning goes a long way to helping me to feel good all day.

    - Take action now. The day/week/month/year will pass quicker than you think.

    - When working take time to sit with good posture and breathe fully. Slouching drains my energy and also affects my mood.

    - My self esteem does not have to be defined by outside circumstances. Those things don’t matter. Look inside and get your self esteem from your life purpose, virtues, and positive traits.