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Soul Sisters: Interview at Celes's home, closeup

This section lists some of the media coverage I’ve received for my work on Personal Excellence.

If you are from the media and would like to interview me, please contact me. I’m available for interviews on personal development, entrepreneurship, and digital media topics in general.

TV Interviews/Features

Channel News Asia, AM Live! (Jan 6, 2014) — How to Commit to New Year’s Resolutions. Watch the interview below:

Toggle, Eve Channel (Dec 30, 2013) — Soul Sisters, a documentary about inspiring women in Singapore taking unconventional paths in life. Watch the episode below and read my writeup here.

Dove (Dec 2013—Jan 2014) — Featured as Dove Singapore’s official personal-development expert in their Camera Confidence Campaign to help women achieve camera confidence. I wrote about the experience here and did a video commercial with them that was aired on national TV and online media:

Dove Camera Confidence Video: Celes, Personal Development Blogger and Life Coach

Channel News Asia, AM Live! (Dec 31, 2012) — How to make new year resolutions for 2013 that you can keep! Watch the interview below:

Channel 8, Mediacorp: 早安您好! Good Morning Singapore! (Dec 28, 2012) — Setting New Year Resolutions.

Channel News Asia, AM Live! (Dec 21, 2012) — Interview on Bucket List. Watch the interview below and see behind-the-scenes photos here:

Channel News Asia (Dec 28, 2010) — BlogTV segment on Bucket Lists with hosts Flying Dutchman and Divian (Season 5 Ep 19). Part 1 of the episode below (other parts can be found here):

Radio Interviews

(Interviews with recordings are linked below the respective title)

  1. JIA FM88.3 (Dec 28, 2015) — 与美香同行 with 美香, Interview with Celestine Chua, Life Coach
  2. BFM 89.9, Business Radio Station in Malaysia (Jun 10, 2014) — How Your Language Affects Your Success
  3. KISS92 FM: In the Morning with Maddy, Jason, and Arnold (Jan 21, 2014) — Dove Camera Confidence Campaign
  4. KISS92 FM: In the Morning with Maddy, Jason, and Arnold (Apr 12, 2013) — Making New Friends Outside the Workplace
  5. KISS92 FM: In the Morning with Maddy, Jason, and Arnold (Apr 5, 2013) — How to Get a Life Outside of Work
  6. KISS92 FM: In the Morning with Maddy, Jason, and Arnold (Mar 29, 2013) — How to Achieve Happiness in Life
  7. KISS92 FM: In the Morning with Maddy, Jason, and Arnold (Mar 22, 2013) — Stress Buster Techniques
  8. BFM 89.9, Business Radio Station in Malaysia (Jan 3, 2013) — Bucket List: Things to do before you die
  9. News Radio 938LIVE, Making a Difference with Daniel Martin (Dec 20, 2012) — 2013 Countdown Challenge
  10. News Radio 938LIVE, The WOW Club with Michelle Martin (Dec 11, 2012) — Interview with Celestine Chua
  11. News Radio 938LIVE, Making a Difference with Daniel Martin (Nov 15, 2012) — 14-Day Kindness Challenge Stories and Challenge Wrapup
  12. UFM 1003 (Nov 12, 2012): 不给一口叮 Don’t Give A Damn! with 黄文鸿, 叶丽梅, 吴婉君 (小猪), 陈彦维  (小二) — Cameo appearance
  13. KISS92 FM: In the Morning with Maddy, Jason, and Arnold (Nov 12, 2012) — How to Handle Criticism (plus a Kindness Challenge Special)
  14. KISS92 FM: In the Morning with Maddy, Jason, and Arnold (Nov 5, 2012) — How to Tackle Procrastination
  15. UFM 1003: 不给一口叮 Don’t Give A Damn! with 黄文鸿, 叶丽梅, 吴婉君 (小猪), 陈彦维  (小二) (Nov 1, 2012) — Personality Interview and Feature of 14-Day Kindness Challenge (Chinese interview)
  16. News Radio 938LIVE (Oct 29, 2012) — Making a Difference with Daniel Martin: 14-Day Kindness Challenge
  17. KISS92 FM — In the Morning with Maddy, Jason, and Arnold (Oct 29, 2012): Passion & Money: How to Pursue Your Passion with Success
  18. KISS92 FM In the Morning with Maddy, Jason, and Arnold (Oct 22, 2012): Bucket List: What do you want to do before you die?
  19. News Radio 938LIVE (Aug 27, 2012)  Slice of Life with Eugene Loh: What Do You Want To Do Before You Die? Creating Your Bucket List.
  20. News Radio FM 93.8 LIVE – The Living Room with Stanley Leong (Oct 30, 2009): Passion or Money?

Print, Magazine, and Online Features

  1. Bloomberg BusinessWeek (May 1, 2018) — How to Break an NDA, See If Your Pay Is Fair, Confront a Colleague, and More (article link)
  2. Mic (Sep 7, 2017) — How choice paralysis can stop you from getting rich — and 5 ways to change that (article link)
  3. Offspring Magazine (Aug, 2017) Writing a Letter To Your Future Self (article link)
  4. Lifehacker (Feb 21, 2017) — The Benefits of Writing Your Own Weekly, Monthly, and Annual Reviews (article link)
  5. The New Paper (Jun 2, 2016) — 3 habits of highly productive people (Classifieds)
  6. The Straits Times (Feb 17, 2016) — Why high achievers feel they are not good enough (Classifieds)
  7. Virgin (Feb 15, 2016) — Richard Branson’s top 10 quotes on pushing boundaries (article link)
  8. Business Insider article link(Jan 21, 2016) — 21 ways to stop procrastinating right now ()
  9. The New Paper (Jan 18, 2016) — How to give constructive feedback (Classifieds, p. 25)
  10. The New Paper (Dec 31, 2015) — How to build good habits (Classifieds, p. 21)
  11. Lifehacker (Aug 10, 2015) — How to Snap Back to Reality when “Escapism” Becomes “Avoidance” (article link)
  12. Lifehacker (Jun 29, 2015) — Make Better Conversation With the 50/50 Rule for Listening and Talking (article link)
  13. Her World (Mar 2015 Issue) — Feeling like a fraud at work (a.k.a Impostor syndrome) (Career Section; article link)
  14. Lifehacker (Dec 14, 2014) — Use the 99:1 Feedback Rule to Ignore Your Haters (article link)
  15. Her World (Dec 2014 Issue) — Beat these passion-killers at work (Cheatsheets / Work Section, p. 396)
  16. Lifehacker (Jul 25, 2014) — The Biggest Pitfalls of Long-Term Goals (and How to Beat Them) (article link)
  17. Her World (Jan 2014 Issue) — Honey, we need to talk… (Love Men Sex, p. 249)
  18. Her World Plus (Dec 23, 2013) — Love the lens with Dove Camera Confidence (article link)
  19. Her World (Oct 2013 Issue) — What His BFFs Can Tell You About Him (Love Men Sex, p. 331–333)
  20. Her World (Aug 2013 Issue) — Serial Dater Alert (Love Men Sex, p. 272)
  21. Her World (Jun 2013 Issue) — Manage Your Man’s Anger (Love Men Sex, p. 296)
  22. Her World (Feb 2013 Issue) — Online Stud, Offline Dud (Love Men Sex, p. 252–254)
  23. Singapore Women’s Weekly (Jan 2013 Issue) — Your Living Room (Home Ideas, p. 219–222)
  24. Cosmopolitan Singapore (Jan 2013 Issue) — I Messed Up… Now what? (You, You, You section, p. 80–81)
  25. Asia One  (Nov 14, 2012): Singaporean’s kindness challenge goes viral (article link)
  26. Lianhe Zaobao/ 联合早报 (Nov 13, 2012): Drawing Over 800 Participants: Kindness Challenge Proves Local Are Kind
  27. Lianhe Wanbao (Nov 1, 2012) — Female Blogger Launches 14-Day Kindness Challenge
  28. My Paper / 我报 (Chinese version) (Oct 25, 2012) — Let’s Join the 14-Day Kindness Challenge
  29. Singapore Woman’s Weekly (Sep 2012 Issue) — Survive in a Sea of Sharks (How to deal with office politics)
  30. Productive Magazine (Feb, 2012, Issue #11) — 8 Habits of Highly Productive People, Part #2 (magazine)
  31. Productive Magazine (Nov, 2011, Issue #10) — 8 Habits of Highly Productive People, Part #1 (magazine)
  32. The Sun-Herald (Sydney) / The Sunday Age (Melbourne) (Oct 9, 2011) — Life Makeovers (The Sunday Life magazine, supplement in both papers – article link)
  33. Cosmopolitan UK Magazine (Oct 2011 Issue) — Cracking the Cliques (Cosmo on Campus)
  34. Simply Her Magazine (Aug 2011 Issue) — Keeping The Crazies Away (Life Made Easy, Work section)
  35. Business Insider (Jun 10, 2011) — Learning To Say No: 6 Simple Tips (article link)
  36. CNN International (Jun 1, 2011) — How to stand up to rude co-worker (article link, Living section)
  37. CBS (May 27, 2011) — How to Be Rejection Proof (article link)
  38. Business Insider (May 17, 2011) — How to Handle Rejection Like A Pro (article link)
  39. Singapore Woman’s Weekly (Jan 2011 Issue) — Supercharge Your Life
  40. Business Insider (Jan 4, 2011) — Why It’s Healthy To Completely Unplug (And 6 Steps To Do So) (article link)
  41. Simply Her Magazine (Jan 2011 Issue) — Revolutionise Your Resolutions (Life Made Easy, Solutions section)
  42. Business Insider (Dec 28, 2010) — 7 Essential Questions To Ask Yourself Before The Year Ends (article link)
  43. Edvantage (Asia One) (Dec 2010) — 8 Factors To Consider Before Going Back To School
  44. Business Insider (Dec 7, 2010) — 6 Ways To Make Good Habits Stick (article link)
  45. Business Insider (Nov 9, 2010) — 6 Useful Steps To Tackle Procrastination (article link)
  46. The Straits Times (Nov 4, 2010) — Tips on dealing with critical people (CATS Recruit section; Guest article)
  47. Lianhe Zaobao / 联合早报 (Oct 17, 2010) — Preparing yourself to land your best job
  48. NUS Business School Global Alumni Network (Aug 2010) – Knowing Me, Knowing You (article link)
  49. Simply Her Magazine (July 2010 Issue) — How Do You Carry Yourself At Work? (Me Management section; Behind the scenes photoshoot)
  50. CNN International (Apr 6, 2010) — Living as if they had only one day left (article link, Living section)
  51. Simply Her Magazine (Mar 2010 Issue) — Me Management – Cheat Sheet for Your Health
  52. Simply Her Magazine (Feb 2010 Issue) — Look On The Bright Side (Positive Thinking Article)
  53. Lianhe Wanbao / 联合晚报 (Oct 24, 2009) – Feature on my life coaching service and starting of my coaching business The School of Personal Excellence
  54. Today (Oct 23, 2009) – Article on the wired generation taking businesses online (article link)
  55. Jobs Central (Oct 14, 2009) – The School of Personal Excellence: Bringing your dreams to life (article link)
  56. NUS Business School Global Alumni Network (Aug 2009) – Pursuit of Passion, Interview with Celestine Chua (article link)
  57. Lianhe Wanbao / 联合晚报 (July 12, 2009) — Article on career coaching
  58. Lianhe Wanbao / 联合晚报 (May 20, 2009) — Feature on my 1-1 life coaching service
  59. Jobs Central (May 20, 2009) — Will you ditch your career to follow your heart? (article link)
  60. Lianhe Zaobao / 联合早报 (May 13, 2009) — 2-page coverage on my story and personal development work
  61. My Paper (Mar 27, 2009) — Feature on how I started pursuing my passion
  62. Asia One (Mar 27, 2009) — Feature on how I started pursuing my passion
  63. Showbiz OMY (Mar 27, 2009) — Feature on how I started pursuing my passion

Blog Features/Interviews

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