21DPC Day 20 – Who are 3 Positive People You Can Spend More Time With?

This is Day 20 of the 21-Day Positivity Challenge (21DPC) for Mar 2012. View all posts made during the challenge: 21DPC Overview.

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21DPC Day 20 Question

Who do you spend most of your time with every day? Do you know the people hang out with have a direct effect on your level of consciousness? (Read: You are the Average of the 5 People You Spend the Most Time With.)


Hence, it is important to be conscious of who you choose to be around. The more you hang out with positive, conscious, empowering people, the more positive, conscious, and empowered you will be (and from you to them, too).

This leads to today’s positivity question:

Who are 3 Positive People You Can Spend More Time With?

Average of 5 people

It’s now the second last day of 21DPC! Stay tuned for the last task for the challenge tomorrow! 🙂 It will not be the final post for the challenge though – we will have a round-up post after tomorrow’s task.

Your Task:

  1. Reflect and answer today’s question(s). Write as few or as many words as needed to fully express yourself.
  2. Reach out to the 3 people you listed.
    1. Send them an email, give them a call, drop them a facebook or Twitter message, or even better still, talk to them in person if possible.
    2. Say a simple hello and check how they have been doing. Arrange for a lunch, dinner, or gathering together in the near future.
    3. Moving forward, identify opportunities where you can spend more time with the people you listed.
  3. Identify at least one positive thing about your day. It may be something small or something big – as long as you deem it as something positive, it counts. If you have more than 1 thing to share, then by all means, go for it!

Share Your Answers!

After you are done, share your answers in the comments area.

If you’re doing this at the start of the day, you can post your answer for today’s question first, then work on your positivity task throughout the day, then return at the end of the day to share your results for your positivity task and your end-of-day positive reflection.


Check out other participants’ answers. Pick 1-2 participants’ answers and make a meaningful reply to them. Engage in the discussions. This is a group course, so let’s support each other in these 21 days!

Images: Happy girl in the field, Five people

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