Gratitude Challenge Day 10: Give a Gratituity Tip

This is Day 10 of the 14-Day Gratitude Challenge where hundreds of participants around the world gathered to practice gratitude for 14 days. This challenge was conducted in Aug 2013 and is now over–however, you can still do the tasks in your own time! Visit the overview page for all Gratitude Challenge tasks and posts.

Gratitude Challenge

Hi everyone, welcome to Day 10 of our 14-day gratitude challenge! :D We have four days left till the end of our challenge!

Day 10: Tipping


I’ve to admit–up until the gratitude challenge, I have never thought much about tipping.

It’s because I grew up in Singapore, where tipping is not part of the culture. Dining costs at restaurants here are, by default, subject to 10% service charge and 7% GST (for companies with over $1 million turnover a year). Because service fee is already included in your final restaurant bill, most (if not all) Singaporeans do not tip. This non-tipping culture is also present in many parts of Asia and Europe I’ve traveled to.

It was when I went to U.S. in 2011 that I began to tip, out of obligation. In U.S., you are expected to tip–be it to waitresses or cab drivers–at least 12 to 15% (depending on the state) of the final bill. Even if you receive poor service, you are still expected to tip–just perhaps lesser. I’ve heard of stories of people who didn’t tip or forgot to tip and were driven out of the restaurant immediately. My understanding for the compulsory tipping in U.S. is because service staff gets very low basic pay and relies on tips to make a living from their work.

Having been accustomed to the no-tipping culture in Singapore/Asia, for a while I felt ridiculous that I had to tip (in U.S.) even when I received poor service (e.g., cab drivers who don’t help you load your luggage). I also felt turned off by saccharine sweet waitresses who behaved that way just to get more tip (it’s obvious because their attitude changes right after the bill is paid or their disinterest seeps through their false demeanor). I always tipped while I was in the states even when I received poor service (save for one time with a cab driver, because I didn’t know I was expected to tip cab drivers as well until later); I just didn’t see the point in doing so.

Now that we are having this gratitude challenge, I realize that tipping is also a way of showing gratitude–to service staff who take care to serve you. Sure, there are always crappy service staff out there (the Italian waiter Ken and I encountered at Bar Napoli in Edinburgh last week is a perfect example; it’s not a place I want to step into ever again), but there are also awesome service staff are meticulous in their work and welcoming and helpful to customers. While it’s great that we appreciate these servers in our hearts and reciprocate with courtesy, why not show some generosity and reward them for a job well done? It may well encourage them in more ways than you realize.

 Today, your task is to give a gratuity tip!

Your Task: Give a Gratuity Tip

Give a tip (or if you normally tip, give a bigger tip) to a server who gives you great service today. It can be a restaurant waitress, a cafe server (Starbucks counts!), a bellboy, a taxi driver, or any service staff.

If you happen not to be engaging any service today or you don’t receive any good service worth tipping, then keep this task in mind for the next few days, then report back with your results after you have done it. See if you can complete this task before the challenge ends!

PS: I’ll be keeping a look out for good service in the next few days so I can do this task too!

Daily Journaling: Write 3 Things You Are Grateful for Today

On top of today’s task, identify 3 things you are grateful for today. These 3 things can be events that occurred today, mishaps which could have happened but didn’t happen, or simply things which have always been in your life but which you suddenly came to feel grateful for today.

3 things I’m grateful for today:

  1. My friend Kwanz, who is always making an effort to meet up and catch up, even when we are both busy with our own lives. Thanks for your friendship Kwanie! :)
  2. Campbell for their soups. They make it easy to have cheap, tasty, and healthy (relative to say, McDonald’s) soups at home! One can of Cream of Mushroom is only $1.20 USD in Singapore!
  3. Home-made salads. Again, cheap, tasty, and healthy, and you can control the ingredients that go into them!

Share Your Results!

Who did you tip today? How much did you tip?

(If you normally tip, how much more did you tip today?)

How did you feel when/after you tip?  Would you be more open to tipping in the future?

What are 3 things you are grateful for today?

Share them in the comments section! :)

Once you’re done, proceed to Gratitude Challenge Day 11: List 3 Things You Tend to Take For Granted (and What You Plan to Do About Them).

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  • Kiki Maria Valera

    I happen to be online while this article was posted. Due to the lack of funds, I most likely won’t be receiving any service this week, ha ha. Hopefully, as soon as I’m paid, I’ll probably update this comment.

    Yes, tipping is very big in American culture. I remember I had ordered pizza, and the delivery man was expecting a tip right after. I tend to forget to tip especially when it comes to home delivery; I can be awkward. After five seconds, I realized he was waiting for his tip so I tipped him.

    Funny story, when I was younger, my mom started to allow me to go outside by myself. Before, I wasn’t really allowed to go outside by myself–my mother was strict–so I relied on her for most things. As a rite of passage, I decided to head to the nearest 7-11 with my sister. I was more socially awkward when I was younger compared to now, so I wasn’t completely aware of the social etiquette.

    I brought my drink and snack with the money my mother gave me, and walked up to the cashier. For some reason, I thought I had to tip her(the cashier) mind you this was my first time buying food by myself. I gave her two or three dollars; the look on her face was priceless. As she grasped the extra change, she stared at me puzzled, looking over co-worker for a comment. However, she accepted the estranged dollars, continually staring at me as my sister and I departed the store. My little sister remarked, ” Where you suppose to do that?” It was there that I realized, “Probably not.”

    But, yeah, I’ll update if I tip any server properly ;). ha ha

  • Ffion

    I think tipping for bad service to be ridiculous to be honest and don’t understand cultures where tipps are calculated into the price. To me, that’s defeating the point. I can understand staff is underpayed, but it doesn’t cost anything to be nice. Sure, you might have a bad day, but if you’re going to be an asshole when you’re in the serving business, you’re in the wrong business. No tip from me and if it is it’ll be a super low one to make my point. Sorry.

    However, I’m more than willing to tip for good service. I’m actually thinking of giving my hairdresser a tip next time I go, she advised me very well last time I went and I loved the results. (I’ve never thought about tipping a hairdresser before… usually I just tip waiters, but I think I might when I go next. She definitely deserves it :) Maybe I’ll write her a thank you note to go with it…)

    I don’t think I’ll get a chance to tip today, as I’m not going anywhere… but I’ll keep the hairdresser in mind. :)

    • Ffion

      Grateful for:

      1) My lovely fountain pen (a gift from my boyfriend)
      2) Great weather
      3) Had a lie-in
      4) Some interesting blog-posts
      5) French practice

    • Karin

      Hi, instead of giving a tip to your hairdresser, to show your gratitude, you can maybe buy some drinks or cakes to give her on your next trip to the salon…this is what I am thinking of doing as it is difficult to decide how much we should tip,.:),

      • Ffion

        That’s a cute idea, I’ll have to think about that :)

      • Celestine Chua

        Good idea, Karin! The only gap I see with that idea is that I always feel iffy when people buy food for me as gifts. Firstly I’m very choiceful about what I eat, and whenever people buy chocolates, candies, doughnuts for me etc., I feel it’s a waste of their money because firstly, it’s an unhealthy food which I don’t really enjoy eating to be honest (only once in a while). Secondly I feel it only makes me unhealthy rather than support my health goals, so I either give the food away to others (which is probably not good since I’m just shoving those calories to someone else and preventing someone else from maintaining a healthy diet) or just leave them aside.

        But of course, most people will probably be okay with a food-related gift. The best thing is to understand the person you are gifting to and buy/do something that you know will resonate with him/her. A thank-you card, of course, is something that’s timeless and will definitely hit home.

    • Celestine Chua

      Hi Ffion, tipping your hairdresser along with a thank-you note actually sounds a great idea, if you eventually do it! That’s fantastic to combine these two actions together, especially with the note making your act more personalized. I’m sure you are going to rock her day if you do that. :)

  • 家梅 李

    Yes, I don’t give tips, even 5 cents. Most of the big restaurants in Malaysia have the same billing system as Singapore, where we have the government tax and service charge. In some restaurants, we customers have to take everything by ourselves, and we still have to pay for the service charge. I feel that this is ridiculous. So, no matter if the service is good or bad, I don’t give tip. And, one point is that, in most of Malaysia’s restaurants, it is not only one person who served us. If I would to give tips, I prefer to give tips to the people who really provided good service to serve us. I saw some customers just left the small change on the table when they left the restaurant. The small change was then collected by the person who cleaned up the table, but not the person who served that customers. It’s not a good way in giving tips this way.

    When I go to some fast food restaurants, such as KFC or Mc Donald, they provide a box for donation in front of the counters. I’m more than happy to drop the small change into the donation boxes for the charity associations.

    I guess, I would take the chance to give tips, if I meet up a personal service waiter / waitress. :)


    3 things I’m grateful for today:

    1. I thanked to my boyfriend that invited me for a movie –> The Conjuring! He knows that I like to watch horror movies although I’m scared. XD I held his hands tightly when the ghost appeared! Haha~

    2. I thanked to my boyfriend’s aunt who lent me her story books. Finally, I have something new to do through out this semester holiday!! (In fact, I have a lot of handicrafts in mind that I still taken into actions… Hehe)

    3. I thanked to my boyfriend to brought me to see the “Ubah” bird which is quite famous in Penang recently. Haha, I’m not to talk about politics, but I like the cute bird with big yellow mouth! ^^

    • Celestine Chua

      Hi Jaleen, adding to the donation box sounds like a good idea too, in place of tips! I’ve to be honest though that I tend to adopt a skeptical mindset towards donation boxes only because I never know how they spend the money. My impression of many of such associations is that much of the money gets lost in administrative activities, and that I can do more good/add more value by utilizing the money itself to directly help other people rather than using it by way of proxy through donations. That’s just my view, though! I’ve to chew more on that and do more research in this area.

      • 家梅 李

        Yup, I agree on your point which we do not know where our donations actually go to. As I know, it is a social responsibilities for an organization to do charity. Of course, we are unable to drill down into details on how they spend the money, but it is our sincerity to donate to those who needs it. It is the same for your post, your sincerity to “donate” to the waiters / waitress who need it in US since they are paid quite low and need the tips to sustain their lives. You would not know how they use the tips you gave, too.

        The important point is still about our hearts in giving the tips / donations to them. If we can help, we will help. :)

        • Celestine Chua

          Hey Jaleen, I hear you! You are definitely right that it’s about our sincerity and our hearts to help others–donations, tipping, etc. are how we express that.

          I was coming from the place of “Is my money going directly to the people I want to give?” With the waiters/waitresses, while it is true that we wouldn’t know how they use the tips, it doesn’t matter (to me) since they get 100% of the tips I give (either 100% or split among all the service crew in the restaurant). (Well it’s a different matter altogether if they are using the money to buy weed, smoke, or do some self-damaging actions, but that’s besides the point altogether.)

          With organizational donations, the people I want to give money directly to are African kids (for example) — if only 1% (or even 0%) of my money goes to them because of the organization’s inefficiency or issues, I would be very much hesitant to do that, and instead will look out for an organization which is able to utilize my money better (with multiple charity organizations today, we have more options on who we choose to donate to).

          There have been tons of scandals of charity organizations/donation-based organizations in Singapore in the past decade, spanning from Christian organizations (City Harvest Church), buddhist organization (Ren Ci), to even national-level institutions like National Kidney Foundaiton. I do see merit in being prudent with how we share our money, because ultimately while our sincerity is important, we want to make sure that our actions are reaching to the right place! Otherwise the people whom we want to help would still be in need of help, which would defeat the purpose of our actions altogether.

  • Celestine Chua

    I’ve a sense that this task will probably not ring so well with some participants since it involves giving out money, which not all of us would have a lot of! I’ve to say I empathize with your predicaments. (I currently have housing and wedding plans both of which need large amounts of money especially in a place like Singapore where housing is astronomically priced, so frugality is a bigger theme than ever in my life currently.)

    I just want to remind all of us here to adopt the mindset of abundance; that tipping someone doesn’t mean money being thrown away and never coming back to us. It may well open the channel for more money to flow back into our lives.

    Secondly, we’re not talking about tipping one hundred dollars or one thousand dollars; even one dollar is also a tip (of course we are talking about tipping when we get good service, not tipping for the sake of tipping). Even if we live in a culture where tipping is not prevalent (this applies to me), it doesn’t mean that we can’t tip. Most restaurants and cafes (Starbucks has a tipping jar) actually provide the option to tip; it’s just that we (those of us who live in non-tipping cultures) don’t utilize it since we don’t have a habit of thinking.

    Let’s try to stretch ourselves and expand the way we view and treat money! If you feel any discomfort with the task, it’s good to self-examine and understand why. I know I’m doing it to myself here!

  • Hanna

    We stopped by a strawberry seller on the roadside on the drive to Devon today. I bought a box, then remembered about tipping and thought this is a good opportunity so gave £1 back to her out of the change. I felt good for tipping her, not something I would normally do. I think she was surprised.

    I would be open to tipping in the future – we don’t tip very often in the uk.

    1. I am grateful for our wonderful cottage in Devon. And I have a four-poster bed! Have always wanted to sleep in one!
    2. Grateful for our easeful journey here.
    3. For seeing my youngest niece Summer for the first time in a year!

  • Eli

    I would like to share a story about tipping from the other point of view – from a view of a waitress as I had been working as a waitress at certain point in my life. It all happened in the US where I worked over the summer. One late evening when we were finishing at the restaurant a man that was dining there asked me if he could get a big table because his family was coming to join him that evening but got stuck in traffic so they were late. We have already cleared the cuttlery from all the tables and the kitchen was closed but with the help from a colleague I set up a big table and checked with the kitchen if they could still serve some cold dishes like salads or soups. Latter on a big extended family joined the man and they were eating, laughing and having a lot of fun together – it was also me that made this possible by not just saying sorry, it’s too late, the kitchen is already closed (which I had very right to say) but I went an extra mile and checked weather anything could be done for them and it turned out it could be. Me and my colleague got a big tip from the man that evening :-)

    But that was not all. The restaurant was part of a resort and this man was staying there. A few days later when I came back from a short trip, an envelope from him was waiting for me at the reception. It contained a hundred dollar bill because I was not working on the day he left and he could not hand me the money in person. I still have that hundred dollar bill because it means a lot to me :-) The man actually looked pretty scruffy (definitely not rich) but it turned out he was rich and also very generous. I think it was also this experience that made me appreciate people who do service and I do leave little tips not just to waiters but also for example to my beautician when I am happy with the service. I want to show them I appreciate their work. I believe every person has the need for their work to be appreciated. In some professions it is your boss that praises you for work well done but in service it’s usually the customers. I know how much I appreciate it when somebody is grateful for my work or praises it and I want to give these people the same feeling. I want to make them feel good about their work and themselves by thanking them and also tipping them when they do their work well.

    3 Things I am grateful for today – Day 10
    1. A big family gathering turned out better than expected
    2. Had a yummy cake
    3. Was able to share my wonderful experience with tipping

    • Donetta Sifford

      That is an awesome story! You went an extra mile, expected nothing, and ended up receiving his gratitude and a nice tip. Stories like these prove there is still a lot of good in the world and people can still show appreciation.

  • Calae

    Man, I don’t know when I’ll next have the opportunity to tip! At school, I pay for most of my stuff using my student card, so I can’t tip using it. I’ll definitely remember to give a good tip next time I’m able to, though! I love rewarding good service. =)

    I honestly really hate the tipping system here in the US. I tried being a server (I only lasted a month), and I barely received tips. And at $2.88 an hour, I was basically earning back my money for gas and that’s all. I really wish that restaurants were required to give their waitstaff at least minimum wage — some people don’t even realize they’re paid less than minimum wage (since tips are assumed to be part of their wage)!

    Three things I’m grateful for today:

    1) My other three roommates moved in today, two of whom I haven’t met before. They all seem super sweet and chill so I think we’re all gonna get along great and have an awesome time this year!

    2) Got a text from one of my good girl friends who I haven’t spoken to that much over the summer, asking how moving in went. We had a nice conversation over text until she had to go to work. =)

    3) My roommates brought a microwave, coffee pot, toaster oven, and many other things for the apartment. I’m so grateful to have a means to heat up things quickly again — not having a microwave even for just two days really makes me appreciate the technology even more!

  • Melody

    My husband and I always leave a tip. It’s something we decided to do many years ago. My best friend was a waitress and those tips were what got her family by through some lean times. We didn’t go anywhere to leave a tip today but I will remember this post the next time we do. :)

    Today I am grateful for: 1) my husband and son helping me get started on our guest room; 2) having enough time to get many good things accomplished; 3) feeling sleepy because it reminds me that I’m still alive and that I did work hard to accomplish all that good stuff today.

  • blessedart

    I’ll definitely try and post back after receiving service. Our family will be hitting up Golden Corral tomorrow after church so we will see how that goes :+)

    3 Things I’m grateful for today:

    1. Being in the presence of enjoyable, positive women on today.

    2. Making a committment and keeping it despite the sacrifice.

    3. Spending time visiting with my mother.

  • Madalina Sraier

    I’ll have to keep this in mind and offer a tip next time I go out.

    Today I am grateful for:
    1. trying something sweet that I’ve never eaten before (sticky, sweet, with strawberries and some nuts)
    2. I got to relax, reading a book which I almost finished
    3. I found some ideas for passive income sources. I hope to get at least 2 of them running as soon as possible.

  • asma

    i’m going to tip the cleaners at my university since they do splendid job with low paid salary

    • Celestine Chua

      Splendid idea, asma!! You just gave me ideas on who else I can tip!

  • Derrick R Kearney

    Back in
    my former life I worked for years in the food service industry. I know how it is to live off the half wage
    paid by employers and whatever money left behind from customers. Even though I
    don’t have much, I usually try to help out with what I can each time I eat
    out. Not all service I will admit though
    gets tips, as I usually will not give money for a to go order that I pick up
    myself or at a fast food place where the person is only ringing in the
    order. These people are normally paid
    the standard rate if not more for their work, and it is impossible to help
    everyone. Still for a server in a
    restaurant I will open the pockets with a couple of dollars.

    Saturday included a trip across the bridge to attend a fantasy football draft
    and unfortunately a flat tire on the way.
    I was afraid that I might not be able to afford either once I found the
    tire without air, but was able to have it replaced for a low price which gave
    me money to still continue with this journey.
    The server at the draft party was excellent, bringing out not only the
    food but keeping the drinks full for the time there. I personally think I went through four or
    five glasses of tea during the couple of hours there. There were five on our ticket with the bill
    coming out roughly $50 total. One of the
    guys had a special card that gave a 50% savings on the bill, bringing it to
    $25. Of that my salad and drink cost
    just over $5, yet I left an extra $15 behind.
    I didn’t explain to my friends who all rushed to get change why I left
    the amount just saying that they could “get me next time” for my overage. I am
    sure the young girl never knew what I did but appreciated the extra cash left
    on the portion of the bill

    3 Things Grateful for Today

    I was invited out to join some co-workers in
    after-hours fun. It is not normal for me
    to do anything with my work mates for several reasons. Unlike many of my past jobs were I have lived
    close by, many of the people I work with live in other parts of the area up to
    an hour away. Also unlike my past jobs
    were many of the employees were young and single, at this place many are older
    and married. Some even have children they must get back to. Also I am not the same person I was years
    ago. I like to stay somewhat closer to
    home for various reasons including not wanting to be out driving late night
    “with the drunks” which would put a risk of accidents and such.

    I enjoyed my first full day off from both places
    in over a month. Though I have had time
    away from one job or another, it was July since I had last enjoyed enough free
    time from both places. I was able to do
    a few things with my time such as the fantasy draft posted above and also
    “catch up” on some much deserved sleep.

    I was able to catch up with an old friend from
    grade school that I had not seen in almost 20 years. A lot has changed for both of us since then
    both good and bad, but we both have survived and made the best of our
    lives. It was great to meet her family
    and friends for the evening, who shared with me a home cooked Spanish meal
    (yum!) and a few hours of karaoke. This
    year for me has been about reconnection in many ways with those from my
    past. I feel now that we will not wait
    so long to meet again, but instead will try to make this a regular plan.

  • Bette


    1. I had a garage sale today and it was slow as molasses…had a couple sales,…no big shakes this weekend…but it’s okay. I am planning to keep open the garage sale through October. I am grateful to have so many things to sell, or share if they are not sold.

    2. Today our friends Wann and Rebecca came over…we were hoping they would stop by…and we had a beautiful visit together, complete with deep sharing. I love it when there is a good connection and time spent together is meaningful. m I am grateful for true, loving friends.

    3. Today my cousin emailed me some old time photos of my maternal grandparents that I had never seen before. What a great surprise! I am grateful I have a thoughtful cousin, and that I have these pictures, and my cousin and I share the same family and that we have contact.


    Tipping is always something that I have practiced. It gives me a good feeling to give in that way, especially when the service person has really given their best efforts, but even if they haven’t, I tip with the attitude that the tip will reach them, will make some positive difference. And who knows when some little act of kindness that I do will make all the difference in the world?!!!


    It’s not tipping, but… the garage sale…I have good prices marked on the items….and often I even lower the price more when people ask if I would take less…they get a bargain price lowered even more, and I get the item sold. It’s like I’m tipping them to buy my stuff! And it’s still a win-win all the way around!

  • Andi-Roo

    We always tip in the US — unfortunately that’s how our system is set up! :( I’ve written about here, or you can visit my Pinterest board “Gratitude-ish Things” to see more images reflecting an attitude of gratitude! :)

  • Spešl Pavrs

    I tip sometimes, it depends of how good the service is. I haven’t had a chance to give a tip these days, but I am planning to give a gratuity tip and a more generous tip than usually (if coffee costs 1,5 eur, I will give the 1,5 eur tip or more). I used to work in a bar and I remember how much it meant to me (a lot!), when someone gave me a tip.

    I am very happy every time I find some money on the ground/on the floor. So I had this idea the other day that I could put a few 1 and 2 euro coins on the ground (in a park, on a sidewalk, …) and than observe peoples faces when they would noticed them and picked them up :)

    On day 10 of gratitude challenge, I was grateful for:
    - going to visit my in-laws and having fun while staying there,
    - going hiking,
    - cooking a delicious lunch (hokaido pumpkins are the best),
    - not taking a nap, although it was very tempting.

  • Jeanne Floresca

    I think any tip you give should reflect your satisfaction with the
    service you received. If you received great service, then you should
    show your gratitude with an appropriate tip. If the service was
    horrible, your tip should also reflect this as to give a clue to the
    server that his level of service needs improving.

    I believe there are also times when extra generosity is called for,
    such as when a restaurant comps a few appetizers or meals. One should
    tip according to what the bill would have been and not what was charged.
    I believe if food is delivered to your home, the delivery guy should
    receive at minimum 20% tip. Why? Most delivery guys are only paid
    minimum wage, use their own car, and use their own gas. Plus think about
    it- for decent service at a restaurant, where the server brought your
    food from the kitchen to your table, you would at least tip 15%. The
    delivery guy brought your food from the restaurant to your HOUSE so you
    didn’t have to get dressed, drive, and wait. Don’t you think he deserves
    a bigger tip?

    Today I tipped my taco crew. Even when my food is to-go, I can see
    that it took a team to get my order through and bagged so I tip for the
    sake of all the people who helped feed me. – See more at:

  • Rainbow

    We had a fabulous meal with great friends at our favourite local restaurant. The staff were very attentive to us, as always, and gave us great service and the food was excellent too. We were very happy to leave a tip for them. I do believe however, that if you do not receive good service, then it is your right not to tip, or to just leave a little. I also do not like the way that it has become almost usual to add the tip onto the bill, assuming that you are going to pay it. I would much rather pay the bill for the food and drink ordered, and then leave a tip at my own discretion – normally this will also mean that I leave a more generous tip, than the amount which is stated on the bill.

    Three things that I am grateful for on day 10 of the challenge are :

    The rain (it has been pouring all day!) as it will help to refresh our gardens and plants.

    A great evening and great food with our best friends.

    My husband for working so hard for us.

    Thank you x

  • Suzanne McClendon

    Day 10 is attached. Have a blessed weekend!

  • Vinay Kumar

    I’m from India. I was born and brought up in a small town. We used to take care of all our needs ourselves. There were no taxis. And I never used to go to restaurants, until I found myself a job in a city. Not being used to eating out, it was difficult to come to terms with the costlier prices outside. Initially I never used to tip. But from past few years, befriending many other kinder friends have changed my habit. Here tip isn’t compulsory. And at some restaurants where service-charge is levied it isn’t required either. But at other places I’ve developed a habit of tipping. I do however haven’t tipped if a waiter was exceedingly rude. I’ve resolved to change that habit though, and I’m planning to tip, even if lesser.

    Instead of taxis in Bangalore we mainly have auto-rickshaws as the common mode of public-transportation. Now the auto-drivers are known for demanding “tips”. In fact they actually redefine the price(as against the prescribed meter-charges). Many a times it’s as high as 50% to 100% higher depending on the how isolated the place is and your urgency. Earlier I used to argue with them to reduce the price. But again from past few years, after seeing their more difficult economic condition, I do not ‘bargain’ with them if what they ask for sounds reasonable. In the one-off cases where you do find a more honest auto-driver who only asks for the prescribed meter-charge, i make sure to tip him more, just for his honesty.

    I mostly travel by my bike within the city and don’t travel out-of-town much. But I do frequent restaurants. I maybe going to one tomorrow. Will make sure to tip higher than usual :)

    3 things I’m grateful for today:

    - I had enough will-power today to write my journal, do my pending gratitude challenge tasks(still 4 left), and then exercise in the morning.

    - I got to watch 10 amazing solo dance performances today in a competition. For a person like me, who’s just started learning dance from a few months, these professional performances were instructive and inspiring

    - Had some lovely food today, morning breakfast and evening snacks, painstakingly prepared by mom.

  • Miss Ellen

    Hi all!

    Updating some of the challenges I didn’t post before (bad internet connection on holiday).

    Recently, my boyfriend and I went out to dinner, and we were served in the most generous way possible! Our waitress came to us with a big smile, making us feel incredibly welcome. She served every single thing with that same smile, in between asking if everything was alright. We felt like she was hosting us as her personal friends, giving us all her

    As a reward for her kindness, we really wanted to leave her a nice tip! And so we did ^.^

    I know from working as a waitress myself, that any tip, even really small, can make your day. You just know your customers enjoyed their meal, the service and the venue! It’s actually from that experience that I started tipping more!

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