I’m Going to Glasgow, Scotland! (Anyone Here From Scotland???)

Welcome to Glasgow

Hey guys!! :) I’m going to Glasgow, Scotland, this upcoming weekend, Aug 3, and will be there for two weeks. My fiance Ken is going there for work and I’ll be joining him in the trip.

Any of you from Scotland here, been to Scotland, or know anyone in Scotland? Friends have been suggesting that Ken and I get our engagement shots while we are there, so I was wondering if any of you know photographers (wedding photographers or otherwise) whom we can rope in for our shoot. Recommendations of any sort will be greatly appreciated; we are new to Scotland and would appreciate some pointing in the right direction.

Also we will be extending our stay for about four days after he’s done for work and would love to take the chance to immerse in the Scottish culture and meet up with you! If you live in Glasgow and you are able to host us in those last few days, please let me know!!

Last but not least, feel free to give recommendations on places to visit! We are probably going to stay in Glasgow/Scotland the whole time as our return flight is from Glasgow (and I’ve been to other spots in UK anyway), so we wouldn’t be able to check out any recommendations on spots outside of Glasgow.

Let me know via the comments section below!!

Thanks everyone and look forward to seeing the Scottish readers soon, if there’s any!! (I’m not even sure if there’s anyone from Scotland reading PE??)

Update Aug 3, ’13: Thanks everyone for your warm welcome and great suggestions!! I didn’t realize that there would be so many Scottish readers at PE. You guys are absolute sweethearts, thank you. *HUGE hug* Ken himself was really warmed by all the helpful responses from you guys. :)

We are flying off tonight and have already nailed two excellent photography companies to do our engagement shoots in Glasgow and Edinburgh. I’m really psyched and can’t wait to do the shoots and share the photos with all of you. That would have to wait though since the shoots are only in mid-Aug and photos will only be available a couple of weeks after that.

Given the positive responses for a Scottish meetup, I might arrange a meetup in the first weekend (I’ll be at Glasgow) or second weekend (I’ll be Edinburgh). Second weekend will be a logistical challenge because I’ll have two shoots plus an online course to conduct then. I’ll keep you guys posted @ PE if I’m having any meetup. Stay tuned!

Image: Inverary Castle

  • Fiona Kelly

    I have been following your blog for a while now and I hope that you have a fantastic time when in Glasgow it has some great things to see and do. If you get a chance to go up north then go, the landscape and scenery is loveley and I’m not just saying that because I live in Scotland :)

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Thank you Fiona!! :) Do you live in Gasgow or do you stay in another part of Scotland?

  • Alice

    Celes! I am from Scotland!! Would love to meet up but don’t know if a Scottish meet up is possible? Could I send you an email or something? I can recommend some good places to visit!

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Hi Alice, yes thank you!! Feel free to drop me a note at business [at] personalexcellence [dot] co.

      It would be nice to squeeze in a Scottish meetup if our (Ken and my) schedule allows for it, but I don’t even know if we have enough Scottish / Glasgow readers here at PE to begin with! Would you have friends who would be interested in a like-minded/conscious/positive people type of meetup?

  • Marcia Francois

    You should go to Edinburgh – it’s only a half hour drive from Glasgow and GORGEOUS! Gorgeous architecture, windows, doors, flower boxes – just a charming city! And somewhere between the two places is Stirling. Loch Loman (sp?) is also close and absolutely stunning!

    • Marcia Francois

      PS I’m wondering why you prefer to stay with a host family rather than on your own with Ken in a B & B – there are some lovely places and the owners are usually part of the charm :) We went to Scotland 5 years ago and loved the two B&Bs we stayed in over the 5 days.

      • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

        I felt that staying with a host family would be charming too actually — what better way to immerse in the local Scottish culture than staying with the people there? This was how I did my 7-month Europe and U.S. trip in 2011 and my recent S.Africa too, and I really had a blast. Also it’s a chance to get in touch with the Scottish PE readers (if we even manage to get a host family that way in the end)!

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Thanks a lot Marcia!! :) My dentist recommended to check out Edinburgh too, and seems like another reader mentioned Edin as well. We will try to see if we can fit that into our schedule!

    • Sophie

      Loch Lomond. And I second that recommendation! xx

  • Gordon

    You simply must see Edinburgh

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Thanks for the recommendation Gordon! :)

  • Anne

    I live in London but I’m from Glasgow. It’s a very friendly city and there’s lots to do and see. I’d recommend the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Kelvingrove Park, the Glasgow School of Art (and other examples of Charles Rennie Mackintosh architecture), bars and restaurants in the West End and Merchant City and shopping on Buchanan Street. I hope you enjoy your visit!

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Thank you so much for your recommendations Anne! We will surely check them out!! :)

  • Majid

    Celes plz do visit Pakistan. i would love welcoming you :)

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Thanks for your invite Majid!! :) Pakistan is definitely on my to-visit list in the future!

  • Milton Njanja

    Celestine you’re a true inspiration and all i can say is keep on keeping on. Happy holiday in Glasgow. Let me know when you plan to visit Nairobi and here i can be a big help.

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Thank you Milton!! I’ll surely do that! :) Kenya is an awesome place which I would love to visit one day!

  • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

    Hi Farnam, thanks for the recommendation! :) I do know about Couch Surfing; I haven’t used it before though I’ve heard awesome reviews about it from others.

    • Carmel McCormick

      Hi Celes, I got married in Scotland after living in Edinburgh for 5 years, you will really enjoy your trip – be prepared for some cold weather but it’s such a beautiful place. You can’t leave without seeing Edinburgh! For your engagement photoshoot I recommend ‘Lillian and Leonard’ – I’m a wedding planner myself and see these guys pics a lot, they’re really good.

      Have a great trip!

      • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

        Thanks for the suggestion and heads up Carmel! We’ll give ‘Lillian and Leonard a look’, as well as bring cold weather clothes along. Good thing you reminded us–thank you!!

        Edinburgh is coming up repeatedly as a recommendation, so we are surely going to check it out!!

        Do you have any other (engagement) photographers to recommend?

        • Carmel McCormick

          I sure do, ‘Caro Weiss’ is based in Glasgow and has a style that would really suit you two – romantic, modern and colorful (I’m basing this on your engagement pics!) and there’s also ‘Christopher Currie’. These are both top quality photographers – just google them. Let me know who you go for! And if you want any tips on things to do in Edinburgh let me know – I know all the best cafes! Also, the reason you have to go is because during the month of August Edinburgh hosts the largest arts festival in the world – know as the Edinburgh Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe. It’s one of the best things in this world to go to (I think) – the city turns into an open air theatre and throngs of people go to watch all kinds of comedy, art, film, music, dance & plays – you name it, they have it, there’s nothing quite like it. Just google ‘edinburgh fringe’ and you’ll see. This does mean that everything is expensive and you’ll find it really hard to get accommodation so I’d get booking. Or stay with a reader! I’m trying to book tickets to go to the festival from London but it’s so expensive, eek! Let me know if you have trouble finding somewhere x

          • Carmel McCormick

            Ps I’m starting a business as a wedding stylist myself, so do let me know if you want to brainstorm wedding ideas! Google ‘a handmade marvel’ and you’ll see my wedding in scotland on a website called ‘rockmywedding’ (a blog you should totally check out anyway – it’s the biggest one in the UK and actually features quite a few asian couples. I’m addicted!

            • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

              That’s fabulous Carmel!! I’ll check it out right this instant!

              Do you also have some recommendations on places where I can check out wedding gowns? Nothing over the top in terms of pricing, but more gowns that are romantic, chic, fashionable, yet affordable. I may not get a gown over there but it’s nice to see designs, get some inspiration, and who knows? Perhaps I might well get something!!

  • http://emmagwillim.com/ Emma Gwillim Life By Design

    Celes – you will have a wonderful time! My brother studied in Glasgow and so I enjoyed lots of weekend breaks visiting him. As you’re newly engaged you may like to look in the jewellery arcades for wedding band inspiration! I would heartily recommend checking out the Charles Rennie Mackintosh artwork – beautiful. Merchants Quay is just gorgeous and you’ll be spoilt for choice for places to eat and drink. If you fancy a fancy meal out, The Corinthian Club is just gorge…. Then there’s all that surrounds Glasgow. You can have a jam-packed few days!!!!

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Hi Emma, thanks for the suggestion!! That’s such a great idea about jewelry arcades — it would certainly be nice to check out the wedding bands there! Do you know where they are?

  • Anna

    Celestine. Hi there. Your request for help was sent to me by a friend, Martha. I live in Glasgow and am v happy to give you some ideas and suggestions for what to do in this fascinating city. You’ll have a great time in 2 weeks. I also have two friends who do wedding/engagement photography. Please feel free to get in touch if you want to chat more. Thanks so much, Anna

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Hi Anna, thanks so much for sharing!! Getting an engagement photographer is actually our priority now before we set off–for your friends who are wedding/engagement photographers, do they have an online portfolio/website which Ken and I can check out? Look forward to your response!

      • Anna

        http://www.neilthomasdouglas.com/ – Neil is married to a friend of ours, Jen. Check out his website above.

        • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

          Thanks Anna!! I just got a response from Neil; will follow up with him from there! :)

  • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

    Thank you Julie!

  • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

    Michel, thank you so, so much! I’ll see if we can make time for Stirling Castle while we are there because we might be going to Edinburgh plus we have to do our engagement shoot while we are there. The tip on the advance train booking is great too — thank you!

  • Stacey

    Celes I live about an hour from Glasgow and would definitely be interested in a meet up! I study in Glasgow and it is truly a fabulous city – full of culture and history! You should check out the West End when you are there including the Botanic Gardens, lots of charming pubs and places to eat on Ashton Lane and Kelvingrove Park! The weather is not always the best but I don’t doubt that you will have a lovely stay in Glasgow :D

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Hi Stacey, thanks for your message! I may organize a meetup in Glasgow then; stay tuned at PE if you are interested to come!! I would love to have you there!

  • N

    I’m Scottish and I went to uni in Glasgow! Get the subway from one of the city centre stations (Buchanan Street or St Enoch’s) and get off at Hillhead. There are nice restaurant, bars and shops on Ashton Lane (which is right outside Hillhead Subway station) and Byres Road. Glasgow University is actually a nice place to visit as well (it looks like Hogwarts inside!) and again, you just get the subway to Hillhead and walk up Ashton Lane to get to it or if you get the University Avenue bus from outside Glasgow Central Station the bus will drop you off right at the main gate. You can have a look around the uni and the Hunterain Museum which is inside the main building and there’s a nice gift shop.

    I’d also recommend a walk around Buchanan Street and Merchant City, again nice shops and restaurants and there are usually lots of buskers including, signers, pipers, drummers, human statues and other performers. Check out Princes Square, it’s a fancy shopping centre and really pretty inside. For restaurants I’d recommend La Vita, All Bar One and Cafe Andeluz. Really good atmosphere! If you like comedy, I’d also suggest going to The Stand comedy club – they often do amateur nights where it’s only £2 entry.

    I’d definitely suggest going to Edinburgh, if you go to Queen Street train station in Glasgow city centre it only takes around 30 mins to get to Edinburgh.

    You could get some beautiful photos at the Glasgow Botanic gardens in the west end. If you get the subway to Kelvinhall you can visit the transport museum and in Kelvingrove you can also go to the art gallery and Kelvingrove park. If you plan on using the subway a lot it’s also worth buying a 20 journey ticket as it works out cheaper than buying separate tickets – there’s info about that in the station.

    Feel free to email me if you’d like any more info or advice on getting around! Welcome to Scotland, I really hope you enjoy your time in Glasgow! xx