Kindness Challenge Day 2: Give Up Your Seat To Someone

This is Day 2 of the 14-Day Kindness Challenge for Nov 2012 where hundreds of participants from around the world get together in spirit to do 14 acts of kindness over 14 days. The challenge is now over, but you can do the tasks in your own time. Visit the overview page for all Kindness Challenge tasks and posts.

Join the Kindness Challenge!

Hellllooooo everyone!!!! :D Welcome to Day 2 of the 14-Day Kindness Challenge!!! :D


First off, I want to announce that we now officially have OVER 690 PARTICIPANTS for the Kindness Challenge!!!

This officially makes our 14-Day Kindness Challenge the third largest challenge we’ve ever held at PE, right after 30DLBL (Live a Better Life in 30 Days) and 30BBM (Be a Better Me in 30 Days)!!! *throws party poppers again*

You guys ROCK. You guys seriously ROCK. I love how all of you are going FULL FORCE and jumping on board in this amazing movement!!!

1,000 Participants—Is It possible??

Now, the question comes to this—can we hit 1,000 participants?? Can we???

I think we can, if each of us get just ONE MORE, ONE MORE person to join the challenge itself!! Let’s all do our part to spread the word. Post the Kindness Challenge announcement link ( on your Facebook, Twitter, and blog. Let’s make this a WORLDWIDE movement, not that it isn’t already one!!!

IMPORTANT: Sign Up First Before Proceeding!

You HAVE to sign up, as part of a personal pledge, before you can be counted as part of the official rooster for the 14-Day Kindness Challenge. Sign ups are still open but won’t be for long. Here’s how to join now:

We Are in Lianhe Wanbao!

For those of you who got Lianhe Wanbao (a Chinese evening daily in Singapore) yesterday, Nov 1, you would have seen that we were on the papers yesterday, regarding Kindness Challenge!!

Media Feature in Lianhe Wanbao

Page 5 of Nov 1 issue of Lianhe Wanbao

The article talks about the 14-day kindness challenge, how it has just kicked off (Nov 1), how the first task is about hugging at least 3 people around you, and how this movement is currently praised and lauded by participants and people in the media.

Thank you all of you for your positive words of encouragement!! Let’s get the show going guys!! :D

My Day 1 Review: Hug everyone I see!

Day 1′s task was to give a hug to everyone you see!

My morning for Day 1 was spent in UFM 100.3 (a very large Chinese-language station in Singapore) as part of my promotional tour for the 14-Day Kindness Challenge as well as for a personality interview!

UFM100.3 Live Interview

Inside the UFM 100.3 studio

Interview in UFM100.3 Studio

Preparing to be interviewed in a bit! ;)

The interview was a complete BLAST. The UFM 100.3 listeners were SO sweet, SO endearing, SO positive, and SO encouraging!!! The interview was actually supposed to be just thirty minutes, but was extended to an hour because (I think) the deejays enjoyed talking to me and there were SO many smses, curious questions, and words of encouragement and support sent in by the listeners!!!!!

Hug: Xiaozhu (UFM 100.3 Deejay) and Celes

Me doing Day 1′s act of kindness on giving a hug to one of the deejays, Xiao Zhu (小猪)!

Hug: Yanwei (UFM 100.3 Deejay) and Celes

And here’s me giving another hug to another of the deejays, Yanwei!!! ;) Yanwei is the lovely sweetheart who approached me last week (while I was in KISS92 for my weekly segment) to come to UFM for an interview. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity, Yanwei!! :)

Guys, I’m telling you that I was literally SO HUMBLED as I sat in front of the computer screens and saw the smses pouring in. There was about a new sms coming in every five seconds or so expressing some form of encouragement and support for my work and/or to ask about my blog address/facebook page URL (the radio station had a policy not to give out external URLs on air, so listeners had to text in to ask for my URL).

If you are one of the listeners who texted in yesterday, thank you so much. Your interest in me/what I do was/is honestly very moving for me on a personal level!! I’ll continue to work hard to give my best for PE and for all of you!!

Group hug with morning deejays from UFM 100.3!

GROUP HUG with all the deejays in the UFM 100.3 Morning Segment 不给一口叮!!

I went about the day hugging every person I saw (and knew) for the rest of the day, and eventually raked up a hug count of 10!!

(PS: For those who are interested, will be posting recording of my interview with UFM in the Podcasts section later today. Stay tuned!)

Participants’ Responses for Day 1: Hugging

From the Day 1′s comments sharing, some of you participants actually did better than me—participant Luvena, for example, actually hugged 24 people on Day 1 itself!!

I was with a group of 20 people the whole of today — so as of now, I have hugged about 24 people – but no strangers. That was easy.. but over the day, I realised that some of the people needed a hug for no reason every now & then.. it was so fulfilling.. :)

Congratulations for the awesome work, Luvena!! :D

Some of you improvised and gave out virtual hugs to people in your social networks and readers at PE!

Participants giving out virtual hugs on Twitter

Participants giving out virtual hugs on Twitter. If you haven’t already, add me on Twitter @celestinechua!

Virtual hugs via PE Shoutbox

Participants giving out hugs via the shoutbox in the PE (Personal Excellence) sidebar.

I say, AWESOME work guys and I’m so proud of you for that!! :D

Here are some word-for-word comments from the participants for Day 1:

…came home from work had only eaten breakfast was so hungry found mum at home lunch already prepared ….gave ha d biggest hug of d day :) — Participant lucy

Thanks Celes, Level 2 (of Day 1′s task, which is to hug as many people as you can) is exciting. Stretching my comfort zone. Good idea to blog about it, that will help crank up my engine again after such a long time not blogging. Although my daughter and me hug each other regularly, it is good share how we feel about it. She felt cosy and I felt supportive since she is rushing for her project work in the Polytechnic. — Participant Dolly Yeo

…I truly felt the depth of the HUG…. [...] I’m so glad for this task today…makes me feel that in this big big world am not all alone….I’ve got the world’s most supportive people around me…. — Participant ASLO

Just because it’s Day 2 today doesn’t mean that Day 1′s task has ended. As participant Daria very adeptly put it:

After reading today’s task I only saw mom and dad (excluding complete strangers in the street), so I hugged them both and gave them extra kisses :D

BUT this isn’t over … I want to reach level 2 or at least 1.5, so I’ll see if I can do it in the upcoming days. :)

Read more Day 1 comments:

Let’s continue to give out hugs to everyone we meet as we continue on with the next 13 days of the Kindness Challenge!! Let’s rock on guys!! :D

Day 2: Giving Up Your Seat

Do you give up your seat when taking public transport?

Do you give up your seat to someone who needs it more than you, be it when taking the public transport or out in the public area (food court, dining establishments, and so on)?

I’ve to be honest with you that I don’t always do that. There have been times in the past when I jumped to get a seat because I was tired and I simply wanted a seat for myself. Sometimes I simply didn’t care as I had thought of seats as a “first come, first serve” personal right. This mindset is something I’ve been changing of late.

I recall the few times when I gave up my seat in the past few months. As I gave up my seat to the person (sometimes it would be an elderly person while sometimes it would be a mother with kids), the person would look at me with eyes of gratitude, like it really meant the world to him/her. The point wasn’t that it made me feel good. The point was that the person was WARMED by that one simple gesture on MY part. That in that one second where I decided to give up my seat for him/her, his/her life was positively impacted, even if it was in a very minute, small, way.

This is why, today I would like to challenge you to do the task of giving up your seat to someone who needs it more than you do. Let’s get started!

Your Task: Give Up Your Seat to Someone Who Needs it More Than You

Your task today is to give up your seat to someone who needs it more than you.

It can be while taking the bus, taking the train, sitting in a public establishment, in your work place, at home while talking to your parents, or whatever.

Even if you drive, see if you can find a way to execute this act of kindness today! Crack your brain. Think outside of the box. If you haven’t already realized, the reason why I called this the 14-Day Kindness CHALLENGE is because this is to CHALLENGE us to find ways to weave in acts of kindness into our daily lives! I look forward to seeing what you guys can come up with!

(PS: If you really, really, can’t create the opportunity to execute this task today, improvise or park this task for a later day of the challenge, then return to share your results on Day 2 later on after you complete the task.

Just make sure you really try your best to execute the task today, vs. looking at it and immediately thinking, “I’m not going to get the chance so I’m not gonna think about this task at all today!” That wouldn’t be giving your all for the 14-Day Kindness Challenge, would it? :D

At the same time, continue to live up to Day 1′s task of giving hugs to people you see!)

Share Your Results!

Who did you give up your seat to today? Where did you give up your seat? How did you feel when doing this act of kindness?

Check out the responses of other participants in the comments section.

After you are done with Day 2, move on to Day 3: Write 3 Thank-You Notes to 3 People You Appreciate


  • http://no Danli

    I usually don’t sit on MRT seats. Learned from a friend that the seats are for people who needed. :)

    • Celes

      Hey Danli and to everyone reading this! Just one thought which might give you guys some ideas. I actually usually make it a point to get seats whenever I can when on buses and MRT trains. THEN, I will survey the people who board the public transport, deliberately LOOK OUT for someone who would need the seat, THEN give it up to him/her. You can say that my intention for taking the seat at the beginning is really ultimately to relinquish it to someone whom the seat should be reserved for to begin with. I’ve done this quite a few times in the past months and each time the other party would be grateful as no one else on the bus even thought of or was planning to give up to seat to him/her.

      I’ve found that when I just relinquish the seats by not taking it to begin with, someone else (teenager, adult, etc.—presumably someone who doesn’t really need it more than someone else would) usually take over the seat hastily, gets absorbed in his/her phone, and negates people who may benefit the seat more than he/she would.

      I’m not saying everyone should do this, just that this is something I’ve done because of the trend I’ve observed. Hope this might help some of you get ideas for today’s task and enacting kindness moving forward in your life!

      • Bob

        What a good idea Celes!
        I used to commute on a very busy train route and think that this a positive way of travelling.

  • wanxuan

    I am at home talking with my parents and don’t have any intention to go out today :( I gave up my seat for my mum to use the computer instead.. ^_^ She was checking her email for a sec and it would be inconvenient for her to key in her user details while standing up. After that I resumed my computer use :)

    • Celes

      Aw! Very creative, wanxuan!! Great work! :D :clap: I’m sure your mom must have been proud and very pleasantly surprised! :D How did she react to your gesture?

      • wanxuan

        Hm she was kinda neutral about it.. Oh well. I will still do good anyway :)

        • Celes

          Yep and know that her reaction shouldn’t deter or be the determinant on whether you should continue the act or not. Firstly she might well be very pleased on the inside just that she didn’t show it on the outside. Secondly, you do these acts because you want to, plain and simple!

          Keep up the great work Wanxuan; am so proud of you! :D

  • St. Boniface

    I am afraid that no one is willing to take my seat even though I insist…coz they are not going to be sooo comfortable sitting in a wheelchair…he, he, he….

    Guess, I am exempted the no. 2 Kindness Challenge. What I did today is to talk to a business owner to refer a potential employee, as he had been unemployed for 2 years. I am glad I did something good.


    • Celes

      Kudos for finding an alternative act of kindness to do on this day, Boniface! :clap: This is the spirit—it’s not about approaching this challenge with a “tick box” approach, where you cheer and celebrate just from completing the assigned act of kindness (sure, part of it does involve that, but this 14-Day Kindness Challenge is so much more than that). It’s about learning to integrate kindness into our daily lives, and the 14 different tasks for the 14 days are merely a trigger to get us thinking, pondering, about how we can integrate kindness into our daily lives.

      Again, fantastic work! You are setting a great example for all of us here in the challenge! :dance:

  • Jenn GD

    Hi everyone,
    Well! I was late this morning but still there were a lot of people taking the metro. However, a lot of available seats so I didn’t have to stand up. Will see how it goes this evening and depends on what time I leave the office. (GMT+1) Thanks, Celes.

  • Divya Singh

    I was at home today but I was traveling recently to another city by train when I offered my lower-berth to a senior-citizen as in her ticket, she had an upper-berth marked to her. It was evident that it will be impossible for her to climb upto two-berths so I exchanged my berth with her!
    Sure the sense of happiness and joy on the senior-citizen’s face was so great that I think it combated all the coldness that I generally feel on the upper-berth!

  • Kimberly

    Today’s challenge is not really a challenge for me as I always give up my seat to someone who may need it more. While I don’t ride the bus anymore, I will do this at work and stand so someone else can sit down.

    So I’m putting a different twist on this one today, and giving up some of my time instead to help out another manager. She called me extremely stressed and upset last night so I am going to see what I can do from my end to help her out. :)

  • Monisha

    I uhh……..don’t know if this counts. But at a visit to a little friend’s house. I was in her room. Then later I came out and sat on the sofa of the other room. Later she came near the sofa and I moved further from the place of my sitting so that she could sit there. And she did. I think this act was very little. And I organized some of my dad’s clothes until my mom told me to stop doing it. Will these be enough for today’s commitment in my kindness challenge. I hope I do better ;)

  • ASLO

    Um… think of it what a kind sentiment today’s challenge is…..

    I usually don’t travel by any form of public transport on a day to day basis…nor did today present such an opportunity where I could give up my seat to any other person :/

    So I couldn’t complete today’s task…yet as the day progresses I’d try to do my bit of kind acts….who knows maybe I’d get an opportunity to perform today’s task too!

    Resorting to what I said at first, what an amazing sentiment such an act would be….to think of it, I can only visualize the look and much thanks and blessings as I’d give up my seat to a tiring old-lady or the look of relief if I’d give my seat up to a flustered mother, trying to manage both her kid and her phone (a pretty common sight, mind you)…..or a million other virtuous feelings attached with such an act….It makes one believe in those loving bonds that still exist among the human race, whether you know the other person or you don’t,,,,

    So this gives me an idea….I’ve done so on both days of my challenge so far and would do so in the future…. I’d try and see how every days challenge rekindles the hope that we humans may have lost or forgotten from life….

    Thank you Celes, I noted my name up on your post….gives me the motivation to work harder with my challenges, work better with my words, work more sincerely on my kindness and work more spiritually towards my life :))

    • ASLO

      P.S. excellent to see Celes getting all that media attention….just helps spread her noble work further out in the world……Good job Celes….god bless :)

      • Celes

        Thank you ASLO!! Really appreciate all your support! :D

  • Hetal _S

    This is just Amazing :dance: As i read the post after already completing the challenge ;)

    Usually I do not travel by public transport however today suddenly I felt like traveling with a friend of mine. I was super tired and luckily I got a place to seat. After some time i thought of the lady who was standing for the quite some time and i gave my seat to her.

    Don;t know but i was suddenly feeling happy and not much tired. :dance:

    Thank you Celes :love:

    • Celes

      Aww, that’s so beautiful, Hetal!! I’m so glad that your act of kindness energized you and gave you a physical, mental, and emotional lift. Shows that when we work on helping others, we actually do help ourselves in the process as well. :D Thanks so much for sharing Hetal! (Your comment has also been featured in Day 3′s task post!)

      • Hetal_S

        Yes Saw the Day 3 Task Post :)

        Truly said Celes, “When we work on helping others, we actually do help ourselves in the process as well.”

        Even I didn’t know the small act of Kindness can help you so much :dance:

        Once Again Thanks to you :D

  • Robin

    When I was talking to Ken last night about today’s task, I couldn’t imagine how I was going to accomplish this today since we both drive to work. He came up with an idea on being a more courteous driver and allowing people in to lanes. My co-worker who is also doing the challenge came in my office this morning and needed one of my chairs for a meeting she was having in her office. So she helped me accomplish “giving up my seat” today! Love having someone doing the challenge with me at work. We also have a new employee this week. When helping him with an issue, I volunteered my time and knowledge for anything he needed help with. I still remember what it was like to be new here and was very appreciate of those that helped and encouraged me and made me feel welcome. So I’m happy I’m finding little ways to offer kindness to others and for those around me giving me ideas!

  • hendro

    Hello Celes and Everyone Who’s Reading this Comment

    Day 2 Kindness Challenge :p I just reached home after a long day ( a full day course and meet up with a friend for dinner) today . I took trains twice today and I felt so good today with the intention of giving up my seat to someone else. :) After reading post from Celes today, I had mentally prepared myself to give seats to those who need it more than me. I have stood up for the whole train journey and I could see how great people were inside the train today!! :D

    This morning I needed to travelled from Clementi to Bras Basah, I observed some interesting things. While from Clementi to Raffles place interchange, it was very crowded but I could see people giving up the seats to the other needy people while I was standing inside the train. :angel: From Raffles Place to Dhobby Ghaut, there were so many empty seats that we could easily grab! I offered a seat that I grabbed to someone who walked near to them. It turned out that the people smiled back at me and sat the other empty seat. I felt so great about it. :dance: When I travelled from Dhobby Ghaut to Bras Basah, people were just so nice to give ways to others. What a great day!

    When I travelled back from Bras Basah to Clementi, the seat were all taken but I could see a lot of people having a smiley face. Probably, it’s Friday!! :dance:

    WIsh you all of you had great time today as well and have a nice weekend ahead! ;)



  • Ken

    So todays challenge will be technically difficult to do, but mentally I think it can be done. I don’t use public transportation, but I do use the public transporation infrastructure. (IE I drive a car and use the public roads to go to work)…. Anyway this morning, I was driving into work and I know one of my exit ramps will be crowded. So as I was getting into the exit lane, I saw the big semi truck trying to get in that lane as well. No one was letting him in as they don’t want to be stuck behind a slow moving truck on the exit ramp to another freeway. So I decided to get into the lane behind him but then slowed down and made enough room to let him in. I’m sure the people behind me were mad, but I didn’t care. So I gave up my seat that way this morning.

    For the rest of the day I will see what I can do when I’m waiting in line at the check out at a store, or place to eat, and report back.

    Thinking about this challenge, and what people are going through on the East coast, especially New Jersey, I really wish people would embrace this for the next 14 days. I’m hearing such bad things going on now because of the storm and flooding.

  • Sonah

    I am glad to be part of an international family, reflecting on values ,in particular, KINDNESS, as far as this challenge is concerned.I may also humbly suggest that, in addition to the theme of the day, it may also be desirable to address the theme on a broader plane, considering the fact that there is everywhere a tendency towards value erosion in society, at an alarming rate, Family valuesfor example. And each one of us in our own modest way contribute towards reversing the course.
    It has been a good idea, to suggest that the initiative to give your seat in a bus be affended to when the time is opportune.When the opportunity arises where you find the need to cede your seat to , say a senior citizen, or a lady with a kid.
    It may also take another form,in the sense of giving a lift to someone at the bus-stand,by stopping your car,and kindly offering to assist, as I had stated in my comment of yesterday.
    Hearty congratulation to the organisers, and the dynamic leader that Celes is.
    Let us work towards making kindness become an integral part of our instinct.

  • Celi

    I did not have to give up a seat today, but usually do it spontaneously to elder persons. It feels good, but what is even better that it normally rubs off: someone younger always offers me another seat! That s a real heart warmer and spreading kindness.

  • Joe Castle

    Today’ challenge was easy. I gave up the chair I was seated at about 5 times; and to both genders. I know the people were quite grateful since each session on the conference was full. I enjoy being a servant. :love:

  • Luvena

    This was a ‘challenge’ – we dont use public transport and where I am, we’re constantly moving places – so no place was ‘my’ place today. When I got home, it was late, again no one was around for me to offer my place to. So I am considering re-visiting this task over the next few days.. Yes, I will be going out, shopping, etc.. it would be innovative to do this..

  • Faby

    i was not able to complete day 2 challenge but i did try to be more friendly. Maybe on another day i will be able to complete. I have also continued hugging family, before it hadnt been a daily act.

  • Bette

    Hi my Kind and Hugging Companions,

    I feel a change for the better when I read these heartwarming kindnesses. And of course when I enact random acts of kindness, I feel verrry good. Being kind/doing kind things actually is a kindness I am doing for me too, because it feels so good, improves my attitude and energy, and general well-being. :D

    I feel a synergy between my kind thoughts and my kind attitude and actions that, when received by others, the energy just picks up, is elevated, and everyone just feels better and is uplifted. :D :heart:

    When I give up my favorite seat here at the studio/ home, or find seating for someone who looks like they really need to sit down, I feel really good about it. :D And even better as I hear/see the relief on their faces and sighs. :D :heart:

    I know how it feels to be the recipient of a generous and kind soul, because of the times I have really needed to sit down and someone offered to me their seat. I felt loved. :heart: I feel loving when I give up/find a seat for someone, Include someone in a conversation or activity, offer assistance in some small but really important ways and I really feel loved too, because of the good energy increasing by the moment. :heart:

    So I’m learning to notice all the situations and places where I can be helpful. Often it is behind the scenes and not overt. I love thinking and feeling this way! :D And watching others being kind. :D Verrry good feelings. :heart: When I give up something, I know good feelings increase all the way around. :heart:

    P.S. I am SO happy and delighted and thrilled to hear about all the exposure you/Personal Excellence/Kindness Challenge, etc., is receiving. May any and all exposure that gets the word out there continue to bless the world, one person at a time! :bow: :dance: :D :heart: :D :hug:

    • Daria

      The idea of giving a *favourite* seat and not just any seat is interesting. I’m glad you brought it up Bette, this way we can take this day’s task to the next level :)

  • JadePenguin

    Don’t have any seats that anyone would want, so instead I gave up some of my time to help someone navigate the maze that is Maths department. I didn’t know where the room was myself but we found it in the end :)

    Oh, and regarding hugs, I realised it’s a bit weird when it concerns the opposite sex, cause they could take it the wrong way!! Otherwise I’d totally hug that handsome young lecturer who has such interesting things to share :) (and half the girls seem in love with him :D)

  • Gail

    Challenge day 2
    The only contact today was with my husband and my dog. I am retired and do not take public transport.
    Therefore I allowed my dog to sit in “my” chair. He knew he wasn’t supposed to be there…. but loved it anyway