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Today I’m very proud to announce the launch of the all-new Personal Excellence! 😀

All-New Personal!

After almost 3 years of excellence together and reaching the million pageviews/month milestone, I decided it’s time to take the site to a whole new level.


With effect immediately:

  1. Domain. We are now live as has been retired – all links on now points to
  2. Name. We will now be known as simply as “Personal Excellence“, or PE for short. We are no longer known as “The Personal Excellence Blog”, because we are so much more than just a blog now – this is a community for pursuing excellence and growth in life. “The” has been dropped for simplicity reasons.
  3. .Co. Our domain is, not .com, not .net, not .org. This is deliberate. Because .co represents community, togetherness, unity. It’s perfectly in line with my end vision for PE, which is to unite the world as one. No more separation, no more boundaries, no more delineation from one another. We are all one and the same, and we shall all grow in excellence together in life. Whenever you visit, you will be reminded of the community that’s here to grow together with you.
  4. Tagline. Our tagline is now “For people passionate about achieving excellence in life“. The previous tagline “Be your best self, Live your best life” will still remain to be the underlying motto. This new tagline accurately matches the #1 vision of the site, which is to create a community of people passionate about achieving excellence.

What are the reasons for the changes?

1. Building Personal Excellence as an entity; Detaching my identity from the business

After almost 3 years of running the site, I decided it’s now time to build PE as an entity itself, separate from my identity. I know many of you see the site/blog as synonymous as me, and in a way that’s natural because I use myself as the proxy to deliver the message.

But ultimately the end message I want to deliver here is to grow and help all of you grow; it’s not me (This is why this is a personal development site, not a personal blog). I’ll continue to write at the site, connect with all of you and run the business, just that your key intentions for perusing the site should be to grow and to connect with others passionate about growth.

2. Developing a community passionate about growth

The focus for the first few years had been about developing others as individuals. And this has been realized on many levels. PE has now gathered hundred thousands of people from around the world, each vested in his/her own growth.

And with that, the natural step forward is now grow, as a community. While there are many sites out there with hundred thousands of visitors, with each visitor working on his/her goals separately, this isn’t what I want for Personal Excellence. I see power in togetherness, strength in numbers, and synergy from gathering of like-souls.  I want Personal Excellence to be a place where we grow together. We will eat, breath, sing, dance, laugh, cry, reminiscence, rejoice, smile, grow, and excel in life together.

Personal Excellence is where all of us will grow and achieve excellence in life together.


This is part of the reason why I created the Challenges micro-site. Challenges will be where we take action on our goals, while the Blog will continue to be the place to get your best insights on growth. Forums will be where all of us hang out and support each other in life.

What Does This Mean For You, the Reader?

Nothing, really. Except lots of excitement and goodness that will come your way in the weeks and months ahead. 😀

I will continue to run PE and write at the blog as always. This doesn’t change. I will be doing this for the rest of my life, till the day I die, so there’s nothing to worry on this front. 😉

Update Your Links / Bookmarks!

On the more technical aspects, I require your help to:

  1. Update your browser bookmarks to This applies for the site, blog, forums, articles, etc. If you have any bookmarks to PE, you’ll need to update them, as the old links will not work after a while.
  2. Update your feed subscription to, as the old one will not work anymore after 30 days.
  3. If you run a blog and you syndicate the feed from PE, you’ll need to update the feed address. The old one will no longer work. The new feed url is
  4. If you run a blog and you link to PE in any way, be it in your blogroll or in your past posts, please kindly update all the links to point to Sorry about the inconvenience!

For newsletter subscribers, you’ll continue to be on the list, so there’s nothing you need to do on this front.

Downtime in the Past Week

Some of you may have been unable to load the site last week. That’s because of a server upgrade, major site restructuring and domain change from to In the past week, I’ve been buried in the site and working hard to get it back up asap.

I’m glad to say that the shift is now completed – We are now live, on a VPS (Virtual Private Server), and no longer on a shared hosting account! This means we are now bigger, better, and faster. 😀 No more internal server errors – at least, not until it’s time for the next upgrade.

Where the domain change is concerned, we’re pretty much done on that front too. It’s insane, the amount of work that goes behind a site restructuring and domain change, only because there is so much past material that needs to be updated (from the forums, ebooks, images, social media accounts, plugins, etc).


Broken Links? Let Me Know

While I’ve combed through the site exhaustively to ensure everything is up and running, there may be things that I’ve missed. Hence, if you see any broken links, errors or abnormalities anywhere on the site, please let me know by replying to this post.

Thank You!

Thank you for all your support and patience during this time! I appreciate all your support; at the same time I’m very excited to see the growth of PE moving forward. I look forward to many great things ahead for all of us. 😀 Let me know how you feel about the new domain/vision in the comments area. Let’s grow in excellence together!

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