Kindness Challenge Blog about Your 14-Day Kindness Journey!

This post is about the 14-Day Kindness Challenge held in Nov 2012, where we do different acts of kindness for 14 days. The challenge is now over but you can do the tasks in your own time. Visit the overview page for all the challenge tasks.

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I know some of you participants have your own blogs. Some of you have already told me that you are planning to blog about your 14-day kindness journey.


Come Nov 1, I will be blogging about *MY* 14-day kindness journey via the daily task entries on PE. I will be blogging about my Day 1 progress and results in Day 2’s post, my Day 2 progress and results in Day 3’s post, and so on.

The reason why I’ll be blogging about my journey is because (a) it gives me accountability to do the tasks and live up to the 14 days of kindness which I had signed up for, and (b) it is a great way to show others how I’m applying kindness onto my life and how all of you can do the same too.

Blogging has always been an essential enabler in my growth; this is why I had always been so relentless in my sharing on PE. Besides the fact that I want to share my life with all of you and enable you to grow through my life experiences, blogging also helps me to self-reflect and become a better person.

Because of that, I’d hereby like to officially invite all of you to blog about YOUR 14-day kindness journey from Nov 1 to Nov 14.

Not only will it be a great way to inspire people around you, it will also provide a great accountability platform for you to complete the 14 days’ worth of tasks. I once made this statement: “You can never control or change how others think, feel, or act. You can only change how you think, feel, and act, and lead by example.” By openly blogging about your 14-day kindness journey, you will clearly be leading by example and giving others a chance to learn from you.

Your Task: Blog about Your 14-Day Kindness Journey

Here’s how to get going.

  1. Create your blog.
    • For those without blogs, create a brand new blog just to blog about your 14-day kindness journey! It’s super easy to do that nowadays. WordPressBlogger, and Xanga are all blogging platforms you can use. Any tech newbie can easily create a blog and start blogging in minutes.
    • For those with blogs, skip to the next step.
  2. Pledge your participation.
  3. Share your blog details!
  4. Then, blog about your journey in the next 14 days!
    • For the next 14 days, blog about your kindness journey on your blog, at a rate of one entry per task per day.
    • You should still share your daily results in the comments sections of the daily task posts as part of your daily task commitment. (Day 1’s results on Day 1’s comments section, Day 2’s results on Day 2’s comments section, etc.)

If you are a total blogging n00b and/or you do not wish to take this step, it’s fine. You don’t need to blog about your 14-day kindness journey if you don’t want to, just that it will be loads of fun and I feel it will further accentuate your journey. You can still share your results in the comments sections of the daily task posts, which is really the key place where you should post your daily results anyway.

Check Out the Blogs of The 14-Day Kindness Journey Participants!

As an incentive and encouragement to all of you blogging about YOUR 14-day kindness journey, I will be showcasing your blog URLs here!

Personal Excellence has over one million page views a month, a Google page rank of 4, and is linked by over thousands of sites from around the world. Having your site linked from PE will undoubtedly help boost the credibility of your site in the search engines’ eyes and perhaps draw new visitors to your website.

By having your blog listed here, it will also give PE readers ideas on how they can go about doing the 14-day kindness challenge and help inspire them to be better people through your writing.

Blogs will be listed on a first come first serve basis! Note that to avoid spammers, only those who have posted at least a post announcing their participation in the Kindness Challenge will have their blogs listed below.

Actively updated:

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  7. The Start of Happiness by Brendan; Kickoff post: The November Kindness Challenge – 14 Days of Making a Difference
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Backlogged / Archived blogs:
  1. The Kindness Challenge by Lulu
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  3. divyaa by divyaa; Kickoff post: Let us celebrate ‘kind-ness-this-November’
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On to Day 0!

After you are done, move on to Day 0: Get at least ONE Friend / Family Member to Join the Challenge!

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