3 Simple Tips To Achieve Inbox Zero Using Email Filters [Video]

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Achieve Inbox Zero through Email Filters

Many people often ask me how I manage my emails. Even though I receive a fair amount of mail every week, I’m on top of almost every mail that enters my mailbox and respond to priority mail like urgent enquiries, media enquiries and business mail very quickly, sometimes right away.

And the best thing is this: I spend less than two minutes managing my mail every day (not including time taken to type the responses, though I keep that very short too actually; read Tip #9 of 7 Tips to Spend Less Time on Email).

How do I do that? One word: filters. In today’s video, I’m going to share three simple tips to achieve inbox zero using gmail filters. Don’t estimate the power of these filters; they pack a real punch! They have been making my life more productive since 2009.

While the tutorial pertains to gmail filters, I’m sure you can accomplish the same with the filters in other email clients like Lotus and Outlook.

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