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Update Aug 17: Our class is almost filled up and we have only five three one seat left!

Update Aug 18: Our class is now filled up and I’m allotting a few more seats for final registrants. THIS IS YOUR FINAL CHANCE TO REGISTER, so grab hold of this opportunity!!

In this course, I’ll be working hand-in-hand with YOU to bust YOUR procrastination issues, once and for all. Are you in or out? If you’re serious about eliminating procrastination and learning the art of becoming 100% motivated in all your goals, this is THE course for you.

I don’t know when I’m going to conduct this course again, this is the best chance for us to work together on realizing your goals/dreams. Please don’t procrastinate on joining an anti-procrastination course; it would be the greatest irony of them all!  Register via the button below, and I look forward to working with you this coming Saturday (Aug 23).

Are there areas of your life which you’ve been procrastinating on — be it losing weight, starting a new business, working on your blog, achieving straight As, improving on your eating habits, or more? Do you wish to STOP procrastinating and achieve results in these areas right away?

If so, then my upcoming Anti-Procrastination Course is just for you! Last year, I conducted the Anti-Procrastination Course, my one-stop course on overcoming procrastination for life, to a full class of over 30 participants. Many of them experienced breakthroughs in their personal goals and achieved significant results in those goals — the very goals which they had been putting off for months (if not years) prior to the course.

Some of the *many* testimonials I got for the course:

“[Through the Anti-Procrastination Course,] I’ve cleared a lot of my backlog tasks at work. Relationships with my subordinates improved. But the best thing I’ve done is that after the first week [of the Anti-Procrastination Course], I went out there and bought the property that I’ve been eyeing for quite sometime. I’ve been property hunting for two whole years and missed a lot of good deals just because I’m afraid to make a move.” ~ Alyssa Chong, Anti-Procrastination Course Participant

“Truly eye-opening. By the second module, numerous ‘light bulbs’ and ‘ah-ha’ moments had inspired me to address some very deep seated issues… issues I never even thought about when I signed up. My life is different now… I am inspired and excited about the days ahead.” ~ Nancy Lopez, Anti-Procrastination Course Participant

“Many changes that took place for me throughout the course were internal. I noticed lots of external changes towards other goals that happened without much effort, in the “flow,” before we even got to the last module!  :D ” ~ Marina Selezeneva, Anti-Procrastination Course Participant

Come Aug 23, I’m conducting my second run of the Anti-Procrastination Course. If you experience bouts of procrastination in your life, be it in a specific area or overall in your life goals, I’m here to help you eliminate your procrastination–permanently.

Myself as a Heavy Procrastinator

Some of you may not know this, but I used to be a heavy procrastinator.

  • In school, I would put off studying for exams, studying only at the very last minute, or sometimes not studying at all. With assignments and projects, I would put off doing them because I hated doing them.
  • During school vacations, when my friends were busy getting vacation jobs, I deliberately avoided doing so because I wanted to relax. I thought it was stupid to work during the holidays because I would have the rest of my life to work. I scoffed at the notion of being a hard, conscientious worker.
  • In the area of health and fitness, I wanted to lose weight but I kept playing lip service to exercising and eating right, instead skipping exercise sessions and eating junk food.
  • I also procrastinated on my goal of finding a partner even though deep down, I wanted to be in a relationship.

Such procrastination behavior would leave me scrambling (and very stressed out) whenever there were deadlines. Not only that, it would also negatively impact my goals. For example, studying at the last minute for my exams left me with a lousier grade than I could have gotten since I didn’t have time to study everything.

Then there were the long-term, Quadrant 2 goals which I kept neglecting since they would never become urgent. Not only that, such goals – like exercising, eating healthy, achieving my ideal body, finding love, etc. — were “great to have” goals which were too difficult to achieve or would take too much work, leading to further procrastination. The problem, though, is that such goals never become too urgent until it’s too late (e.g., irreversible health problems for not eating healthily, being too settled into a career to pursue one’s passion, being too old to start a family of one’s own,a etc.).

From Heavy Procrastinator to Super Motivated

Then, things changed. Starting from my late teens, I became a natural go-getter.

During my university years, I studied in NUS Business School, one of the top business schools in Asia. I was the Dean’s Lister (an honorary roll for top performers) every academic year and eventually graduated as the top student in my specialization of Marketing. During my graduation, I was awarded with two gold medals — Chettiar’s Temple Medal and Ban Hin Leong Gold Medal – honors bestowed to the most outstanding student, as determined by the school’s board.

Most Outstanding Student in Bachelor of Business Administration Program

Being awarded with Chettiar’s Temple Medal and Ban Hin Leong Gold Medal for being the most outstanding student in the cohort

Top Marketing Student Award in Bachelor of Business Administration Program

Being awarded with the Daimler Chrysler Prize as the two top graduates in Marketing

Celes' NUS graduation

With my parents on my graduation day, with my scroll and awards


Quitting My Job to Pursue My Passion

When I discovered my passion to help others grow, it didn’t take long before I quit my corporate job to start my personal development blog/business right after – without any experience in life coaching. I was only 24 then – an age which most (then) would consider premature to pursue one’s passion.

Through consistent action-taking though, it was a matter of MONTHS before my business, Personal Excellence, took off. Today, PE is one of the top personal development blogs in the world, with hundred thousands of readers every month. I’ve been named as one of the top 30 coaches in the world by Coaching Gurus International, and have coached/trained over thousands of individuals to personal success. To date, I’ve received over 80 media coverage including CNN, Channel News Asia, Channel 8, and Asia One.

Personal Excellence circa 2010 - New domain, New site name (Screenshot)

Personal Excellence (the blog you’re reading now), which I started in 2008 and have been running since

One Million Pageviews in 2011

Personal Excellence hitting one million pageviews a month in October 2011, making it one of the top personal development blogs in the world today

Channel News Asia, AM LIVE!: Celestine Chua with Yvonne Yong and Steven Chia

Me on Channel News Asia this year to speak on making new year resolutions stick, among some 80 media coverage I’ve received over the years


Taking Action in All Other Goals

It doesn’t end there. Over the past three years alone, I’ve realized all my Quadrant 2 goals, all before hitting 30. These goals include:

  • Achieving my ideal weight. I tackled my eating issues, prioritized healthy eating, made fitness a staple of my life, and finally achieved my ideal weight.
  • Traveling. In mid-2011, I packed my bags and went on a seven-month travel; subsequently in 2013, I continued traveling to more countries. Over the course of the two years, I spent nearly 50% of my time traveling, and visited 20 different cities spanning across Europe, United States, Asia, India, and South Africa.
  • Building my passive-income business which allows me to work anytime I want without having to worry about money.
  • Building a location-free business which allows me to work anywhere in the world without having to be in Singapore (where I live) — which is why I’m also able to travel freely too
  • Finding my soulmate, my ideal partner for life (and subsequently getting married earlier this year)

Discipline? Motivation?

Now, maybe you’re thinking, “That’s great. Celes, you’ve a high level of discipline and self-motivation which help you to achieve these goals… me, I can never be that disciplined and motivated. I can never realize these goals.” In fact, this is what many tell me.

Right? Well, WRONG:

  1. My continuous action taking has nothing to do with discipline. Ever since my university years, I have considered myself the most undisciplined person on earth. After all, discipline is about forcing to do what you don’t feel like doing—I do not believe in forcing myself to do things that I do not want to do. And I don’t believe you should either.
  2. Neither does my action have to do with me being naturally motivated. Like I shared earlier, I used to be highly unmotivated about my life, from studying, to working, to healthy eating, to exercising, to love. I was not born with naturally high motivation.

The reason for my natural “ability” to take action is because I have figured out the key to tackling procrastination. There is a common pattern to procrastination, and removing its supporting foundations will lead to natural action-taking thereafter. THAT’S WHY I’m able to take action NATURALLY, RELENTLESSLY, and seemingly EFFORTLESSLY. THAT’S WHY procrastination has no place in my life–in the event it does surface, I simply tackle it at its root and it dissipates right away. 

The thing is it can be the same for you too. Just like me, you can permanently eliminate procrastination from your life. And this is exactly what I’ll be working with you in my upcoming Anti-Procrastination Course!

What You Will Learn

In the upcoming Anti-Procrastination Course, you will…

  • Understand your root reasons for procrastination. Right from Module 1, we’ll plunge head-first into understanding the real roots of your procrastination (any procrastination). This is critical to bust procrastination at its root.
  • Learn to tap into your inspiration such that you’ll be naturally motivated all the timewithout having to force or discipline yourself to take action.
  • Bust through procrastination beliefs keeping you from action. All of us have beliefs — some good and empowering ones, others not so good and quite disempowering, hence leading to procrastination. Starting from Module 2, we’ll be identifying your limiting beliefs making you procrastinate and breaking through them.
  • Create your power action plan. What’s the use of talking without action? By Module 3, you’ll create your power action plan to take action on your desired goals. You’ll be taking action on your action plan for the next five weeks of the course, all while applying the new principles taught on a weekly basis.
  • Defeat perfectionism. A huge cause of procrastination is perfectionism — fear of taking action because you’re afraid that the results may not be as perfect as you want or resistance towards failure. We’ll be tackling this in Module 4.
  • Create your flow environment. How to create a supportive, “procrastination-proof” environment where you take action 100% of the time. We’ll be doing this in Module 5.
  • Create your productivity ritual. In Module 6, we’ll create your productivity ritual, a routine of daily activities that keeps you motivated every day, such that procrastination no longer becomes an issue (the very concept I shared in my latest book, 10 Rules of Super Productive People). This ritual is essential to helping you be in tune with your natural “flow,” and help you create results seamlessly, every day. 
  • Eliminate your excuses. Are you constantly coming up with reasons for not taking action? Would you like to have more “reasons” or “results” to show for in the next five years of your life? In Module 7, we’ll be working on excuse elimination, i.e., eliminating any excuse that’s keeping you from action.
  • Learn procrastination-resolution techniques. How to break through any procrastination and become a natural action-taker. We’ll be learning many crucial tips to tackle procrastination throughout the eight modules.
By the end of the course, you will be a master action-taker, provided that you duly apply and integrate what you’ve learned in the course! Be prepared for a once-in-a-lifetime course that’s going to change your views on procrastination and productivity!

Course Schedule

There will be eight sessions, conducted weekly on every Saturday (with the exception of a break week mid-course). At the moment, the sessions are planned for the following dates (subject to changes):

  • Module 1: Aug 23 (Saturday)
  • Module 2: Aug 30 (Saturday)
  • Module 3: Sep 6 (Saturday)
  • Module 4: Sep 13 (Saturday)
  • * There will be no class on Sep 20 as it is a break week.
  • Module 5: Sep 27 (Saturday)
  • Module 6: Oct 4 (Saturday)
  • Module 7: Oct 11 (Saturday)
  • Module 8: Oct 18 (Saturday)

Each session is two hours long, conducted between 9 pm and 11 pm Singapore time (GMT +8). The corresponding timings for other time zones can be found below, but please double check them as they may be subject to errors (due to daylight savings etc.):

  • CDT (GMT -5, with daylight savings): Saturday, 8 am to 11 am
  • EDT (GMT -4, with daylight savings): Saturday, 9 am to 11 am
  • UTC (GMT +0): Saturday, 1 pm to 3 pm
  • CET (All locations on CET are currently on CEST, due to daylight savings) / CEST (GMT +2): Saturday, 3 pm to 5 pm
  • IST (GMT +5:30): Saturday, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Some Testimonials from Past Participants…

 What surprised me the most about taking this course, was I now see pretty much everything in my life differently.  My ‘un-finished’s and/or procrastinations’ were merely the surface, or shell, of much deeper issues.  ‘Trying’ to address, or stop procrastinating, was me just spinning my wheels.  It was no wonder I was getting nowhere.

By the second module, numerous ‘light bulbs’ and ‘ah-ha’ moments had inspired me to address some very deep seated issues… issues I never even thought about when I signed up. Surprise, surprise.  My life is different now… I am inspired and excited about the days ahead.  The physical environment changes are great to see (my office is purged, papers are tossed, furniture reorganized, etc.), but for me, the shift in the un-seens (relationships/personal interactions) are even more impressive.

Thank you SO much Celes, for yet another GREAT course! ”

~ Nancy Lopez, USA, Anti-Procrastination Course Participant

“ I am very pleased to have participated in Celestine’s Anti-Procrastination Course.  The contents and results were extraordinary.

I was very dubious before signing up, being a skeptical person by nature. However, I’d spent my life suffering from [procrastination]–and feeling bad about myself because of it.  Having read some very promising articles on Personal Excellence, I decided to take the risk. 

I was pleasantly and productively surprised. This course was neither saccharine nor pushy.   Celes’s presentation was straightforward, logical, instructional, and stuck to basics without hand-waving or false promises of success. She is very respectful of class members, repeats questions and answers, reinforces important points clearly, and acknowledges participation in a supportive manner.

The material was well-organized and flowed from topic to topic in a way that built knowledge and helped evoke self-awareness. (Believe me when I say I am a tough customer and resistant to any gaps in logic or faulty examples.) The unfolding of Celes’ hypotheses of the causes of procrastination and the straightforward strategies to combat them were practical and workable.  In fact, the simplicity of her approach reduced my lifelong issue from a mountain to a much more manageable molehill.

Through this course, I learned that I am not intrinsically lazy and that procrastination is not my normal milieu–that it is a symptom.  I learned the deep-seated causes of procrastination, which are the true obstacles that I need to overcome.  Celes offered practical steps to change behavior.  These steps are flexible and allow me to customize them in ways that are suited to my personality and habits.

I would highly recommend this course to others if you want sincerely helpful strategies and clear understanding. It was an eye opener for me. 

~ Diana Diehl, USA, Anti-Procrastination Course Participant

 Thanks to Celestine’s deep approach, the course yielded results, one step at a time. It was demanding at times to confront my deepest fears and root causes behind the ideas and beliefs that governed my current routine, but it was definitely worth it. Superficial fixes would work only on a short-term basis. Looking at the root cause, if applied correctly, will fix the problem for life.

The most valuable and useful thing I got form this course was the shift of perspective – to realize that procrastination is actually just a symptom, of some other, much deeper problem. It seemed scary and a bit hard at first, to drill all the way down to the root cause of my fear, but once I got there, the wrong belief just dissipated and left space for the new, empowering belief at its place.

I would recommend this course to all the people who are ready to face themselves and get rid of procrastination once and for all. I’m on my way there now. :)

Thank you, Celes, once again. And kind regards until next time :)

~ Tihana Fizulic, Croatia, Anti-Procrastination Course Participant

“ I gained a lot from the Anti-Procrastination Course. I’ve cleared a lot of my backlog tasks at work. Relationships with my subordinates improved as we get lesser tension due to the backlogs.

But the best thing I’ve done is after the first week, I went out there and bought the property that I’ve been eyeing for quite sometime. I’ve been property hunting for two whole years and missed a lot of good deals just because I’m afraid to make a move. Then I finally understood that I had let fear of the property market condition overtake my passion in real estate investment.

I have learned the reason for my procrastination on a lot of my goals all this year. Right now the path seems clear for me without the cloud of procrastination blocking my view. I just wanna say thank you, Celes. ”

~ Alyssa Chong, Malaysia, Anti-Procrastination Course Participant

This course was very thorough and well-thought-of, material was well-researched and professionally presented. Many changes that took place for me throughout the course were internal.  I noticed lots of external changes towards other goals that happened without much effort, in the “flow”, before we even got to the last module. :) At the end, the last module really brought everything together nicely. 

Celes, THANK YOU so much for the course! The sessions have definitely been my one-ups. :) I would recommend this course to EVERYONE!

~ Marina Selezeneva, Canada, Anti-Procrastination Course Participant

 Celes’s anti-procrastination course has given me a completely new view on procrastination. I don’t want to give too much away as those aha moments that all participants had in the course are part of the reasons why it is so great.

Don’t expect a bunch of quick-fix tips but an integral approach at procrastination. However you will be awarded with not just a new view on procrastination but also other areas of your life. Yes, the course requires a lot of work if you want to achieve the maximum effect but on the other hand it will enable you to learn new tools that will help you see what is behind your procrastination.

Celes is a great presenter; knows her topic deep-through and was able to instantly address every question participants had.

Definitely worth my money and I will be on my watch for any upcoming courses by Celes. 

~ Elvira Matko, Slovenia, Anti-Procrastination Course Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

This course is highly beneficial to everyone, because all of us are susceptible to procrastination, whether we realize it or not. Specifically, if…

  • … you are experiencing procrastination in any area of your life (be it achieving your ideal weight, starting your next business, finding your soulmate, studying, working on your blog, making a much-needed career switch, managing your finances, and so on)
  • … you find yourself often bouncing back and forth between being highly motivated to achieve a goal and feeling lethargic and “lazy” to work on it
  • … you want to achieve breakthrough results in X areas/goals by the end of 2014 vs. putting off these goals (like you’ve been for the past months/years of your life)
  • … you want to eliminate procrastination once-and-for-all, guided by someone who has worked through her procrastination issues and helped others to achieve the same
…this course is designed for you.

I’m lazy and often unmotivated. Can I really get results from this course?

Yes. In the course, you’ll learn that your laziness and lack of motivation are symptoms, not issues. The root issue of your procrastination is something else. I’ll be working with you to uncover these root issues and to break through them.

Of course, the results you’re going to get is dependent on how committed you are to the course and whether you actively apply the strategies and take action. If you’re expecting a bunch of quick fixes, then sorry, this course isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for real solutions that work, that address the root cause(s) of your procrastination to eliminate the problem and set you sailing for life, then yes, this course is for you. As long as you apply what you’ve learned, and you follow through what we work through in the course, you will achieve breakthrough results — in the way that you define for yourself. The testimonials above don’t lie.

What is the format of the course?

It will be an online group coaching class, where all participants will log on to an online meeting room (details all provided after registration) every week. During the class, I’ll present the content for that week live, along with live exercises that everyone will work together and share their answers during stipulated sharing sessions. Throughout each class, all participants will get to text-chat with one another using the text-chat function of the meeting room. The last segment of each week’s class is always an open Q&A for that week’s topic.

All sessions are recorded, and the video recordings and powerpoint slides are sent after every module.

There are some clashes between the course schedule and my calendar. What should I do?

Don’t worry! I will be providing recordings of the course for attendees who can’t make it for specific weeks. Each week’s recording would be available for viewing for one week from the date of the session. This is to help the participants who already have prior engagements that clash with the course schedule.

Is this run the same as last year’s course?

Yes and no. Yes, in that the course fundamentals will be the same.

No, in that the course has been so significantly upgraded that it’s like a new course altogether. There’s at least a 50% update to existing content, addition of new concepts/material, and 100% expansion of the course from the original four weeks/modules to now eight weeks/modules! This will allow greater depth to work on your procrastination issues and remove the roots once and for all.

I’m an alumni of last year’s course and I’m interested to attend again.

As a special thank-you for supporting my work, all alumni of last year’s live course will get to attend for free! Attending the course again is also a great way to reinforce the lessons you have learned, not to mention that this course is actually a significant upgrade from last year’s run, meaning attending it will be a whole new experience altogether.

However, please only sign up if you plan to attend the live course. If you only want to view the recordings, you will have automatic access one week after the live course ends (in end October 2014), in the Anti-Procrastination members portal (which you already have the login information to after the first run). I’ll be replacing the recordings for the previous run (the one you attended) with recordings for this run — this is complimentary for you as a thank-you for being a part of last year’s course. Registering for a ticket with little/no intention of attending the live class will only rob someone else of the seat. (Alumni who sign up but do not attend the live classes will be removed from the weekly course mailing list after two sessions of no-show, since the intention of the live class is for active members.)

Simply let me know your interest and post your payment transaction number for last year’s course in the comments section and I’ll hook you up with the registration details! :)

I’ve bought the Anti-Procrastination Course (product version) and I’d like to attend the live course.

If you have bought Anti-Procrastination Course product, you get to attend this course at a top up fee minus whatever you’ve paid for the product. You will find the live experience much richer than viewing a video recording because you get to interact with the participants, do the exercises live, share your answers, ask questions, and get instant feedback. Also, being part of the live course entails you with unlimited e-mail consultation with me on the course content throughout the duration of the course (nearly three months).

Simply let me know your interest to join the live course and post the transaction number for your product purchase in the comments section and I’ll send you top-up link via e-mail!

How much is the course?

Read below!

REGISTER NOW and Get Your Ticket!!

The Anti-Procrastination Course is a rigorous eight-week course that deep-dives into your procrastination behavior and addresses it at its root. By the end of the course, you will find yourself a master action-taker, with procrastinistic tendencies long behind you.

For the length of the course and the live coaching sessions you get from the course, my one-to-one coaching clients spend thousands just to get the equivalent. As for the value of the content… it’s priceless. Imagine being able to act whenever you want, take action on your most important goals with ease (achieving your ideal weight, starting your new business, making that much-needed career shift, improving your eating habits, increasing your wealth, finding your soulmate, etc.), and never be weighed down by procrastination issues again — such is a result that can’t be quantified in any monetary term.

With Anti-Procrastination Course, I’ve priced it at a highly affordable rate of only $338 USD. That’s an entire eight-week, live group coaching course at less than $22 per hour of live course, which is  opposed to my usual coaching rate of $197 per hour. This course is the best, most accessible way to get quality personal life coaching from me, without paying for a one-to-one life coach which can easily amount to thousands for the volume of material and the course length.

One-time payment:

Installment plan option: 

(Pick either of the two options. Once you make payment, you’ll get a payment receipt from Paypal. Simply post a comment to this blog post with your Paypal transaction ID, and I’ll then revert to you via e-mail in the next 24 hours for the next steps of the course!)

Imagine a life of no procrastination. You’re able to take action whenever you want… be it exercising when you want to, studying whenever it’s time to hit the books (without any self-resistance), working when deadlines call for it, taking due action to write your book / create your business plan / work on your blog / work on your latest project every single day without putting things off.

How much can you achieve in such a life? How accomplished will you be? How fulfilling will your life be? I’ll let you fill in the blanks yourself.

I only conduct this course once a year, if ever. I’m not sure if I’ll be conducting this course again (my yearly course schedule always changes, and there are always new courses that I’m interested to conduct), so register now to avoid any regrets. Thanks and I look forward to working with you come August 23! :)

Update Aug 17: Our class is almost filled up and we have only five three one seat left!

Update Aug 18: Our class is now filled up and I’m allotting a few more seats for final registrants. THIS IS YOUR FINAL CHANCE TO REGISTER, so grab hold of this opportunity!!

In this course, I’ll be working hand-in-hand with YOU to bust YOUR procrastination issues, once and for all. Are you in or out? If you’re serious about eliminating procrastination and learning the art of becoming 100% motivated in all your goals, this is THE course for you.

Please don’t procrastinate on joining an anti-procrastination course; it would be the greatest irony of them all!  Register via the button above, and I look forward to working with you this coming Saturday (Aug 23).

Update Aug 23: We have an overwhelming response with 29 registrants, and registration is now closed! Thanks to everyone who has registered, and look forward to working with you in the course ahead!! :D

Any Questions?

Let me know via the comments section. Thanks! :)

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  • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

    Just a quick note that we have almost 10 members registered already in the first few hours of posting! :D I’ll be phasing out the registration discount shortly, so do register ASAP if you are interested in the course! (It would be most ironic if you procrastinate on signing up for a course on overcoming procrastination and miss out on the best offer you can possibly get!!!)

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Update: Over 20 registrants now! Will be removing the initial discount shortly. Do register ASAP if you are interested in this course!

      • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

        Okay, the class is now full with 32 participants! Sign ups have been closed. ;) Thanks everyone for signing up; for those who missed this course, you can stay tuned for the product version if it gets released. Subscribe to the free newsletter for updates. Thanks! :D

  • Agata

    Hi Celestine,

    I am considering signing up to your Anti-Procrastination Program.
    I have however one question – do you offer money guarantee option?

    It would be a nice touch from you as there are many people on internet who do this kind of seminars purely for the commercial aspect and quality is not great.
    Or maybe at least the option to resign after first session?

    Best wishes,

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Agata! My policy with regards to my products and services is one that comes with no guarantees (money back, that is). My rationale has been outlined in detail here before, in response to a similar question posted by someone else.

      I think if one already has worries or concerns that my products or seminars might be inferior or subpar in quality, then I much rather prefer the person don’t buy or sign up. My commitment to my customers/participants has always been one where I will put my 110% in delivering full value and in ensuring everyone gets the full payback (and more) in terms of product/service quality for their money; it’s an implicit understanding that the long-time readers of the blog have already come to know and expect when purchasing my products/signing up for my courses.

      Let me know if you have further questions!

    • Squiggle

      I don’t know how much this will reassure you, but I took part in Celes’ self-esteem webinar last year and I have to say it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. It was definitely worth the money.

      I know what you mean about people online offering these sorts of courses just for the money, but I can honestly say that in my experience, Celes does exactly what she says in her comment – she really does put ’110% in delivering full value and in ensuring everyone gets the full payback (and more) in terms of product/service quality for their money’ :) The self-esteem webinar certainly showed that and I am sure this one will be no different.

      As for me, I’m signing up now – no procrastinating for me on this one ;)

      • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

        Hey Squiggle, thanks so much for your vote of confidence! :D I’m so glad that you have found the self-esteem webinar valuable and even one of the best decisions you have ever made! I look forward to making the anti-procrastination course an amazing experience for you as well. :)

        Hope everyone can do that first leap against procrastination themselves by signing up for this course pronto! The limited-time discount will be taken off soon after the initial quota is met. Let me know if any of you have any further questions! :)

        • http://www.dianadiehlpresents.com Dr. D.

          The question about money back actually is a good one. For those on fixed or low income who can’t afford to toss money away, having at least a partial rebate available should someone withdraw after the first session would show good customer service and increase perception of integrity. I’m not concerned for myself, but the absolute black and white refusal seems very similar to scams on the internet as well as to businesses without proactive customer service policies. Your newsletters encourage trust, but for folks just learning about you and your services, a reasonable refund policy would encourage confidence and willingness to take a chance on your seminar. Just my two cents worth. I’ll post my real question in another comment.

          • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

            Hey Diana, thanks for sharing your two cents worth! You make a valid point for sure, and I really appreciate your viewpoint.

            Allow me to share my rationale for not having a money back option, so maybe others can have a better idea where I’m coming from. It’s meant as a safeguard of my time which I will be committing 100% in preparation of the course, regardless of whether people withdraw after one/two/three sessions. To the consumer it may seem valid to get a partial rebate if he/she were to withdraw (or not attend) after one session, but if multiple customers were to use/abuse that option, what would ensue would be a below-quota class size where the monetary value I receive for conducting the class no longer pays out the time I invest into conducting it. In the end, it only results in a lose-lose scenario (for myself and other participants who are in the class too). The success of every group coaching class is as dependent of the entire group as it is on me, and I require members to commit fully to the course as I would as the class facilitator/conductor.

            Of course, there is always the argument that people wouldn’t withdraw if the material is engaging enough / truly valuable. The point is people *always* drop out in every class, independent of the course quality/content. I have had enough experience conducting (offline) workshops, speeches, conferences, (online) programs, (free) online courses, and the like to know that drop outs always occur, whether due to clash of the person’s personal agenda in life, poor organization, personal issues, or an array of other reasons. The same thing happens in weddings, events, social appointments, and so on — and each time it has nothing to do with the hosts/organizer themselves.

            At the end of the day, the option of no money-back is simply my personal choice in this grey-area topic. I personally rather members sign up because they already have full faith in the material they are going to receive in the seminar, rather than because they are unsure and they want to take a chance in what I have to offer. Prejudgment aside, my experience is that people who belong to the first group would tend to have a higher likelihood of success in terms of what they will receive/benefit from the course because they are already fully aboard the ship and ready to sale, while the latter, not so much because they usually tend to be on the fence and are waiting to be convinced one way or another by what is going to be offered.

            For me, I know that I’m already here to 110% commit to the course itself, and what I want for courses like this are members who are fully aboard and have no doubts about what I’m going to offer, such that we can all set sale together to bust the topic — vs. having to work through doubts on my material/ coaching/course quality/etc. For the other people, there is always the free content on the blog which they can read in their own time and benefit from.

            • http://www.dianadiehlpresents.com Dr. D

              Thanks for taking the time to explain. I know you said the explanation was elsewhere on the site, so I appreciate your making it available in this discussion thread. Having been to many, many online and live, in-person seminars, and conducting some myself, I understand the amount of preparation required.

              I still can’t go into something with “full faith” if I have never attended a seminar by that organization or presenter before. I’ve been to lots where I have wasted countless hundreds of dollars for poorly organized or poorly presented material or quite frankly material that did not pertain to the topic that was advertised. So I hope you’ll excuse my skepticism. It’s from a lifetime of learning.

              Nonetheless, your newsletters and online material have always been solid and very helpful, helping to boost my “faith factor.” Your bright, positive outlook and encouraging attitude have been big factors in piquing my interest in your seminars rather than others’.

              Right now, my personal obstacle is that 6 am start time in my time zone, but I’m very, very interested.

              Again, thanks for taking the time to explain your rationale in an understandable fashion. Your reasons are quite . . . reasonable!


  • http://www.dad2dadcoaching.com Wayne

    Hi Celestine,

    I am considering signing up to your Anti-Procrastination Program.
    The one issue I have is the June 16th session is on Father’s Day here in the U.S. and I will be away on holiday with my daughter. We will be up in the mountains in New York State so cell reception and internet access may not be possible. Will that call be recorded so I can listen to it at another time?

    All the best,

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Wayne, valid point! I totally missed out on the fact that 16 June will be Father’s Day.

      As such, I have changed the course dates to 2 June, 9 June, 23 June, and 30 June. I’ve updated the course schedule in the post accordingly as well.

      Also, as mentioned in the Q&A in the post, all sessions are actually recorded and will be made available for up to one week after each session so you can always watch/rewatch each session after it’s over, whether you have missed it or because you simply want to review the content. :)

      Let me know if you have further questions! :)

      • http://www.dad2dadcoaching.com Wayne

        Wow, thanks Celes, How can I NOT sign up after those changes now?
        So I will see you on the call 2 June.

        • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

          That’s awesome Wayne! See you on June 2! :) Do remember to register for the course, of which the link is provided in the confirmation e-mail after you make the payment. :)

  • http://www.dianadiehlpresents.com Dr. D.

    Dear Celes,

    I received your offer for the anti-procrastination course by e-mail. My question is about the format of the presentation. Is this a YouTube-type video? Do I need special software, such as Go To Meeting? I have had issues with compatibility with some of these. Also, some platforms require an up front expenditure for the conference software. I would like to determine if I can participate before I register. I am proficient with computer technology; this is a matter of software compatibility.

    I apologize if I missed this information in your announcement or FAQ.

    With sparkle,

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Diana, thanks for the interest! :) The only things you need would be the standard tools that every modern browser would come equipped with today (Javascript compatibility, and so on). Simply visit this link to do a compatibility check: http://www.anymeeting.com/webconference/systemtest/AnyMeetingSystemTest.aspx (AnyMeeting is the host which I will be using). It will prompt you if there are any areas of incompatibility and how to get them fixed.

      Let me know if you have further questions! :)

      • http://www.dianadiehlpresents.com Dr. D

        Excellent! Anytime confirmed compatibility immediately. Thanks for the link.

  • http://yourdrawinglessons.com Matt

    Hi Celes. I already signed up for the course.

    Unfortunately I’m not sure if I will be able to attend any of the live sessions. As you know I recently quit my job to pursue my passion. To save money during this time I cancelled my home internet service. The only time I have internet access is when I travel to a library near my home. That library is closed on Sundays so I will not have internet access at the time. I might be able to work something out though.

    I will be traveling during June 2 so I definitely will miss that live session. For all the others I will try to find another way that I can get internet access during those meetings.

    BTW I think there is an issue with the registration email. In the #2 point it says it would provide a receipt number for registration but there is no number there.

    I’m really looking forward to this course. Procrastination can be very frustrating for me. Sometimes it seems like a could do anything in life if I could just get over interntal resistance to certains tasks. I’m glad a go-getter like you will be helping all of us through this issue. I can’t wait!

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Matt, that’s awesome that you have signed up for the course! I really look forward to working with you in this course; I hope you can work out the internet issues because it’s always a joy to have you in the live sessions. Your sharing is always so incredibly helpful, both for myself and for the entire class.

      Regarding the receipt number issue, can you forward me your confirmation e-mail so I can take a look? You have my e-mail as always.

      • http://www.dianadiehlpresents.com Dr. D

        Hi Celes,

        Well, I did it. I signed up. However, my confirmation tells me to register at anymeeting using a receipt number that is filled with a variable marker, not a number. Example below. (It may be the same problem Matt was having). It also says in the email that there will be 6 sessions, rather than the 4 listed on this page.

        Please let me know what my receipt number is so that I may register with anymeeting.

        Thanks and thanks for making this available!


        • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

          Hey Diana, thanks and I hear you! Matt reported of this problem in his comment above.

          It’s weird that the payment gateway did that; I’m looking at it at this moment. But in the meantime you can use the transaction number provided by Paypal for your payment. That would work fine. Do let me know if you have further questions!! Look forward to a great course ahead with you! :)

          (Will update the typo regarding six sessions – thanks for letting me know!)

          • http://www.dianadiehlpresents.com Dr. D

            Thanks. I think I’m registered with AnyMeeting.

            • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

              You should have received a confirmation email from them with the details of the first meeting if you have completed your registration; else your registration probably has not gone through. Let me know if you didn’t get it!

              • http://www.dianadiehlpresents.com Diana

                Hi Celes,

                I received a confirmation listed in your name
                (Celestine Chua ). Is that the one to which you refer?

                • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

                  Hey Diana, I have checked and your registration went through, so all is good! Thanks for double checking!

  • Claire

    Hi celes,

    Long time reader, first time poster. This course was made for me at this point. I have always struggled with getting things done, even if I really want to do it but for the past few months, I have become ridiculously unmotivated to anything, to the point of sleeping most of the day and not eating. I have already signed up for the course (Yay for initial launch discount) and I’m really hoping it will give me the kick up the backside I need.

    One question, is any special equipment needed? Headphones, microphone for example?


    • http://www.dianadiehlpresents.com Dr. D

      Dear Claire,

      I feel for you! I’ve been struggling with that myself. If this is not typical for you, go to your doctor to get a blood test, specifically for a thyroid panel. Hypothyroidism is quite common in women (men, too, my son has it). When your thyroid gland stops working correctly, it effects everything in your body, since its hormones regulate metabolism. It can really knock the wind out of your sails! Thyroid replacement is (relatively) inexpensive.

      I know it’s stupid to tell someone who can barely get out of bed to exercise (I am having a hard time with that myself), but if you can think of ANY excuse to walk more or move more, do it. (Park farther from the grocery store, walk someone’s dog, hang your clothes to dry instead of throwing them into the dryer–so you have to stretch and bend.) Exercise really changes brain chemistry. And make sure to get up for the seminar. I’m going to attend and hope you’ll be there. Now if I can just get myself to register. LOL.


    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Claire! All the instructions have been specified in the confirmation email (including equipment needed and what not), so do take a read and let me know if you have any further questions. :D

      Thanks for signing up, and look forward to a great course ahead with you!! :D

  • MonkeyBunny

    Hi Celes,

    I just signed up an used the link to check for compatibility and the message said that my screen size might be a problem. I’m using laptop with a 15 inch (diagonal measurement) screen. Seems kind of odd that my screen size would be a problem. I’ll go to my email confirmation to check it out and post if there’s still a problem. I look forward to learning a ton. MB

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey MB, thanks for signing up! Yes, it does seem weird that it would be a problem; I recommend to look at your screen resolution (e.g., 800×600, 1024×767) rather than the physical size of your laptop. Try a larger screen size and see if it works with Anymeeting’s Compatibility Check. Please let me know if it works out for you.

      Look forward to a great course ahead! :D

      • MonkeyBunny

        Hi Celes,

        Thanks for getting back to me. Anymeeting wrote back, “Thank you for contacting us. In most cases, the screen size should not cause a concern. However, we do recommend that the screen resolution settings be set as 1024×768 or 1280×1024.” with the same type of response.

        I’ve adjusted the resolution but am getting the same message. I’ll write back to Anymeeting customer support and will post my results. I’m not to worried about it but am posting here in case someone gets the same error message.


  • Bobbi

    I am very interested in your course, however I only get paid once a month on the third.

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Bobbi, thanks for your interest! A deposit would be required to ensure commitment to the course. If you would like to work out a separate payment plan where you make a deposit before the course and pay the remainder on the third, let me know via orders [at] personalexcellence [dot] co and we can see what’s the best way to take this forward.

  • Dani

    It will be only videos? Or do you send some extra material, to read, for example? Do we chat online or make questions? How is the dynamic of this course? I am in Brazil so I have to check the time zone to be online with you, what time it will be here? (it´s -3 GMT) Will it be recorded to watch/listen during the week?
    Can I still get the discount?

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      1) It will be an online group coaching class that lasts four sessions. Powerpoint displayed in the style of a video webinar with online chat functions and webcam/audio sharing by participants (during appropriate sharing sessions) will be the format.

      2) Powerpoints of the sessions themselves will be sent *after* each module.

      3) Yes, as per #1, there is the chat functionality throughout each two-hour session with Q&As embedded after each sub-section in each session.

      4) Not sure what you are referring to by “dynamic of this course” – if you can elaborate I can help answer better.

      5) As mentioned in the announcement post, the session is conducted from 9 to 11pm Singapore time (GMT +8). If Brazil is GMT -3, that would be 10am to 12pm on the same day.

      6) As already addressed in the post, “I will be providing recordings of the course for attendees who can’t make it for specific weeks. Each week’s recording would be available for viewing for one week from the date of the session. This is to help the participants who already have prior engagements they need to attend.”

      7). The basic class size quota is already met (we have over 20 participants registered now) so the discount will be removed very shortly. If you’re interested, I recommend to register asap to take advantage of the initial registration bonus.

      Let me know if you have further questions!

  • Alfa

    Hi Celes,

    Your website says that there is 40% off discount but on a payment page is only 25% taken off.
    Is there a specific code to receive 40% off?


    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Alfa, you must be referring to the first announcement e-mail that was sent about the course? There have been over 20 registrants who signed up since then so the 40% discount is no longer valid (it was only for the first few sign ups). The current promotion is 25% off which will be phased out shortly when we hit the next registrant count.

      • Alfa

        Hi Celes, thanks for the replay. I think something went wrong.
        I got an email from you few days ago with subject: 40% off but at the bottom was a banner with only 25% off.
        Then today I saw the 40% on your website but is not showing anymore.

        Is it possible I got the wrong discount via email?

        • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

          Hey Alfa, I understand what you are trying to ask, but basically the point is that the initial registration discount (40%) has already been removed because the initial quota is already met. (You did not receive the wrong discount; everyone on the newsletter was notified at the same time about the course and given the same opportunity to sign up at the initial registration discount. The banner appears as “25%” because it has been updated accordingly after the discount is updated, following the immediate line of signups on the first day.) The current discount is 25% and will be phased out soon.

  • MonkeyBunny

    Hi Celes,

    We won’t need to use a phone to dial in to the meeting will we? The registration confirmation has the “Toll Number” listed at the top.

    Sorry to be sooooooooooo high-maintenance. Here’s what I plan to do on meeting day:

    Click on the link in the confirmation email and turn up the volume. I will use the chat feature to communicate (no webcam).

    Am I missing anything? I realize that I will might be prompted to enter the registration code in the confirmation email.


    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey MB! Nope, no need to use a phone to dial into the meeting. Simply click on the link from the registration e-mail, login, and attend/watch the live group coaching session. Participate where necessary in the online chat function and/or via live webcam/mic (during stipulated sharing sessions). Let me know if you have further questions! :)

  • Alfa

    Hi, is there an option to pay by card?
    when I click on ‘register me now’ it provides only paypal option and I’d rather pay by card.

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Simply click on the Paypal button and you will be brought to a new screen where you will be given two options (one to pay by Paypal and another to pay directly by credit card). Let me know if you have further questions!

  • Daisy

    Hi Celes,

    Looking at course schedule, I won’t be able to attend 3 sections. I’d like to sign up but I’m worried that I might not get the benefit fully.

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Daisy, that’s unfortunate. Is it possible to adjust your agenda such that you can attend more of the sessions?

  • Julie


    I would be interested by anti-procrastination course when you plan another session.
    Great topic!
    Your quota is full already and I’m not there for 2 Sundays.

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Julie, the quota isn’t full yet — As mentioned in the post, there are still three slots left if you are interested to join in.

      • Julie

        I’m living this Sunday for 1 week, going walking in Brittany, coming back next Sunday.
        That’s why I’ll enroll on another session :)

        • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

          Hey Julie, thanks for your response! Based on past history, I doubt that I will be conducting another session as my practice is to conduct courses once and not conduct them again after that. But you can stay tuned to see if the product version of this course will be released after it’s over. Hope you have a good trip! :)

  • OneDay

    will love to…but too costly..
    can’t afford.

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      That’s unfortunate OneDay. However, you can always peruse the articles at the blog which will always be 100% free and contain very valuable information. :)

  • tihana

    Hey Celes, where can we see the recording of the session held yesterday?

    • tihana

      got the link :)

      • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

        Glad you got it tihana! :D Thank you!

  • MonkeyBunny

    Hi Celes! I moved last weekend and did not have my internet connected in time to attend the first session live. I have just watched the video on the first session and wanted to let you know that I am so glad I signed up. Your personal examples of re-aligning with your inner “flowing fountain” really drove it home for me. The example of your procrastination while in school was great. You could have quit if it was really such a burden to be in school and complete the work but when you really thought about it, you didn’t want the alternative, you wanted an education and you wanted to learn.

    I have my action items and will start working on them tonight. Cannot wait for next Sunday! Thanks so much.

  • http://hackmyheart.com Alexa

    Hey Celes! I know I’m very late with this having started already, but I just wanted to say I think you picked a great topic for this course! I certainly would have signed up if I could, however money-wise it just wasn’t feasible for me at this time. I’d say “I’ll just have to make due with your free content for now,” but I feel that would be implying a lack of quality there!

    Just wanted to say I think it’s great you’re touching this subject, certainly wish I could’ve been a part of it!

  • http://hackmyheart.com/ Calae

    Hi Celes! I’m really interested in this course with all the new content, but I can’t for the life of me remember if I was part of the actual class last year or if I just bought the product-version (I feel that I -was- in the class, but I may be confusing it for another class!). The transaction ID I have (hopefully this is the number you need) is 248726716W742813L. Could you please let me know if I’m eligible to attend as an alumni, or if I’m not, how much it would cost for me? I’m unsure if I can afford it at this time if I’m not considered an alumni, but I’m super interested!

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Hey Calae! :D You actually bought the product version last year (you got it at the introductory price so it was just $29.90 then, and you paid by three installments of $9.98 each), so the price difference between the current live class now and the introductory price will be the top-up amount for the course!

      I totally understand about the affordability due to cash outlay — the installment plan is an option, or if necessary we can work out a longer installment plan. Do drop me an e-mail regardless and we can see how we can work this out!

      • http://hackmyheart.com/ Calae

        Hi Celes! I sent you an email to your PE Orders email address…I appreciate all your help! =D

        • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

          Hey Calae, got your e-mail! :D Let’s see what we can work out there!

  • Connie

    Hi Celes,
    The timing doesn’t work for me but I’d like to ask – if I could only watch the recorded sessions, what would I be missing from the live one? And is there a different format the course can be purchased in? I’m trying to get the most out of it ☺ Oh, and how’s the registration looking so far? Thanks and take care

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Hey Connie! That’s unfortunate on the timing as I’ve set that given the diversity of timezones of all PE readers. With the course ticket, you get access to free e-mail consultation regarding each week’s course content as well, and the weekly courses are also designed around the participants’ needs (from the answers shared in the meeting registration form, the interactions throughout the live courses, as well as questions posed via e-mails.

      One thing I didn’t mention in the course announcement is that the live ticket actually also includes access to the next live course. I typically invite the course alumni members back for a complimentary access in the next run (if not all future runs), and getting a ticket for this course actually means getting free access to all live Anti-Procrastination Course(s) next time, whenever I conduct them. (I didn’t mention this because I don’t want people to sign up for access for a future course that isn’t set in stone yet, but based on past course history it does seem I conduct/repeat a course once a year, if not 2 years.) The ticket price typically only goes up with each course, due to increase of content / material added / inflation / etc. Getting the ticket now is pretty much getting it at its best price.

      On the registration, my newsletter for the course hasn’t been sent out yet, so you’re actually one of the earlier ones to know about the course via the blog! I’ll update on the registration status in the post later in the week on Aug 17!

      • Connie

        That’s awesome, thank you for the info! I just signed up and am excited to start as I really need help