How to Be a Top Public Speaker (Advice From a 5-Time Toastmasters Champion) [Video]

Interview with Benjamin Loh, Public Speaking Coach Extraordinaire

After terrific reception for the first episode of Celes.TV (interview with learning & education expert Daniel Wong on How to Score a GPA of 3.98/4.00), I’m extremely excited to unveil the second episode today! 😀 

Secrets of a Top Public Speaker (feat. Benjamin Loh, Public Speaking Coach and Five-Time Toastmasters Champion!)

What does it take to be a TOP public speaker? We often see amazing speakers like Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, Anthony Robbins, and Les Brown in action, but rarely do we know what goes on behind the scenes in their rise to be the top in their craft.

This is why I have invited Benjamin Loh, public speaking coach and five-time toastmasters champion, to share his top public speaking tips in today’s episode of Celes.TV. Ben should be no stranger to you guys, as he has been guest posting on PE in the past three months in the public speaking and communications column:

If you have read his posts, you would know that Ben is clearly an expert in his craft and knows what it takes to be a great speaker. Today, he runs Speaker’s Flare, a training and communications consultancy. He has a great body of experience under his belt, having trained over 1,000 clients in the past five years in the area of public speaking and communications!

I had a great time speaking with Ben in this episode. Check out the final 13-minute cut here:

Key things covered:

  • What got Ben into public speaking
  • Why so many people are so fearful of public speaking—perhaps even more so than death itself!
  • How to tackle fear of public speaking—especially those who get stage fright
  • The trick to working your way to an audience size of 1,000s of people
  • The role of daily conversations in building public speaking skills
  • 2 biggest public speaking mistakes and how to tackle them
  • Practical tips on how to be a GREAT public speaker
  • How the master public speakers become the masters they are today
  • Why your audience is your friend and NOT your enemy
  • One simple tip to win over audience members for any presentation
  • Humor – how important is it in public speaking?
  • One unexpected way to be an effortlessly funny speaker


  • Get a free session Benjamin’s one-hour one-to-one public speaking coaching (valued $200 USD a session) to two lucky viewers by following three simple steps! There are two sessions for giveaway. Watch the video till the end for more details!

    Update May 23 2013: Contest has ended but you are still welcome to share your answers on the Youtube video page! 🙂

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