Gratitude Challenge Day 12: Take Action on Your Plan from Day 11!

This is Day 12 of the 14-Day Gratitude Challenge held in Aug 2013, where we practice gratitude for 14 days. The challenge is now over but you can do the tasks in your own time. Visit the overview page for all the challenge tasks.

Gratitude challenge

Hi everyone, welcome to Day 12 of our 14-day gratitude challenge! :D We have two days left till the end of our challenge!

Day 12: Taking Action

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As with many things in life, it’s easy to just talk, but not do. While we have identified 3 things we tend to take for granted yesterday, the likelihood is that without making a commitment to change, we will fall right back into our past behaviors–taking these very 3 things for granted. This is especially so if we are constantly fluttering from one thing to next as we face an inundation of things to do every day.

Yesterday we have identified action steps to take in order to stop taking those 3 things for granted. Your task today is to take action on them!

Your Task: Take Action on Your Plan from Day 11!

What are the action steps you have identified yesterday? Take action on them today!

Track your reflections and results in your gratitude journal as you embark on those steps.

Daily Journaling: Write 3 Things You Are Grateful for Today

On top of today’s task, identify 3 things you are grateful for today. These 3 things can be events that occurred today, mishaps which could have happened but didn’t happen, or simply things which have always been in your life but which you suddenly came to feel grateful for today.

3 things I’m grateful for today:

  1. After four weeks, the How to Stop Stress Eating Course has finally wrapped up! It has been a wonderful four weeks with quality interactions with the participants. Next step is to edit the video for Module 4, before putting the product version online. Next course I’m planning is likely to do with habit cultivation, so for those of you who are interested, stay tune!
  2. A fellow associate in the industry has invited me to speak at his upcoming bootcamp, which I’m excited about! I love sharing sessions and this one is no different. Look forward to touching more people’s lives at the event!
  3. I’m digging some of the engagement shots which my Glasgow engagement photographer, Neil Douglas, took for me and Ken! I can’t wait to share them with all of you soon!

Share Your Results!

What are the 3 things you tend to take for granted? How was your day as you work on being more grateful for those 3 things?

What are 3 things you are grateful for today?

Share them in the comments section! :)

Once you’re done, proceed to Gratitude Challenge Day 13: Do a Gratitude Meditation.

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