How to Work Out Whenever and Wherever You Want


Running used to be my main fitness regime. I’ve a park next to my house where I jog, usually in the evenings, sometimes in the early mornings. Next to running, was swimming (there’s a pool next to my house). These were convenient sports – I could do them whenever I want by myself. Team sports are fun, but it’s inconvenient to plan since they are subjected to others’ schedules. (I don’t like going to the gym either – the nearest gym is quite far anyway)

However, lately it’s been raining a lot in Singapore (global warming?). Sometimes it’d rain just when I’m all ready to go for a jog or a swim. Because of that, my exercise plans would be thwarted. It was quite frustrating. There would be days upon days where it would keep raining, and each time for several hours.


Finally I decided that subjecting my fitness plans to the weather was not a solution. For all it’s worth, it could go on raining like this for the next few decades! I’m not going to put my exercise on hold for that. I brainstormed for a solution – What’s an exercise I can do whenever and wherever I want, that’d let me workout my full body at the same time? If I can do the exercise at home, that’s even better!

No sooner did I get an answer – home aerobics! Aerobics whenever and wherever you want, in the comfort of your home. I went to Youtube to search for aerobic videos – and viola – found some gems which I’m sharing below. Seriously, now there’s no excuse not to exercise anymore! What’s more, the sessions are made extra fun by the great energy of the trainer(s) and the participants!

(Update Oct 2013: The original aerobic videos have unfortunately been removed. I’ve linked to new ones by other instructors on Youtube 🙂 .)

Below are my favorite sessions. Enjoy guys! 🙂

* If your internet is choppy sometimes, you can download Youtube videos to your computer via KeepVid. This way you can play them wherever you want, even if you have no connection!

** If you want a long workout like 30 or 40 minutes, simply replay the videos or save multiple videos in a playlist and play the playlist. It’s so simple! Now there’s no need for you to pay money for aerobic classes anymore – unless of course, you prefer to workout in a big class. I like the simplicity and convenience of at-home aerobics.

1) Standard Aerobic Workout (30 Minutes)

2) Latin-Dance-Style Workout (50 Minutes)

3) 6-Week Six-Pack Abs Workout, Level 1 (35 Minutes)

4) Ultimate Fat Burn Workout (20 Minutes)

More great aerobic videos on Youtube.


Now that I’m done with the post, I’m going to do another workout! Enjoy and let’s sweat it all out! 😀

Image: Workout

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