21DFC Day 19 – Try a Different Fitness Activity

This is Day 19 of the 21-Day Fitness Challenge held in Feb 2012. The challenge is now over but you can do the tasks in your own time. Visit the overview page for all the challenge tasks.


Hello and welcome to Day 19 (Feb 21) of the 21-Day Fitness Challenge! :D We now have only *3* days left before 21DFC comes to a close!

21DFC Day 19 – Try a Different Fitness Activity

What fitness activities have you done before? What fitness activities have you been doing for 21DFC? What activities do you plan to do in the future in living a physically active life?

In today’s task, I’d like to challenge you to try out a different activity for fitness.

Meaning rather than exercise a particular body part in the gym all the time, try to workout a different body part.

Meaning rather than stick to the same few sports, try a different sport.

Meaning rather than do the same fitness activites each week, try some new activities.

The objective is to open yourself up to different ways to keep yourself fit.

After all, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of physical activities out there! From dancing (salsa, tango, ballroom dancing, etc), to ball games (basketball, rugby, football, volleyball, etc), to racket sports (tennis, badminton, squash, baseball, etc), to martial arts (judo, taekwando, mixed martial arts, wushu, karate, etc), to water sports (swimming, water polo, water aerobics, etc), to sea sports (canoeing, dragon boat, kayaking, sailing, surfing, wakeboarding, etc), to many other kinds of fitness activities (ballet, yoga, pilates, fencing, gymnastics, wrestling, frisbee, etc). Why limit yourself to the same few activities you’ve been doing?? :D If you don’t like it, simply quit after the first try. There’s no obligation to continue at all.

Identify a few new activities to try out. They could be activities you’ve always wanted to do but never got the chance to do. They could be activities you would have never imagined yourself doing, but you want to branch out of your comfort zone and try that now.

You don’t have to do that right away today, since it might not be possible. (But if you can, by all means – go ahead and do that!) Go read up on the activities today, research on existing groups / classes you can join in (if applicable), then plan for it in your schedule.

For me, the new activities I want to try include a sea sport (sailing?), dragon boat, and rollerblading / ice skating. I already have a friend who does dragon boat, so I’m going to check with him on his plans and join him in his next dragon boat session. With rollerblading, I’m going to check on classes later today. And I have a friend who has been keen to try sea sports for recreation, so I’m going to link up with her today to set up plans in that regard.

How about you? What new activities do you want to try out? Why? When are you going to do them?

Share Your Plans/Progress for Today!

What is your intended fitness plan for today? What physical activities are you going to do, and how long do you want to do them for? Share with us!

Update your progress as you go along. At the end of the day, review your progress and share your learnings.

Check out other participants’ responses and join in the discussions!

(Image: Gymnast)