I Want to Chat with YOU! [Audio Recording Now Available]


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(Posted on Jul 21, 2012)

Hi everyone! This is a little last minute, but I’m conducting an online chat with all of you PE readers later today (July 21), at 11-11:45pm, GMT +8 (that’s 11 hours away as of the writing of this post). (That’s 11-11:45am, July 21, for those of you in EST, and 8-8:45am, July 21, for those of you in PST.)

There will be no agenda or topic covered in the online chat; neither will there be any materials to be presented. It’s simply meant as an online call where I can interact with all of you, get to know you better, and help you out in any area that you are looking for assistance in your life at the moment.

I’m not sure how many people will be attending (maybe 1, 2, or more), but I’ve set a limit for the maximum number of registrants for this call to ensure that it doesn’t get too big to handle. So register now to ensure you get a seat!

Registration link: [removed] – The chat is now over! Scroll to the end of the post for my post-chat thoughts and link to the audio recording.

If you want to say hello, chat with me, listen to the call, or whatever, you are more than welcome to register! I’ve been running PE for so many years now, and after communicating with all of you through the blog comments, Facebook wall, and PE forums, I’d love to get to connect with all of you in person. (Of course, please register only if you intend to turn up. Don’t take away someone else’s seat and privilege!)

After you register, you will get a link with the details on how to login for the meeting. It will be an online, audio-only call that you log on with your computer and listen to with your computer speakers. You can ask questions by using your computer mike or by typing into the online chat box (if you don’t have a mike) that will be available during the call. You will also be able to chat with other participants in the call during the session. There will be no video/web cam. I may do screen sharing though if I refer to any articles during the call.

Please login 5 minutes before the call starts to ensure that you sort out any technicality issues and get to listen to the call in its entirety.

If this proves to be popular, I may do more calls in the future.

Ok, so register using the link above! And let me know if you’ve any questions. :D Chat with you guys later at night (Singapore time)!

Update: We’re having quite a steady stream of sign ups!! :D 14 37 people signed up for the call! Look forward to speaking with you guys tonight!

By the way, I’m getting some really odd questions for the call, which includes requests to help find jobs or to migrate. I’m not a headhunter and I don’t run any recruitment portals, so this isn’t something I can help in. Please focus the questions on personal development or life-related topics. Thanks!

Post-Chat Update: Thank YOU to all of you who turned up!!! :D Like I mentioned during the chat, this was really a last minute thought, so I was personally very ecstatic that so many of you registered and turned up!! I really appreciate all your support and it was so great being able to connect with all of you over the web, in real time.

I might have another online chat again soon, given the great response of this one and how fun it was to connect with all of you real time. If so, I’ll post an announcement via a blog post. So stay tuned! :D

Update (Jul 22, 2012): Audio recording of the chat is now available! I’ve condensed the 1-hour chat to 32 minutes long, featuring just the Q&A bit and cutting out the conversations and other miscellaneous bits. Listen to it below:

Questions I’ve covered in the chat include (in sequential order):

  1. Having traveled to various parts of the world, which region do you think is the best place to live in?
  2. Do you think it’s possible for a uni-lingual, English speaker to go to China and learn fluent Mandarin in three months?
  3. Have you ever felt alienated before? Do you have close friends to turn to when you feel down?
  4. What should someone do if he/she feels a lot of fear in his/her life?
  5. What should I do if there’s a rival figure in my life whom I want to outdo? I don’t want to lose out to him/her; however, he/she is my friend at the same time.
  6. What do you do when you have emotional attachments to your old possessions (to the point where you can’t get rid of them)?
  7. How do you know when to continue or when to quit when you are working on a goal?
  8. How should a couple handle a situation where one party is consciously working on his/her growth whereas the other party isn’t?
  9. What are the steps someone should take to really begin improve his/her life?
  10. I’ve been trying to discover my goal/passion in life, but it is still rather hazy. Any advice?

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