I’m Married!!

I’m actually on vacation now, so I’m just popping in quickly to announce that after exactly 11 months from Ken’s proposal (on June 25, 2013), we’re finally married!!! :D

Ken and Celes, married

Us with our marriage certificate; that’s my parents on the right and Ken’s on the left! :)

Our wedding took place at Shangri-La hotel (the one at 22 Orange Grove), on May 25, 2014, at 7pm. It was witnessed by 100 handpicked guests, people we consider as among the 100 most important people in our life.

Thank you everyone for your well wishes; will be sharing photos, videos, and updates of the actual-day event soon, when our videographers and photographers send them over! :) (Our photo studio says it’ll take a few weeks up to a month for them to edit and send over.) In the meantime, we will be enjoying our honeymoon in Bali — updates will resume a week later, after I get back!

In the meantime, read:

Update: Photos of our wedding are now up! :D Read: My Wedding Day