[Manifesto] The Self-Reflection Manifesto

The last one for now. This is the manifesto I’m most proud of so far. :) Took me over a day to create it, and lists the top questions from 101 Important Questions To Ask Yourself in Life. You probably want to hang this up and reflect over a random question a day. 21-Day Journaling Challenge participants would love this:

Self Reflection Manifesto

(Click image for larger version)

Read the full article: 101 Important Questions To Ask Yourself in Life


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PS: FYI – Today is actually the third year anniversary for PE (Dec 14, 2008 was when I first started the site). Nothing fancy for this year’s anniversary, just lots of quiet happiness and appreciation of how far we’ve come. I reckon I’ll share more in the annual roundup post I do at the end of every year. So happy anniversary to PE! :D