Download Personal Excellence Screensaver – Free! 75 Beautiful Images with Inspirational Quotes to Beautify Your Computer

Inspirational Screensaver

Following the popularity of the inspirational wallpapers and daily inspirational quotes, I’ve created a screensaver of 75 inspirational quotes at PE Quotes. Each image comprises of an inspirational quote (like the one you see above) and is a great way to get your daily dosage of inspiration, right at your computer! The images appear at a random order and are flashed on the screen for 6 seconds per image.

(For those of you who don’t know, we have an inspirational quotes section that serves a new inspirational quote every day. Subscribe to the quotes feed here (it’s separate from the articles feed) and get the daily new quotes via email here.)

How To Install PE Screensaver (Windows only, for now)

Here’s the installation guide for Windows users. Reader Jerry has informed me that it wouldn’t work for Mac since .exe is only for Windows platform. If there are any Mac users who know of free screensaver creation software, let me know – I’ll be willing to give it a shot.

  1. Download the Personal Excellence Screensaver. (48.2 meg) Right click, select “Save As”, then save to your Desktop.
  2. Unzip the file and you will find 2 documents – “pe-screensaver.exe” and “Read Me First.txt” inside.
    • New versions of windows (Vista and above I believe) should come with zip/unzip function. Simply clicking on the file will unzip it.
    • Otherwise, unzip the file with a decompression software, like Winrar or Winzip.
  3. Right click “pe-screensaver.exe”. A drop down menu like below will appear. Click “Run as administrator”. An alert will pop up asking you if you want to proceed opening the software. Simply click “Yes”.Installing the screensaver - Run as Administrator
  4. A new screen will appear asking if you want to install Personal Excellence screen saver (refer to below). Click “Start” and the installation will begin.Install the Screensaver
  5. After about 20 seconds, the installation will be complete. You’re done!

Test the Screensaver

If you want to double check if your screensaver has been installed correctly or if you want to change the settings of your screensaver, do the following:

  1. Right click your desktop. A pop-up will appear. Select “Personalize”, which should be the last option.Right click on Desktop, and click "Personalize"
  2. A pop-up will appear, which will allow you to customize your Windows appearance. Click on the icon on the bottom right corner that says “Screen Saver”. It should say “Personal Excellence” below “Screen Saver”, indicating the PE screen saver has been activated.Click "Screensaver"
  3. Another pop-up will appear that lets you edit your screen saver settings. Here, you can change the time it takes for your screen saver to activate when your computer is idle. You can also click “Preview” to see the screensaver in action.Change settings for screensaver

Special Thanks

For those of you who have been following my videos at The Celes Show, you may recognize one of the songs as the background track for my Ask Celes section, and the other two songs used in my other videos. Special thanks to Dano from for the royalty free music (Love Letters (Instrumental) and Silvershine)!

All the quote images have been created by me, and the screensaver is created by me as well.

The original photographs have either filed as Creative Commons 2.0 by respective authors or courtesy of ShutterStock. Source of each image can be found on its respective page on Personal Excellence Quotes.


If you ever want to uninstall the screen saver, simply go to “Control Panel”, click “Uninstall a Program” under “Programs”, scroll down to “Personal Excellence” and double click that.


Let me know in the comments section if you have any problems using the screensaver or getting it to work.

As usual, please pass this along to your friends and family to spread the love. Thank you!

I’m currently working on creating postcard versions of the inspirational quotes, because it’s a great way to remind yourself of those great words of wisdom. You can also send them as actual postcards too, which is awesome to share inspirational nuggets with others. It should be up by the end of this week.

More inspirational stuff for you guys:

  • Pratibha

    Hello Celes!Good eveing ! Thank you so much for getting us all a “Wonderful screensaver” :bow: It is really beautiful.Took less than 5 mins to install!

    • Celes

      Awesome! :D Thanks for sharing – I’m glad you like it, Pratibha! :D

  • Damodar

    really it is very nice…

    • Celes

      Thank you Damodar. :D

  • Jerry Suppan

    It seems like an excellent resource. However, unfortuantely, it seems to be programmed into an executable (.exe) to only run under Windows. I jumped ship from Windows about 5 years when Microsoft released an animal from the Microsoft zoo called, ‘Vista’. Since then, I’ve been using Apple’s OS-X, a much smoother ride it has been. So, for people like myself it might be nice if you made the photos available as individual discreet photos wrapped up into a single zip file. This way, everyone can enjoy regardless what platform they use (Mac, Win, Linux, Android, Chrome, etc., etc.) My 2-cents worth.

    • Celes

      Thanks for letting me know Jerry. I guess that means it doesn’t work on Mac then, unfortunately. That’s a bummer. :( If anyone know of any free screensaver creation software for Mac, let me know – I’ll be happy to give it a shot.

      The reason why I don’t have the (high res) images available in a zipped up file is because it makes it very easy for people to misappropriate the photos (creating them into an app, selling them, etc). I also want readers to return to the site for the material too (along with new quotes), and having the images condensed in a zip file sort of removes that intent.

      • Jerry Suppan

        Hi Celes. Not sure of any program that will compile the hi-resolution photos into a packaged program to automatically run and load as a screensaver program. I know there are such programs that exist (i.e., Christmas screen saver which cycles through Christmas-mood type of images). But, I personally don’t know how to package photos into an autorunning application. Applications on the Mac usually have an extention of .app ( Considering the rapid growth and popularity of Apple’s products it might be cool to have a Mac equivalent if you know someone who could compile that program for you. With Apple due to make some major anouncements at the WWDC on Monday, I think there will be a major announcement of new products and a corresponding growth in interest as well.

        • Celes

          Thanks a lot Jerry. I did some quick snooping around on the internet and found that Mac comes with a free screensaver creation software. I probably need to get my hands on a Mac (a friend’s, probably) and have it created there. Either way you are right that Mac is now more and more widely used, so I’d ideally want to make the material available for both Mac and Windows users.

  • Rizwan

    I read about it now giving it a shot.

  • Nhi

    I have downloaded your screensaver. It’s so great and meaningful. Thank you very much. I am really looking for your next product. Nice day to you :-)

    • Celes

      My absolute pleasure Nhi. I’m glad you like it! :))

  • Aletta

    Hi Celes

    Your screensaver is brilliant and so inspiring! Thank you thank you thank you.

    What I really like about it is that it covers so many different angles of positive affirmation. What doesn’t touch me today may touch me tomorrow and then here and there TOTALLY uplift me in one session.



    • Celes

      Hi Aletta, you’re very much welcome! :) You can also get more quotes on a daily basis from the quotes section. I add a new quote every day, which you can also opt to receive via email subscription and/or RSS feed.

  • Jia Mun

    love the screen saver. thanks much :D

    • Celes

      You’re welcome, Jia Mun! :D

  • Jeanne

    Thank you so much Celes for sharing this wonderful screensaver! :) Love it!

  • league of legends mac

    It’s really a cool and helpful piece of information. I’m glad that you just shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  • Agniv Kumar

    Hello Celes…. I was always looking for such a motivational screensaver….its a real gift from you
    Thank you so much Celes

  • Agniv Kumar

    Hello Celes…. I was always looking for such a motivational screensaver….its a real gift from you
    Thank you so much Celes :bow: