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20 Amazing Commercials That Will Inspire the Greatness in You

Inspiring Commercials

Do you watch TV? If you do, you would have seen countless commercial clips in between TV segments, where companies frantically advertise their products and services in 15-45 seconds, hoping to grab your attention and get you to buy their stuff….


‘I Am Abusive to My Partner. How Can I Stop Being Abusive to Her?’

Man alone in a room with debris

Dear Celes, I really love reading your blog. You are my role model! I am actively working on revamping and changing my life with the help of your blog. Celes, I have a huge problem. I am abusive. I have…


Top 5 Regrets of the Dying (and What To Do About Them) [PEP007]

Live With No Regrets

A palliative nurse who cared for dying patients in the last weeks of their lives took the liberty to record the most common regrets among them. Among these regrets were revealing statements like wishing they didn’t work so hard, wishing they…


Are You Looking for a Magic Bullet to Your Goals?

A freeze-frame of a bullet shot through water

Have you heard of the term “magic bullet“? In healthcare, magic bullet is referred to as the perfect drug that selectively targets a disease in a body without any side effects. The concept was popularized by Paul Ehrlich, a German physician and scientist. Today, magic bullet is commonly…


Skills Development

Man Climbing Mountain

Have you ever tried to achieve a goal but achieved mediocre results? Have you ever seen other people achieve their goals effortlessly and wonder how they do that? This is where skills development comes in. In this post, I share more…


How to Say No [PEP006]

Saying No

Do you hate to say no? Do you often find yourself saying yes because you don’t like to make others feel bad? Well, I do, and I can relate. I used to be terrible at saying no until I realized that…


Your Plans vs. Universe’s Plans For You [Infographic]

Your Plans vs. Universe's Plans For You [Infographic]

Some of us may have a simple plan on where we wish to go, how we wish our life to be. But sometimes the universe has different plans for us instead. 🙂 Life isn’t meant to be a straight road, but a…