How to Know If You are Living Your Life Purpose NOW

This is part 1 of a series on how to discover your real purpose in life.

Are you living your purpose now?

* Note from Celes: Starting this month, we’re getting back to basics at PE. I’m revisiting the classic serieses, starting with the very first topic of life development: discovering our life purpose. :)

This purpose series is the very first series I wrote when I started PE in 2008 — time flies, aye? :) Given that I wrote it over 6 years ago, I thought it’s high time to revisit it and update with new insights I gained while working with clients to discover their life purpose over the years.

In the next 2 weeks, I’ll be updating and republishing this purpose series on PE. If you’ve read this before, it’ll be good to revisit it as I’m rewriting a big chunk of material. Subscribe to get all the posts in your inbox. Leave a comment to let me know what you think. Good luck! :)

“The biggest threat to our well-being is the absence of moral clarity and purpose.” ~ Rich Sherman

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” ~ Socrates

“Here is the test to find whether your mission on earth is finished. If you’re alive, it isn’t.” ~ Richard Bach

Have you ever wondered what your life purpose is?

How do you know if you are living your life purpose or not?

Well, here’s a simple test:

If you are not living each day with excitement, energy, and passion, then you are not living true to your life purpose.

While this may seem like quite a harsh benchmark – How can one be excited about living every day? Isn’t that wearisome? – it is possible. And no, it isn’t wearisome at all. I’m not talking about crazy highs where you jump around screaming at the top of your lungs, though it can have that effect on some days. :) I’m also not talking about being 100% happy without a single ounce of negativity in your soul (this’d have more to do with achieving nirvana than finding your life purpose), though it can well be like this on some days too.

Here, I’m talking about a constant, inner excitement about life, kind of like a “humming” sensation inside your soul where you know your place in the world and that you’re doing things to make it happen. Not literally a humming sound, but a buzzing feeling inside you. It doesn’t matter whether you have a jaded personality by nature or if you have been living the past 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 years of your life with disinterest. When you discover and live true to your life purpose in the highest possible way, your soul will “sing” in a way you’ve never “seen” before. It’s a feeling you’ll know when you realize it.

In the words of my recently coaching client Anna who recently found her life purpose,

I found [my life purpose] this morning. I feel emotional about it. It really resonates with my life; everything I have done so far. You’re right – everything fits perfectly. I can move forward with this life purpose now. :)

Which brings us to this million-dollar question:

How do I find my life purpose?

How to Discover Your Life Purpose: Series

If you

  1. are looking for your purpose,
  2. aren’t sure if you are living your purpose right now,
  3. aren’t interested in finding a purpose yet find yourself reading this page for some reason, or
  4. don’t believe that you have a purpose or life has a purpose,

then I’ve written this series for you.

For some of you, you may be skeptical about the idea of finding a/your life purpose. What kind of woo-woo crap is this? you may wonder. For the nihilistic of you who believe life is meaningless, you may think this series is utter rubbish. For the apathetic of you who don’t care whether you have a purpose or not, you may treat this series with scorn. Life purpose? Who cares? you may think.

That’s fine. The point is that you’re here at PE, and you’re reading this now for a reason. To you, I invite you to read this series with an open mind, as a child would when seeing something new for the first time. Imagine when a child is given a new toy. Does the child laugh at the toy? No, he (she) doesn’t. He (she) will take the toy, examine it thoroughly, try to figure out how to work it, play with it in earnesty, and treat it with no bias or scorn.

Baby boy with his toys

Likewise, I invite you to read this series with the same attitude: an open mind, without bias or scorn. Don’t approach this series with judgment, expectation, or skepticism, but simply with an open intent to learn. After all, that’s what we’re here to do: learn.

At the end of the day, there’s no harm reading this series, except an hour or so of your time invested. If you don’t like what you read by the time we’re done, you can close shop and move on. If you hate the material presented, you can unsubscribe and never get a mailing from PE again (that’d be a shame though). If you disagree with some of the content, you are welcome to continue embracing your own views, without obligation to change anything. I do not expect you to change anything about yourself.

But, let’s say you somehow, through the course of this life purpose series, discover something new about yourself/life. What’s going to happen? You’ll be able to take this knowledge and apply that right away. You’ll be able to use this nugget of wisdom to further yourself in your growth journey. You’ll become wiser than before you started reading the series, which is the goal of all content I create at PE.

And let’s say… that through this series, you somehow discover your real life purpose. Your purpose that has somehow eluded you all this while but becomes so clear all of a sudden.

What’s going to happen?

Suddenly, life as you know it will be different. Suddenly, you become privy to a whole new spectrum of life you never knew was there. Suddenly, you wake up each day with new-found zest of what’s to come, and what you’re about to do — more so than before.

Flower field

I’m not saying that you’ll find your life purpose just by reading this series. That depends on how far along you are in your self-development, how much thought you put into reading this series, and how far you take the content and exercise that I’ll be sharing in the next few parts.

All I’m saying is, having a life purpose is a fundamental of living a conscious life. I want to support you in living your best life ever. By keeping an open mind (and heart), you will allow me to support you in your growth, in turn accelerating in your path toward being your highest self and living your highest life.

For those of you who feel you have full clarity of your purpose, likewise — I invite you to read this series with an open mind and see what comes out of it. Sometimes, it’s possible that what we think as truth isn’t true, in which it’s by adopting an open mind that the real truth will come to us. If what you think is your purpose really is so, it’ll float back to you by the time we’re done.

My hope is by the end of this series, you’ll be steps closer toward finding your real life purpose – in turn, living a truly conscious life of your creation. Whether you find your purpose or not is a secondary effect that happens when the right pieces are in place, and isn’t the primary goal here. Like I often share in my courses, progress, not perfection, is the key.

I’m stretching out my hand to you now. Hold my hand and hold it tight. :) In the next few parts of this series, I’ll be walking you through the journey of discovering your purpose — your life’s highest mission.

Proceed to part 2: Why Have a Life Purpose? 5 Reasons You Should Have a Purpose, where we look into what is a life purpose and why it’s important to have one.

Images: Question mark, Flower field


    Once a long time ago, my life purpose was devoted to a particular rose whom i cared about with all my heart……

    However, the rose died and i need to find a new purpose to life…. (tarot)

  • Celes

    Hi Shimure :) The interesting thing is Part-5 actually covers the factors to consider when identifying your purpose – one of them is about giving your purpose a limitless definition and not hinged on 1 particular entity. This helps ensure your life is anchored on universal principles which will never be shakable by anything. I’ll be posting part-5 up very soon! :)

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  • Ruby

    I really don’t know what to do with my life. I’ve got many, many years ahead of me that are ready for action, but I don’t know what to do. :?

  • Selfiyana Astuti

    Purpose of Allah’s (swt) Creation of Man & Jinn

    Surah Adh–Dhariya,t 51:56

    وَمَا خَلَقْتُ الْجِنَّ وَالْإِنسَ إِلَّا لِيَعْبُدُونِ
    Wa maa khalaqtul-Jin-na wal-’insa ’il-laa liya‘-buduun.
    56. And (tell them that) I have not created the invisible beings and men to any end other than that they may (know and) worship Me.

    Thus, the innermost purpose of the creation of all rational beings is their cognition (Marifah) of the existence of God and, hence, their conscious willingness to conform their own existence to whatever they may perceive of His Will and plan: and it is this two fold concept of cognition and willingness that gives the deepest meaning to what the Qur’an describes as “worship” (ibadah).

    It is to be noted too that this spiritual call does not arise from any supposed “need” on the part of the Creator, who is self-sufficient and infinite in His power, but is designed as an instrument for the inner development of the worshipper, who, by the act of his conscious self-surrender to the all-pervading Creative Will, may hope to come closer to an understanding of that Will and, thus, closer to Allah (swt) Himself. This is therefore the object of creation, in the Holy Book, to act according to the Will and command of the Creator, the absolute submission to His Will i.e. Islam.

  • Tirthankar Das


  • Adjei Asamoah

    Oh God thank you for such an insightful information from someone so rich in knowledge and understanding about life. I have been sleepwalking all along. Thanks very much.

  • Ashutosh Jain

    I am a new visitor in this site…
    thank you so much for share this mindblowing information ….

    I have no real purpose now, I’m sure that, very soon I will find my real purpose on the earth ….be happy :-)

  • Calae

    Ah Celes, I’m so excited for your revisit on this series! Near the beginning of the year I read through the series, and have since then done a few sessions trying to discover my purpose. I haven’t been successful, but that just makes me more eager to follow along with the series! =)

    I’m not sure if I haven’t yet found my purpose because I don’t have enough life experiences, or because of personal blocks I have (I get excited to do the exercise, but I feel an undercurrent of, “well, this hasn’t worked yet, so why would it be any different this time?”), or maybe both. But I will be following this series diligently. =)

    • Celestine Chua

      Calae, you’re so fast! I was still rewriting the post after I published it, so I imagine the post is quite dramatically different from when you posted this comment. Hopefully you’ll get to read the re-written part 1 above — I hope to publish part 2 in the next few days!

      You know what? I was actually thinking of you while I was starting the re-write (because I remember your earlier comments re: finding your purpose before), and am hoping this re-write will somehow support you in your purpose discovery journey! Like I mentioned in the new part 1 above, “Whether you find your purpose or not is a secondary effect that happens when the right pieces are in place, and isn’t the primary goal here.” Don’t worry too much about whether you find your purpose or not, but simply read the material with an open mind and heart, without expectations/hope. I see the discovery of one’s purpose as more of an “effect” than a goal actually, and hopefully the series will help move everyone a few steps closer towards finding their desired purpose in life.

      I think that with you working now and everything, it’s definitely a big step toward gaining a new set of life experiences. Definitely keep pursuing your various interests, which will help you to get more insights on what you really like vs. not. By the way, have I ever pointed you to this article before? (I think I may have?) It may well reflect your previous “block” with regards to the purpose exercise, I think!

      • Calae

        Haha, I saw your facebook post when I had a break which is why I clicked it right away! I haven’t read this particular article in a while so it felt “new” to me and I had no idea it wasn’t updated yet! I just re-read it right now, so I’m up to speed. xD

        I’m honored that you thought of me while you started the re-write! I will do my best to keep your advice in mind about going through this without expectations. =)

        I think I may have read that article before, but as I don’t quite remember I will definitely check it out! Thanks again for all of your encouragement/support! =D Can’t wait to see the rest of the re-writes!

        • Celestine Chua

          Okay awesome!! Actually the one you wrote right after clicking from Facebook was already rewritten, but after that I felt it could be better so I did a near-total re-write after that. I’m glad I did as I prefer this version much better!

          Okay, I look forward to your comments in the other parts! I’m working on part 2 now, but need to pause on Fri and Sat as I’ll be working on the next module of Soulmate Journey. Hopefully it’ll be up on Sunday or Monday!

  • Jason

    Please see Youtube: Alan Watts – Is there a purpose to living. The reason is that there are many reasons to feel that purpose does not imply happiness, nor life, nor happiness. I know that you are wonderful as a blogger and wanted to share. Jason

    • Celestine Chua

      I totally agree that purpose doesn’t imply life or happiness. I’ve clients who approach me before with the sole objective of finding their purpose, thinking that it’s the #1 thing that will change everything, and I often work on setting the tone and expectations straight first that finding our purpose is part of the process and isn’t a miracle pill, because often the thinking that finding a purpose will “change everything” isn’t true at all.

      However, just because purpose doesn’t imply life or happiness doesn’t mean that we don’t work on finding it, because the fact is that it is one of the fundamental first steps toward conscious living. It’s the same argument in that formal education doesn’t necessarily lead to an eventful and vibrant career, but that doesn’t mean that we education because it does prepare us in living a better life. Just because A doesn’t necessarily lead to B doesn’t mean there isn’t merit in exploring A, because A is still very much important at the end of the day. I’ll be covering more in part two!

  • Sharon

    What if what you enjoy doing is not your life purpose?

    I’ve identified my life purpose as helping people fulfill them potential. But recently I did an exercise where I’ve to list things that I enjoyed doing and comes easy for me and ranked them, I realised that helping people is on the top.

    The energy level I feel towards no. 1 and no. 2 are very different as well although I still feel happy and charged about helping people.

    I wonder what’s wrong here?

    • Celestine Chua

      Ultimately there should be an alignment between what we enjoy doing and what our life purpose is. There should be a distinction made between “enjoy” and “passionate” too; for example someone may enjoy gardening and working with pets but what he/she is really passionate about is ultimately sharing stories and working with people, in which case the latter will be a closer match for his/her purpose.

      If anything, I actually think the two examples you listed — helping people fulfill their potential and helping people — are one and the same thing. The former is probably better defined as a subset of the latter, but they represent the same direction of thinking to me. Perhaps what’s needed here is simply a further refinement in the message, which we’ll be exploring as we progress in the series.

      • Sharon

        Sorry Celes, it was late and I didn’t read through before sending.

        What I meant was helping people fulfill potential is one of the top on the list for me. It’s no. 2 while organizing and hosting events is no. 1 for me.

        I enjoy coaching people but given the opportunity to help someone plan a wedding, I’ll probably jump at the latter.

        But yes, regardless, I am looking forward to this series and refine my message along the way.

  • Andreas

    I’ve found the idea of a life’s purpose to be intimidating because it sounds like each of us (a) only has one life’s purpose and (b) that purpose is predetermined, and remains fixed. Celes, what are your thoughts on this? Can we have multiple purposes? Do they change as our life progresses?

    Great read. Excited for the rest!

    • Celestine Chua

      Awesome question, and you’ll be delighted to know that I’ve actually addressed this in part 2! It’ll be out hopefully soon (it’s taking some time as I’m currently running a live course plus managing other work on the business front) — stay tuned!

  • Sanele Dlamini

    Thank you very much for considering that Celes, i have read your life purpose ebook numerous times and I love the content, it challenged me to want to discover why am I here (although I must admit at first it didn’t look like something achievable) now I know why I am here…and oh tears did rush down my cheeks when I discovered mine. looking forward to the updated version

    • Celestine Chua

      That is fantastic Sanele! :D I’m so glad to know that you’ve discovered yours! You are welcome to share that here or later on in the series too btw.

  • Moonsparkle

    I enjoyed your life purpose series the first time around. I’ve tried quite a few exercises but never come up with a life purpose that feels completely right to me, so I’m looking forward to reading the updated series. :)

  • Annie Yang

    Thanks for this series. Hope Part II is out soon. I’m 20 and people always ask me what I want to do for my career. I know there’s no shame in not knowing because I’m still young. Almost everyone my age isn’t fully sure, but my parents constantly bother me about it. I do want to discover my purpose and live happy life doing it. Your writing is very good and you have lots of insight. Excited to read the rest of this series.

  • Karun

    I am 62 and would love to get a purpose of life now. It will be great if priorities get sorted out and direction is seen clearly.

    • Celestine Chua

      Hi Karun, that’s timely that you came across this series then. I hope it helps you find the answer you’re looking for! :)

      • Karun

        I sent a reply but seems missed to reach you due to technical issues. I found my life purpose when I just woke up from my sleep 3 days ago, after reading your article. I am excited and directed towards it. This is ” To be Happy & Hopeful and Healthy & Helpful”. Please share your opinion as I have started living a better life now. Thank you so much.

  • fufu

    I love that you’re re-writing this :) ! My view in life has never been the same again since I found PE. Lately I finished my pastry studies and felt I had an ‘aha’ moment as soon as I finished. I’m still trying to find a job in what I studied just for the sake of finding an easy income, but I also signed up to this classes with a local life coach who teaches how to start your own small business to women from my island.

    I felt like sharing that her teachings remind me a lot about you and I started to notice a growing interest inside me to start mg own business, I started selling with super small steps and I’m really slowly tryinf to grow bigger with my super low budget, but for the first time in my life I felt happy to be in control. I felt I was made for this. I realized the reason I signed up for pastry chef was not because I liked cooking that much, it was actually from my deep root desire to have control in my life, control what I sell, make my own income with the few I have.

    I’m not even selling sweets, just selling stuff in general depending on what I want to sell and from my desire to blogging, to writing, to cooking, blah, blah. I realized it was all just sparks from my true passion that is creating and selling and being a business women and just simply being in control.

    I plan to continue my studies on business and graphic design. I just felt like sharing this because I know another PE reader might see it and I know how many College students struggle with realizing their degree was not what they wished for after they’re almost ending it.

    It was really hard for me to finish the last months but that small ‘mistake’ was what eventually led me to my real hidden passion which was making my own business (still thinking of my niche though). I’m thinking every single day how I want to do my business and I cry of excitement imagining the moment I’ll achieve my dream and can’t stop thinking about it. To think I HATE math lol but I’m excitedly thinking about this type of stuff.

    PS: I felt like letting you know I still kept my diet but sadly got hospitalized in two ocassions and couldn’t eat so I lost all the weight I owned!! So I’m back to 0!! But I’m back in health and I tried the same diet plan and it worked AGAIN! :’D in just a week I was able to go from 85 to 87 (for my body it’s a big deal) but the I have to be super careful to not skip meals because I literelly loose a pound just by skipping for one day. A long journey but at least it’s fun. Thank you so much for the insights on that challenge!!!

    • fufu

      I really hate writing from my phone. So many typos!! >_<