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The Science of Happiness [Infographic]

Science of Happiness [Infographic]

Is there a science to happiness? Well according to this infographic, there is! Check out the patterns, backed up by science, that are linked to happy people. Apparently, married people are 10% happier than unmarried people (I’m surprised!), healthy people are 20% happier than average (this,…


Why I Got Depressed Writing My Latest Book: Your Guide Through Development Hell

Stressed boy

Are you working on a project that seems never-ending? Are you on the brink of quitting because the work has turned out to be much more than you anticipated when you signed up for it? If so, welcome to “development hell.” A term that originated in the…


Are You Focusing on the Black Dot?

Back in school, I had a history teacher whom I really hated. (But that’s not what today’s post is about.) I remember an analogy he shared during a lesson (it wasn’t even his idea too; it was one of his student’s) which stuck with me….


9 Simple Habits to Stay Positive in Life

Smiling cardboard robot

This is a guest post by Henrik Edberg of The Positivity Blog. “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” Maria Robinson “For myself I am an optimist – it does not seem to be…


Gratitude Challenge Day 8: Transform an Ungrateful Thought

Thoughts in Brain

This is Day 8 of the 14-Day Gratitude Challenge where hundreds of participants around the world gathered to practice gratitude for 14 days. This challenge was conducted in Aug 2013 and is now over–however, you can still do the tasks in your own time! Visit the overview page for all Gratitude Challenge…


How Students Can Overcome Their Fear Of Failure


This is a guest post by Daniel Wong of Living Large. “Put your notes away. It’s time to take the test,” says your teacher. You feel paralyzed by fear. Your stomach tightens. Your palms get sweaty. As your teacher places the test paper on your table,…


[Sign Ups Closed] Do You Eat When Stressed? — Join “How To Stop Stress Eating” Course!


Are you a stress eater? Do you eat in response to emotions like anxiety, boredom, etc.? Do you sometimes eat to comfort yourself? Would you like to permanently overcome your emotional eating struggles in the next one month? If so, you are in the right place!…


What to Do When You Live with Angry People: 7 Gentle Tips

Distant mother

This is the last part of my five-part anger series, sharing my history with anger, how I have consciously decided to let go of it, along with tips on how you can overcome anger as well. My History with Anger and How I Finally Let Go of It,…


Ask Celes – How Can I Overcome the Fear of Losing Loved Ones?

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Recently my mother’s only brother died. I’m in a state of depression now. How can I overcome the fear of losing loved ones? ~ Harikaevani Hey Harikaevani, first off, I’m really sorry to hear about the loss of your uncle. I sincerely hope you, your mom,…


Ask Celes – How Can I Stop Worrying about Things I Cannot Control?

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“How can one not worry so much about things that he/she cannot control?” ~ Katy Hey Katy, the reason why people worry is because (a) they have no control over the situation and (b) worrying is their way of coping and gaining control over the…