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Diana Diehl

From 20 Years of Putting Off Her Book to Author [Diana Diehl]

Have you ever had people tell you that “It’s too late to do [X]” or “You’re too old to do [X]; don’t bother”? For a long time, this was what PE reader Diana faced. This led to her putting off her passion in writing and her book project for over 20 years. Here's her story of how she worked through her fears and is finally publishing her book after over 20 years, at age 63. ♥

The Story of Bullshit

Have you heard of the story of bullshit before? It goes like this: A pheasant was standing in a field chatting with a bull. (Celes: A…
Success Has No Age Limit [Infographic]

Success Has No Age Limit [Infographic]

Having been coaching for many years now, I often hear many reasons people give for not pursuing their dreams. Age in particular is a big factor. I’m too…
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