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How to Be More Street Smart

“Hi Celes, may I know how I can be more street smart? And I guess in doing so, prevent others from backstabbing me at work…
How To Manage Uncertainty

How to Manage Uncertainty

Do you face uncertainty in your life? How do you manage them? Uncertainty in Life Last Friday, I was out with a friend. During our…
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9 Reasons Why Criticism Is Good

This post is dedicated to those of you who dislike criticism. Let’s all embrace criticism and love it! 🙂 Last week, I was having lunch…
The Constructive Criticism Manifesto

[Manifesto] Constructive Criticism Manifesto

How do you provide criticism? Do you critique people in a curt and blunt manner, or are you able to provide criticism that is both useful and tactful? Here's a manifesto on how to provide constructive criticism. :) Besides the article, the material above is also available...
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