[Manifesto] 10 Rules of a Great Conversationalist

Are you good at holding a conversation? Ever walked away from a conversation wishing you got more out of it? Here’s a manifesto to help you out on that. :)

10 Rules of a Great Conversationalist Manifesto (Click image for larger version)

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  • http://zenpresence.com Dan Garner

    Very nice work Celes.

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Thanks Dan. ;)

  • http://www.CoachingWithChristina.com Christina

    Hi Celes,

    I really love this! I used to do social skills training with a client and we use to spend a lot of time talking about the subtleties of having great conversation skills. Once we read a whole book about it together! I really wish we had had something simple like this to look at. I will definitely keep this in mind if I run into her again or anyone else I think can benefit. Extremely useful! :)


  • Timi

    These are rules for formal conversations.

    For regular conversations, just go with the flow. No need over-thinking things.

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Some people do need help with regular conversations actually; at least there are regularly readers approach me for help on how to create great conversations (or even make conversation at all). I hope that these “rules” or rather, tips, will help them.

      Here’s one on making small talk: http://personalexcellence.co/blog/small-talk/

  • tonia

    funny but powerful :heart: