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16 Things Successful People Do at the Start of Every Workday [Infographic]

16 Things Successful People Do at the Beginning of Every Workday [Infographic]

Successful people have certain common routines and habits that they follow daily. Today’s infographic shares 16 common things that successful people do at the start of every workday: My favorite ones are saying no (#11), helping others (#9), stretching and…

The Difference Between Profit and Value

Green fronds

There comes a time when we need to think about the weight of profit vs. value in what we do. Many of the decisions made in today’s world are based on profit, not value. Even when value is considered, it’s done so as a…

Busy vs. Productive: Which One Are You? 7 Tips to be Productive, Not Busy

Busy street

We live in a highly cluttered world today. There are advertisements everywhere, driving different marketing messages into our brains. The internet is available 24/7, keeping us busy every minute of the day. And we are automatically put in a matrix the moment we are born,…

Level Up

Level up!

Many times in the pursuit of our goals, we hit brick walls that stop us from advancing. This is especially so when what we are trying to achieve is bigger than what we are capable of accomplishing at the point. To…

10,000 Hours To Develop Talent

10,000 Hours

In the book Outliers: The Story of Success, Malcolm Gladwell studied the “outliers” — i.e., the most successful people of the world, including sportsmen, business people, musicians and scientists, to understand key factors behind their success. He found the key denominator…

How to Overcome Writer’s Block [PEP008]

A crushed ball of paper

Having been blogging/writing for 8 years, I’ve experienced times when I have a “writer’s block.” You know, when you desperately want to write something, but nothing comes out? When everything you write feels like crap. When you are already behind deadline…

20 Amazing Commercials That Will Inspire the Greatness in You

Inspiring Commercials

Do you watch TV? If you do, you would have seen countless commercial clips in between TV segments, where companies frantically advertise their products and services in 15-45 seconds, hoping to grab your attention and get you to buy their stuff….