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Case Study: Craig Scott, From Procrastination to Massive Productivity in 1 Month

Craig Scott: Child to Adult

Note from Celes: Hi everyone! Today I’m excited to spotlight one of the participants from last year’s Anti-Procrastination Course, Craig Scott. Craig experienced amazing change during and after the course and I decided to invite him on PE to share his experience and changes. If you haven’t registered your ticket for the upcoming run (starts Sep 12), do now so! (More than half…


“I’m too busy.” 5 Procrastination Lies We Tell Ourselves, Debunked


Note from Celes: Hi everyone! Registration for the upcoming Anti-Procrastination Course is underway with more than half the seats taken up! Register now to secure your seat!! For those who have already registered, please check your confirmation email for further instructions. Look forward to working with you guys soon to take massive action! 😀 In the meantime, today I want to…


“It’s too late for me to work on [X].”

Back view of a guy, alone by himself

How often do you hear someone say the following? “It’s too late to pursue my passion.” “It’s too late to start my business.” “It’s too late to start my blog.” “It’s too late to do [X].” For me, I hear such comments all the time. People in their 40s saying it’s too late to start a…


[Limited Seats, Register Now!] Anti-Procrastination Course: Eliminate Procrastination, Take Massive Action

Anti-Procrastination Course

Course starts Sep 12. Registration will be closed once class is full! Note from Celes: Hi everyone, after an explosive run of Anti-Procrastination Course last year, I’m excited to conduct a whole new run this year! 😀 Now in the third year running, this year’s AP course will be bigger and better with 3 added group calls AND a whole-new Facebook…


I’m a failure.

Girl lying on the bed, thinking

Last week I felt like a failure. It was just a series of events in recent period that made me feel this way, like my dad getting injured at work and having to go through surgery to fix the injury. It made me feel that I failed to care for him as a daughter (he’s fine now and going through physiotherapy); my mom…


Ask Celes – Why is it So Difficult for Me to Take Action?

Back view of a guy at the sea

Hi Celes, I’m grateful that I found your blog. It has helped me a lot in terms of perspectives and practical tips. I’ve been through a lot in the past 6 months. I used to work and reside in Brunei, but recently moved back to Penang (my home). After moving and job hunting, I found a job in Penang and have been working for the…