To contact me, refer to the appropriate section below! :)

1. Business-Related

For media interviews, speaking engagements, or business collaboration discussions only, reach me at business [at] personalexcellence [dot] co.

No blog interviews or “expert roundups,” sorry!

a) Do not send me any of the following:

  1. Requests to review your book/product/course/service/app.
  2. Invitation or pitches for your affiliate program.
  3. Requests to link back to your site/product/article or link exchanges, even if paid.
  4. Guest posts or infographics.
  5. Requests for advice/tips for expert roundups. (I appreciate the consideration but I’m not able to contribute.)
  6. PR/media pitches for your company/product/etc.
  7. Pitches for your ad network or SEO agency. I’m not looking to switch ad networks and I’m not looking for SEO help.

b) Do not add my email to your newsletters as this is unsolicited and is against CAN-SPAM laws. Businesses/services that do that will be duly reported to their newsletter providers.

2. Product/Course Buyers

If you have purchased a PE product/course and have questions about your purchase, email my customer support team @ customercare [at] personalexcellence [dot] co with the following information

  1. The product/course you purchased,
  2. Your transaction ID, and
  3. Your problem/query

Please allow 2 working days (Mon-Fri) for response. Thank you!

3. Others

  • 1-1 Coaching. I’m no longer taking on new clients as I’m focusing on other projects. Please check PE Courses and the Books section for my best material on growth. Thank you! :)
  • For feedback on PE / PE articlespost on my Facebook Page. I love hearing from you guys and I do read your messages, though I’m not able to respond to everyone individually. Please do not post requests for advice as I can’t get to them.
  • Article usage. To republish any PE article on your site or publication, whether in part or full, feel free to do so. There’s no need to inform or contact me for permission. Simply credit me (Celestine Chua) as the author and provide a link back to the original article. Thank you! :)
  • Request for advice or question on an article. Send them here to Ask Celes. However, note that submission does not guarantee selection. Subscribe to the newsletter to be updated!
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  • Issues with PE Forums registration.
    1. If you have registered but have yet to get your activation email, get your activation email resent here. It should be sent within 15 minutes.
    2. If you have problems creating your account or still do not receive your activation email after getting it resent, email my customer support team @ customercare [at] personalexcellence [dot] co. Please include (a) the username you are trying to register and (b) details of your problem.
    3. If you are already registered, post forum-related enquiries at Feedback & Help Box.