Please refer to the respective category for your request:

  • Media interviews.
    • If you are from the media and want an interview, let me know via Facebook. Please specify the media outlet you’re from and what the interview is about. My staff will get in touch with you shortly.
    • I don’t do article contributions anymore. Feel free to grab any of the content from my existing articles and attribute to “Celestine Chua, Life Coach from Personal Excellence,” with reference to Let me know via Facebook the article you’ve used and the publication and issue it’ll appear in.
  • Speaking engagements. I’m no longer doing trainings/workshops, but I’m open to conference engagements. Let me know via Facebook with necessary details. The engagement should cover flight and accommodation, if non-local (I’m based in Singapore). I don’t do telesummits or webinars.
  • PE Product/Course Enquiries. For all enquiries on PE products/courses, contact my customer support team @ customercare [at] personalexcellence [dot] co. Please include (1) The product/course you purchased, (2) Your transaction ID, and (3) Your problem/query. Your email is very important to us! Please allow 2 working days (Mon-Fri) for response.
  • Article usage. Feel free to republish any of the articles on PE, be it in part or full. Simply credit me (Celestine Chua) and provide a link back to my article, where the material will be used. There’s no need to contact me for permission.
  • Anything that requires some form of 1-1 contact:
    • 1-1 Coaching. Because of the time and energy required for 1-1 coaching and the opportunity cost from each engagement, I no longer take on new clients, except as part of a PE live course (when I do conduct them, if I offer a 1-1 coaching tier for that course). I highly recommend to check out my PE Courses and Books — they consist of my best material on each individual topic; each course/book has taken me years and years of research, personal experimentation, hard work, and production before ever going live!
    • Meetups. No meetups, be it personal or business, long or short. After years of saying “yes” to meetup after meetup, I realized that my time became split across every person who wants to meet, with little time for myself, my mission, and my own loved ones. I realized I need to protect my personal time and space if I want to devote myself to the things that matter most to me, which are (1) my mission to create the best content for you, and (2) being there for the people I love. Sorry!
  • Reader feedback/questions: You matter the world to me and you are the reason why I created this site. That said,
    • Feedback on PE/articlespost on my Facebook. I love hearing from you guys and I do read your messages, though I’m not able to respond to everyone individually. In fact, I have a personal folder where I keep screenshots of my favorite feedback from you! Do not post requests for advice, help as I can’t get to them (see next bullet point).
    • For life advice or question on an articlego here.
  • Everything else:
    • Blog interviews. No blog interviews or “expert roundups,” sorry.
    • Guest posts, infographics, collaboration, PR releases. No.
    • Pitch about your blog/app/product/seminar/webinar/service/business. No.
    • Request to consider your blog post or link in one of our articles. No.
    • Some kind of collaboration. No, unless you are from a high-powered organization with a high reach and a special proposal you wish to discuss. If so, let me know via Facebook.
    • PE Newsletter. If you signed up for a particular ebook, you should receive an email with a link to that ebook within 5 minutes. Unsubscribe link can be found at the bottom of every newsletter.

If your request isn’t covered above, it’s a “No.” Please don’t spam or post it on my Facebook. I get too many messages and requests each day, and it’s not longer possible for me to deal with them anymore while still creating great content on the blog. In order to say a big “Yes!” to my life’s mission and create the best stuff for all of you, it requires me to cut out all the messages and requests that come my way. I hope you can understand.

Last but not least, I want to thank you for reading to the end of this page and for reading PE. I created this site because I care about you and your growth. I hope that we can continue to grow together, hand in hand, through our journey of life. On my part, I promise to work on delivering the best content to you; for you, I hope you’ll find the material useful and stay committed to applying the lessons that I share and being the best person you can be. Thank you! 🙂