Saying No

How to Say No

Do you hate to say no? Do you often find yourself saying yes because you don’t like to make others feel bad? Well, I do, and…

The Tiny Frog Story

Have you heard of the story of the tiny frog before? Here it goes: Once upon a time, there was a group of tiny frogs who arranged…
How to Deal with Backstabbers? [Celes.TV]

How to Deal with Backstabbers

Today, I address reader Mel’s question on how to deal with backstabbers. Watch above! And I’m giving away a Happiness Mug; watch till the end for details!…
Reading Hate Messages [Celes.TV]

Reading Hate Messages

Have you received a nasty email or message before? How did you feel after receiving it? Running a public blog means that I receive hate…
Empty Vessels Make the Most Noise

Empty Vessels Make the Most Noise

Have you heard of the phrase “Empty vessels make the most noise”? It’s a proverb that means that those with the least talent and knowledge usually speak…
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